Intel Wont Make Full Use Of Nvidia RTX 3080 - Motherboard Manufacturer

Intel does not have a platform ready for Nvidia RTX 3080 and other high-end cards according to motherboard manufacturers. It is going to miss out on the sales of the first proper PCIe Gen4 graphics cards.

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RaidenBlack1024d ago

Didn't Intel announce @ Architecture Day 2020, their soon to be released Tiger Lake CPUs will support PCIe Gen4 ?
New motherboards that'll support the full feature-set of Tiger Lake CPUs should release alongside it.

CaptainHenry9161024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

Intel event is September 2. I'm doing a wait and see approach before I make my decision.

RaidenBlack1024d ago

The recent Intel's Architecture Day of August 13th.
They explained the architecture of upcoming Tiger Lake, Sapphire Rapids Server processors and Xe GPUs.

xTonyMontana1023d ago

^^^^ Don't know about anyone else but i'm nerdgasming right now

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Edgelordsupreme1023d ago

Are we really just repackaging Gamers Nexus content now?

sero331023d ago

arent current cards like the 2080ti barely maxing out pcie3 8x? guess we will have to wait and see how they perform on both intel and amd. either way im covered. have systems with both z490 and x570 mobos. just wish they would hurry.

navi871023d ago

my thoughts exacty, I dont think gen4 PCIE really benefits GPUs just yet. I thought its more to do with allowing more devices to have direct CPU access without bottlenecking (NVMEs, 10gbp Networking etc)

XxINFERNUSxX1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

I don't think pcie 4.0 for the RTX 3000 series will make much of a difference compared to 3.0. I can only see it matter if you game at higher res like 4k that games will require more bandwidth. Upcoming games this year or early into next year will not fully saturate pcie 3.0 yet. If you game at 1080 or 1440 and buy a 3000 series and have a board with only pcie 3.0 you have nothing to worry about now or in the future. I game at 1080p, with a 240hz GSYNC panel because, FPS over higher res anyday. Now until 4k can reach the FPS we have now in 1080p I'm talking always way over 100fps with settings on high or ultra, I will not upgrade.