Bioshock - How It Could Return

Lucas Beretto: A new Bioshock has been confirmed to be in development - here is how the atmospheric FPS horror franchise can make a great comeback.

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morganfell199d ago

Prequel. I would love to play the game where the society seems to be normal (for Rapture). You meet Ryan and visit familiar places and people. And then some moment in the first level or so, after you have gained a sense of the world there, everything begins its descent into madness.

Double_O_Revan199d ago

One wanted that since the original. I would love to see the fall of Rapture.

AzubuFrost199d ago

There's a novel for it called Rapture. Pretty good read I recommend it!

porkChop199d ago

I believe BioShock Vita was supposed to be FF Tactics where you'd see the fall of rapture.

toxic-inferno198d ago

A prequel would be great. But from job listings, it seems the game will be set in a brand new location.

To me, the moon/space station would be too similar to so many other games. BioShock has always thrived on doing things that are new and surprising.

Underground is definitely a possibility, though it would be challenging to make it visually stunning - something else the series is known for.

I'm just glad it's not me having to decide!!

rainslacker197d ago

I wouldn't mind that either, although they covered a lot of that within the first couple games. Plus, who would the bad guy be?

In any case, the universe set itself up to be able to go anywhere, so long as there is a light house and a man.

morganfell197d ago

Maybe the player turns out to be the bad guy...maybe you do not realize who you are until some way into the game and it runs out you are Atlas.

rainslacker197d ago

Maybe. I suppose there us a lot of room to make a narrative, and people better at such things can come up with something if that's their intent.

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RaidenBlack199d ago

Since past worlds are off the list ....
A bioshock set in an subterranean utopia can be something new.

Knightofelemia199d ago

Would be neat to see Bioshock under ground a prequel would also be cool or the rise of Columbia into the sky. I can't see Bioshock on say the moon it might feel like another space shooter. Either way I just want Bioshock 4 love the franchise own it all on PS3 and PS4.

DarthSocio199d ago

I loved the premise of Bioshock Infinite. I wish they just didn't over complicate the plot. Find the girl, help the girl, escape, that would've been fine with me.

Sirk7x199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Giant space station setting. Zero gravity segments akin to Dead Space. Future tech, with that old school, Bioshock noire charm. Would be excellent.

Nacho_Z199d ago

It'd be cool to see a fresh take on a space station. Maybe it could be run by an eccentric Musk type character.

Sirk7x198d ago

And yes, I know, System Shock. Been a long time since that game though, and Bioshock does have an identity and gameplay of its own.

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The story is too old to be commented.