Apple is working on a Cloud Gaming Service for Upcoming 5G iPhones

Well, no big surprise because today a new patent for cloud gaming service has been published by Apple. This patent was published in Europe and mentioned: “Enabling Interactive Service for Cloud Rendering Gaming in 5G System”.

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RaidenBlack100d ago

Imagine streaming a big battle royale game!
That'll be the perfect 5G stress test.

UltraNova99d ago

Next up, Apple releases a games engine exclusive for App store development.

99d ago
rainslacker99d ago

This is not going to go well if they are seriously doing this, and not just filing a patent. MS being refused xCloud because of this is exactly what Apple is under anti-trust investigation for right now in various countries. Removing competing products when they have their own interest in their own products. Just because they never approved it doesn't mean it isn't the same kind of anti-trust decision, and MS could have a strong case to add to the current investigations going on right now.

masterfox99d ago

Stop it with the 5G nonsense!!! is killing our pigeons!!!

THC CELL99d ago

Bbbut 5g gives us covid. Whoever made that up should be dropped off on a island and left lol

bouzebbal99d ago

No one said that, it's your understanding that's broken.. That thing is getting approved without long term testings, and works in micro wave frequency.. Do research, don't say nonsense

mixelon99d ago


Lol! People *did* say that. Admittedly not many, but they said everything from it outright caused it, to “it compromised our immune systems to spread it” - etc. Both obvious nonsense considering so many countries don’t even have 5g and COVID still kicked their ass just as badly.

Also, it is tested thoroughly, and isn’t new tech. It’s not using any frequencies that haven’t already been in use. We’re talking about non-ionising radiation - You can’t just oversimplify it, and WiFi, 3G and 4G, Radio, GPS, Bluetooth, RADAR, were all also “in micro wave frequency” - and.. harmless.

“ If you ever held a portable radio or boombox close to you, you received far more radiation of similar frequencies than you do from a 5G device that sits in your pocket.”

We have a lot of research.. “there are 4,500 people in the UK who work in close proximity to radiofrequency (RF) radiation. The RF exposure they’re allowed to receive is five times that of the general population, and there is no evidence that they have higher rates of cancer or any other health problems that could possibly be attributable to radiation than any other population of humans.“

Do research, but do it from scientifically sound sources. There is no known scary mechanism that makes 5g more dangerous than what we’re already doing, so someone needs to come up with evidence it’s harmful for these concerns to be taken seriously.

Health has not taken a dive in places where 5g has been rolled out.

RosweeSon99d ago

With a WAP connection 🥴😂✌🏻

Acecalibur99d ago

Unfortunately, 5G is the dawn of the cloud gaming takeover. I feel sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.