Ghost of Tsushima is the Highest Selling First Party PS4 Title in Japan

Ghost of Tsushima has gone on to become not only the best selling game in July, but also the best selling PS4 exclusive in Japan.

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phoenixwing43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

congrats sucker punch

VenomUK43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Ghosts of Tsushima taps into Japan's feudal history and does so with authenticity and respect so it particularly resonates with Japanese gamers. An amazing achievement, Sucker Punch Productions should be proud.

RpgSama43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

But, but, but... Cultural appropriation and all that stuff!!!

"I'm not japanese but I'm offended for them because I know better!!!! It is MY responsibility to protect them from what ME, MYSELF AND I think it's going to be offensive for them!!!!!"

Stupid fake woke "journalists".

tombfan43d ago

Even the Japanese people acknowledge that it's faaaaaar better than anything they've could made.

Hakuoro43d ago

Of course we can't go a single article with out someone bringing this up. It's like there are more people complaining about this than there are people who actually thought there was some sort of problem with appropriations.

RpgSama43d ago


The last one was like a couple of days ago with Siliconera, where they put a Japanese American to be offended for Japan.

NeoGamer23242d ago

If you haven't played this game it is a must for PS4 owners.

waverider43d ago

One of the best games of the year. Goty contender and amazing new i.p. from Sony.

where-eagles-dare42d ago

I absolutely agree wave. For me, it's tied with the awesome Spider-Man as my favourite PS4 game of the entire generation. Sucker Punch have done a tremendous & commendable job.

waverider42d ago

This was the open world game that i played for more time because i didnt wanted to finish. Did all i could. Change so many times the way i start the attack, From kunai, to smoke bombs, to fire sword, to fire crackers. The game is amazing and i took so many photos. Never ever did i did that. What an experience.

CaptainHenry91643d ago

It's one of my favorite games this gen. Definitely in my top 5

bouzebbal42d ago

I have almost only new IPs in my top 5 this gen.. A sign of sony's supremacy.

Days Gone
God of War

gunnerforlife42d ago

Glad someone appreciates Days Gone!! I had a blast playing it and finishing it!! Really unique game!

Bathyj42d ago

Maybe that's why he said almost

where-eagles-dare42d ago

You have fine taste bouze. Nice to see the incredible Driveclub on your list. I only wish, at the time, Sony & the now absolutely tragically, defunct, Evolution Studios, could have given the game the PS4 Pro treatment upgrade. Days Gone is another corker I hope to see get a sequel on PS5, or perhaps the original see improvements to eliminate loading screens & providing smoother fps.

bouzebbal42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Asuna, actually the name God of War is the only thing common to the series.. Reboot felt completely new and fresh. Like a new IP to me

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