[INTERVIEW] Microsoft’s Acquisition of Obsidian Is Already Paying Off In A Big Way

Joining us this week is Adam Brennecke, Game Director & Producer of a little game called Grounded. Currently residing as the global best-seller on Steam and with over 1.5 million players within 48 hours of launching in Early Access/Preview, Grounded is an undeniable hit. A lot of the game’s success has to do with how supportive Microsoft has been.

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NeoGamer232249d ago

Obsidian has been a quiet, high performing studio for many years. MS was lucky to bring this studio on board and it seems like it is working out for both parties.

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phoenixwing248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

as a pc gamer now i am definitely looking forward to their next release

TylerID248d ago

More crapnite-esq trash. Just what the world needs.

RamRod88248d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheRealTedCruz248d ago

*shrug* While highly unlike Fornite, people seem to be enjoying Grounded. I've yet to try it, but looks fun.
What I can't wait for is more Outer Worlds, or their new IP set in the Pillars universe, Avowed.

1Victor248d ago

Could be worse could be crap on duty

TheRealTedCruz248d ago

My question is why mods let Tyler's comment still up, while Noctis' was hit as "inappropriate", despite being far less instigating, and only directed at one sole person making a point to be highly negative towards the content of the article.

TylerID247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Who's Noctis and why was it inappropriate? Whatever the case, maybe because I'm telling facts, buddy. No matter the system, people don't need more micro transaction, multiplayer gaming like Fortnite, as this intends to be, unless you're happy wasting your money, then go right ahead. Nothing inappropriate from my end.

One like from me.

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sourOG248d ago

No interest but avowed looks really cool and it will be out a few years before elder scrolls and probably be better lol.

Darkborn248d ago

At least it won't have a 20 year old game engine like elder scrolls 6 will.

sourOG248d ago

It will also have better writing and characters. No need to wait and see. This is fact.

garos82248d ago

It won't have a 20 year old engine, but it will have 20 year old consoles it will need to run on also, so don't know what is worst tbh

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