Fortnite Is Huge on iOS, Android Not So Much

Epic's Apple-focused crusade makes more sense in light of Fortnite's comparatively tiny Android revenue.

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Profchaos301d ago

The kids love fortnite and playing on their parents phones so makes sense given that iOS has more appeal to the above 40 crowd due to its simplicity

ChristopherJack301d ago

Could also do with the simplicity, lack of confusion & the fact that it's been on a prominent store much longer.

Much easier to find out whether your iPhone can run the game than whether one of a million different kinds of Android phones can.

sprinterboy301d ago

I don't have children , but I've always scratched my head at parents giving them there phone to play games on?
I wouldn't be giving my contract phone which cost the best part of £1000 to anybody to use haha.
My mate has about 4 broken tablets cause his nephew and nieces break them all the time, I'm like then don't let them use your tablets, simples (get them to bring there own) oh wait they've broke those tablets too from home too?

cell989301d ago

You’ll understand when you have your own and non of what you just said will matter

Snookies12301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

@cell989 - Huh? You didn't even give a reason. I agree with sprinterboy. There's no way I'd give something so expensive to my child. A child's mind can be appeased by any number of alternatives. Coloring books, TV, toys, etc. Why would you give a child your $800 dollar phone when you can give them a coloring book and a crayon for $10...? Better yet, engage with the child on a personal level. Don't try to appease them with technology just so you can escape being a parent for a little while. Imagine being in the vast majority of children born and raised before cell phones were a thing. Back when people were actually parents and not babysitters. Being a parent is hard work. That's why you should actually consider what you're getting into before you have a child. Tossing your phone to your child so they don't bother you is not parenting.

rainslacker300d ago


It wouldn't be that hard if you don't immediately set the expectation that the kid can use the phone whenever they want. Phones are just the new TV. Put it in front of the kid and they shut up, instead of just telling them to shut up and teaching them a valuable life lesson of they can't always get what they want.

Sunny_D301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Kids get their own iphones early on nowadays. Like as young as 5 years old lol.

ChristopherJack301d ago

Well Microsoft once lost an antitrust case for the way they bundled Internet Explorer with Windows.

Given the huge market & generalised platform iOS provides, it's possible the courts may agree with Epic that the App Store having a monopoly on the platform is anti-competitive, stifling innovation & anti-consumer much like the Windows debacle.

Or maybe they'll disagree & judge iOS by its market share with Android & focus on the mobile market rather than just iOS, although that could still lead to the courts agreeing with Epic that the two companies essentially have a price fixed Duopoly & that even with Android's ability to access non Google stores, that any potential competitor has a significantly unfair disadvantage, again to the point they believe it stifles competition, innovation & consumers (also once more, like Windows where even though you could access third party browsers, the way they integrated Internet Explorer still lost them the case).

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jmtstan301d ago

Maybe bcos it wasn't available at Play Store from the start. You have to install the installer apk to download the game.

badz149301d ago

and not all Android phones are compatible

jmtstan301d ago

yeah that too... it only allows high end phones and some famous brand mid range.

GoodGuy09301d ago

Probably cuz most kids have an iphone/pad lol

Sunny_D301d ago

That's funny considering Android worldwide has a larger marketshare than Apple and much cheaper phone options. Guess people love their Apple iphones.