Game Positive: Resistance 2 Review

From the review:
"When it comes down to it, Resistance 2 is bigger, faster, and just plain better than the original - and the original was quite good. It may have its shortcomings, but the sheer enormity of everything that is offered on the disc overshadows the game's minor slip-ups. From its onset, Resistance 2 throws you into a maelstrom of adrenaline-inducing action that never lets up. While it's unfortunate that the single player campaign is so brief, it simply doesn't matter in a package that will, ultimately, last as long as you want it to. Resistance 2 may not make any huge, innovative strides in advancing the first-person shooter genre, but it doesn't need to. It is a big game, with big guns, big monsters, and carries with it a big possibility to leave a lasting impression. Simply put, if you own a PlayStation 3 and don't own this game, you're losing out."

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