Epic's Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite video is an irresponsible piece of corporate propaganda

Fortnite's operator is demonstrating it's fully prepared to weaponize its young audience of millions for its own monetary gain.

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BrainSyphoned100d ago

Naw Epic just rolls how China rolls. Calling it corporate propaganda is like identifying meth as rock candy.

rdgneoz3100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

"In late 2018, Epic launched its own PC game store with a 88 / 12 revenue split as an attempt to lead the industry toward what Sweeney sees as a more fair arrangement between platform holders and app and game makers."

"Both Apple and Google take only 15 percent if an app maker is primarily selling a subscription service, as Netflix and Spotify do."

Yah, such an evil company that their own game store takes only a 12% cut, compared to 30% on Apple or Google stores (even though they do a 15% cut for Netflix or Spotify)...

ruefrak100d ago

Epic provides a service and they put a percentage on the cost to add profit. The thing is that with PC games, you can go to other stores. The game maker can sell directly to the customer if they want to and cut out the middle man altogether. There is no such option on iOS. You use Apple's App Store, or nothing.

morganfell100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Well if this turns out to be true Epic may have overplayed their hand:

fiveby9100d ago

I don't see how EPIC wins this battle. I think it is unlikely EPIC will dictate through the courts what how Apple runs their store. The outcome makes no difference to me either way but I imagine Apple's legal team will prevail.

ApocalypseShadow100d ago

Or, Epic can make their own cellphones. Much simpler and they can keep asking for that 12%.

Propaganda tactics to obtain more money for themselves on someone else's products.

Apple should try to put their games on the EGS and not pay Epic. It's only fair. Even make a 1984 video after Epic tries to sue for non payment for using their store.

rainslacker100d ago


There's a lot going on with this whole thing and it does have a lot of mobile developers worried. Even some major publishers who also produce games for mobile and have been using UE for such a purpose for a while. Unreal was the real first major game engine to truly take advantage of mobile platforms, and it opened the doors for a lot of higher production games for the mobile market.

Epic made the first move, but I fear that Apple is going to an extreme in retaliation. Banning all Unreal projects would be disastrous for a lot of indie studios, and even some major publishers.

These two companies are fighting over which one of them will make more money. Epic is doing it for a good reason, but they're going about it the wrong way, and it could have extremely negative side effects on the industry as a whole. Apple did what was within their policies to cause the whole thing to start, and I'm sure Epic knew it was going to happen. But this whole thing is going to get worse before it gets better.

Someone said when this all started that when two big companies fight, the consumer loses...or something in that vein. In this case, it could also mean quite a few developers lose, as well as companies that make supporting products to help those developers and utilize the Unreal Engine.

Epic wants to effect change. Apple wants to protect it's interests. The consumer and developers are left in the middle, and while what Apple is doing is well within their rights, and they will win any court case, it's only going to get worse before it gets better. Right now Epic is hoping that public pressure will change Apple's policy, but I think they're banking too much on Apple caring about what the public thinks about them. Apple really only cares about appearing like they care about the customer, not actually caring about them.

morganfell99d ago (Edited 99d ago )


Great write up, especially remarks about who ultimately pays. But let’s also state that Epic only cares about their own interests as well. Tim Sweeney pretending to look after gamers is the height of hypocrisy. After all this is a business that built a game store for companies, not for consumers. This is a company that has only done that with which they could get away and features such as refunds were only installed after livid public reaction. Holding games hostage is not in the consumer’s best interest.

Epic can cry about developers if they wish but you know what? I do not care. It isn’t my place to be concerned about developers or publishers. I am going to consider the consumer first. After all when these developers lie to gamers and at the last minute reverse course and flip stores they aren’t thinking about the average buyer. And to further show my honesty doesn’t involve any altruism, one of these entities is partnered with a company hell bent on swallowing gaming and manipulating public opinion on a global scale and one of these companies is not. One of these companies is fairly adamant about their consumer’s privacy and one of these companies is partially owned by an entity that pushes social scores to determine your rights. One of these companies negatively and directly impacts the gaming about which I personally care and one does not.

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Oxen2199d ago

And what is that 12% good for? The games still cost $59.99! It isnt cheaper than steam.

rainslacker99d ago (Edited 99d ago )


While epic certainly has their own interest here, I have to say that epic has a long history of fighting these kinds of fights for the industry, and the consumer. Sometimes I feel that they take on things that they shouldn't, nor do I agree with everything they've done, or felt it required the kinds of crusades they've brought, but overall, epic has generally always done things they feel benefit the industry as a whole.

I dont want to get into a discussion on if singular instances were the right thing to do, just pointing out that they themselves feel it is the right thing, and I'd wager we could find people relevant to the in not forum analysts...who feel the same. Even here, there are a lot of people in the industry who support what epic is trying to do, but I think many are worried at how quickly it escalated.

Its not that they wont ignore things they may fight for if its beneficial for only them, just more a general culture of what they outwardly stand for.

I'm not against Epics goals here, because if they succeed, it has wide reaching implications for the betterment of the overall industry. Im not against apple either, because they make clear what you are allowed to do, and you can agree or not. I've had success with games on iOS and android, but I could have had more with a larger revenue cut in my favor. But I knew what I agreed to, and my project was based on that.

I'm not for the way that epic has brought this about, and now I'm not too keen on the threats that apple is making which could have a serious impact on devs if they actually stop all dev support for the unreal engine itself.

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RazzerRedux100d ago

One might say Apple's 1984 video back in 1984 was an "irresponsible piece of corporate propaganda". Apple painted IBM as being some technological tyrant just because they were IBM.

ruefrak100d ago

My problem was that the article says the original ad was to sell a computer. No, it wasn't. It was to sell an idea. It wanted to sell you on the idea that Apple was the rebel and the free-thinker. It's the same as the Think Different commercials. The fact they were selling a computer was secondary.

kneon100d ago

And they have become exactly what they claimed they were not back in 84.

Loktai100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Drinking the koolaid I see....

Dude it was an ad for a computer.
There was no IBM monopoly they just needed a dragon to slay.

You had Atari and Commodore and others making machines and in fact companies were allowed to make clones , as well as IBM not dictating what OS you ran ... You could write or buy whatever environment you wanted. Did apple allow you to run macos on an IBM? No..... They didn't. They sell their system with their software the boot loader only loads their OS ... It wasn't for many many years that Apple users got alternative OS options . Basically apple was selling you equivalent of what the iPhone is. Their box with their software and you will use it on their terms.

TheProfessional100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

You're beyond naïve if you think anything other than sales was the real reason they made that commercial. Selling the idea is worthless, all that matters is how many computers are sold as a result. I'm sure the Apple marketing execs were all sitting around saying "as long as they get the idea!"

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frostypants99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

To be fair, IBM really is a soulless, awful organization. There's a reason why Jobs and Gates left them in the PC/PC software market dust in the 80s.

gamer7804100d ago

" weaponize its young audience of millions for its own monetary gain." isn't this what all toy commercials do, lol

Software_Lover100d ago

Everyone is so damn dramatic these days.

RgR99d ago

Dont be so dramatic :P

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calactyte100d ago

I've read through this write up more than once and right now I can't see anything but the writer defending Apple. The remarks about Gamer Gate and the political implications behind supporting I guess Democrats (for larger government control) and Republicans (for less government control) are actually pretty humorous to me. Which is it? Are Epic proselytizing to an audience incapable of making meaningful change? Or are gamers who play Fortnite (btw totally not just young children) powerful and capable of making change such that there is concern over those old enough to influence the coming presidential election?

Of course two giant corporations fighting each other means whatever they say is propaganda and also water is wet. But I do think it's important to note, one of these giant corporations is seeking a change that also benefits the little guys as an ancillary benefit. Also Apple ironically has become today's version of IBM. I don't care if this particular writer believes only kids play Fortnite, that's frankly an out of touch assertion on her part. I think turning their own award winning ad campaign against them is obviously premeditated but also brilliant.

You see the whole unsaid part of all this is some Apps get to circumvent Apple's rules such as Netflix while others like Fortnite does not. Why? Because Apple is pushing Apple Arcade. So Epic is saying "oh you want to capture the hearts and minds of gamers Apple? OK well let's make you the bad guy. I love it.

Epic is practicing what they are preaching here as well since games that are on Epic Games Store don't force a particular payment system. “We do not force developers using our store to use our payment ecosystem,” -Tim Sweeny says.

TLDR; The writer is an obvious SJW worried about political implications of pointing out that Apple is giant anti competitive corporation. I find it hilarious at the amount of hand wringing going on here when a company like Epic politicizes gaming but threatens the writer's views so now it's propaganda. However when everyone else logs into COD we need to read BLM statements. Or we have to be concerned with how Transgendered people are portrayed in games like Cyberpunk or (going way back), we have to worry about Resident Evil 4 being racist. Oh and you're obviously anti-gay if you thought Last of Us 2 was written like absolute trash.

BlackTar187100d ago

You should know you're the baddie when you pick apple to stick up for. Apple is a dirty human rights violating POS and the amount of fanboys who stick up for them because muh iphone,ipad whatever is pathetic.

People are robots now.

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RazzerRedux100d ago

"You just assumed our gender?"

lol......was that a sarcastic joke? I hope that was a sarcastic joke.

morganfell99d ago

Just curious but how is Apple violating human rights?

ChristopherJack100d ago

Is water wet though? I mean, it certainly makes things wet. What is wetness? Being covered by liquid I suppose, does water cover itself? I need more time to reflect on this.

starchild100d ago

Bravo! You summed it up perfectly. I was planning to write a comment with a lot of similar observations but you did it perfectly so I don't have to.

TheProfessional100d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Well said man, couldn't agree more. It is a complete joke that any legitimate criticisms are just immediately written off now. Anyone who criticizes something is instantly labeled as a "hater" or a bigot/racist/sexist/misogynist /chauvinist, etc. Unless you criticize someone white and male and then you can say whatever you want.

SJWs, virtue signaling and rampant hypocrisy on key issues are all ruining movies and games. It was much better when Resident Evil 5 was the ONLY game being criticized for "being racist" and everyone knew it was B.S. because the game was set in Africa ffs.

And I agree about Last of Us 2, the writing for the secondary characters especially was awful. Why care about any of them? EVERY side character in the first game was more interesting. So let's spend hours walking around with Deena, Lev and Mel as they have trivial, pointless conversations. Deena said she used to go to the synagogue! Lev doesn't know what a quarter is and barely speaks! That's character development guys! So deep!

So much of that campaign could have been cut, yeah search around for two hours to find a gas can to open a gate. That's essential for the story for sure! And that ending....the less said about that the better.

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