Metal Gear Online Patch 1.20 Is Live

MGO Ver.1.20 Update information
The Client has been updated following the release of "MEME EXPANSION". Updates include:

All alterations
1) New skills
2) Change of skill specification
3) New rules:
- Interval
- Stealth Deathmatch
4) New BGMs
5) Change of weapon specification
6) New explanation of weapon
7) New functions "Skill Set" and "Gear Set"
8) Briefing Screen appears changed
9) The Game Screen appears changed
10) New Gears

1) The icon was added to the lobby name in "Lobby Select" menu.
2) The time which can enter the survival lobby was restricted.
3) Automatching lobby was divided.
4) Survival lobby was divided.
5) The headshots invalid lobby was added.

1) The figure of the displayed ranking was increased.
2) The quantity of the ranking which moves by the left button or the right button was changed.
3) When viewing personal details, the page of a corresponding rule will be opened by the default.
4) The GRADE display of the player details was unified with "Community Support Page".

1) The total number of the Teams currently in battle is added to "Survival match List".
2) "Clan Members Only" is added to the stance of "Creat Team".
3) "Clan Members Only" is added to the condition of the filtering stance.
4) The icon of "Spanner" is displayed next to the character name who exists in "Personal" menu etc.

1) "Radar orientation" added in "Gameplay Options".
2) "Appearance Settings" was changed.
3) The icon of EXPANSION which shows the owned pack was added to "Personal Stats".
4) The icon of "Beginner" added to the "Personal Stats" of biginners.
5) The E-mail Address was changed from "GM" to "CS"(Customer Support).
6) The new functions "Delete all read messages", "Delete all messages from a particular sender" and "Delete all messages" added to inbox of Mail.
7) Decision method of the "Beginner" was changed.
8) "EXPANSION PACK" is added to the condition of the filtering stance of "Free Battle".
9) The display was added to appear when Riward Points was earned at the time of login and the Automatching play.
10) The display of the current Riward was changed on the Personal menu.
11) Warning is displayed when playing for a long time.
12) The score came to be added through assistance action.
13) Change in the specification of the level up.
14) If you Quit the game before finish, the record will be added to your profile.
15) The icon of "Friendly Fire" and "Voice Chat" and "Lock on" were added to "COMMON SETTINGS" of Free Battle and Survival.
16) The camera was added to the equipment of Mk.II.
17) The function which turns OFF a text chat was added to the "MUTE" menu of "BRIEFING"
18) When one of the team disappeared from the Free Battle, the game becomes invalid match.

1) New Maps:
- Forest Firefight (F.F.)
- Silo Sunset(S.S.)
- Winter Warehouse (W.W.)
2) New unique characters:
3) New game mode "Tournament"

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Gerry4707d ago

I just played this. Ocelot is freaken sweet!

You can disable peoples guns with Guns of the Patriots and he has strong arse CQC.

All Konama/Kojima Productions need to do now is fix the ID system and put MGO on the PS Store.

CloudsEnd4706d ago

What the fck is wrong with you? MEME is going to release on 25th December... Oo

Milky Joe4706d ago

...Meme is already out... You shouldn't take that tone with people without being completely sure you know what you're talking about.

ape0074707d ago

I want trophies in mgs 4

mgs 4 rock.period

dylantalon4707d ago (Edited 4707d ago )

they need to get rid of the konami servers and allow me to play through psn. and dont make it so easy to get an headshot. i am tempted but i hate the konami server thing and i hate the easy headshots, everyone walks around trying to get headshots cause shooting to the torso takes too long to kill. ps3 is the future and the future is ps3.

ps. the talon stands for talented

Conan9974706d ago

they added a no headshot mode where heatshot do as much damage as body shots. check it out

Serjikal_Strike4706d ago

Think its worth poppin the disc back in for this update!

buckethead_9114706d ago

The Konami ID thing is fking gay

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