Three Speech: RAY MAGUIRE INTERVIEW on Euro Launch and PAL Pricing

We all were slightly taken aback by the general outcry on the web when the official announcement came through that the 60Gb PS3 would cost £425 in the UK – after all, Sony Computer Entertainment's UK managing director Ray Maguire had said that he "expected" it to cost £425 as far back as last year's E3 Show.

But one can see why the controversy arose – after all, the PS3 costs roughly £300 in the US and (an anomalously low) £250 in Japan. Semi offical Playstation blog ThreeSpeech talked Mr Maguire himself and get him to explain. Oh, and while he was at it, he revealed that there will be 220,000 PS3s in the shops at launch – an awful lot more than people were expecting, and possibly the highest ever number of consoles available at launch.

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nanometric4906d ago

i wonder, what will it cost here in Latvia :/