Spider-Man: Miles Morales Shows Off Its Ray-Traced Puddles

Insomniac Games gave some additional details regarding Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and provided a new screenshot with ray-traced puddles.

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Jin_Sakai402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Take that puddle haters.

For comparison:

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Bathyj402d ago

The one guy I liked was grounded gamer Fonzerelli and they roasted him for making good points and arguments. They all just had their heads in the sand.

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bouzebbal402d ago

Lost Legacy was also a DLC in some people's eyes.. Game was longer than Alan Wake and Gears.. Just saying.. Wipes the floor with each one of these technically too

402d ago
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azedean402d ago

No it is not. Between 20 and 30 hours for this stand alone, that means a new story around Mile Morales with better graphics and much more details and specific moves and power for Miles, yes it is still Manhathan but at another time after the first Spiderman this is a stand alone.

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Eonjay401d ago

It looks great. That PS5 is no slouch lol.

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SamTheGamer402d ago

Damn!! Those puddles with Ray Tracing and particle effects in air. Cool so damn cool... Can't wait for Spidey..

NeoGamer232401d ago

This generation graphics are going to get a really nice upgrade with Ray Tracing for sure.

mockzer0401d ago

Where is that top screenshot from Jin?

Christopher401d ago

I hope this at least stops the theories that there is no Ray Tracing on PS5. Yeah, it's custom, but it's there. Which is much better than being absent.

SamTheGamer401d ago

No matter how much you give them proof but they will still make new bias theories..

WelkinCole401d ago

The crap PS exclusives have to put with man.

LMosche401d ago

They finally undid the suit downgrade that no one talked about. It's finally reflecting light again, get rekt people who used puddles as an excuse for the downgrade.

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dazzysima402d ago

Do not care about ray tracing. Just give me 60fps.

phoenixwing402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

honestly you won't be able to make decisions like that consistantly for your video games unless you buy pc however i wouldn't be surprised if this ran at 60 or had a mode to

Bathyj402d ago

It's already confirmed to have a 4k60 mode isn't it?

phoenixwing402d ago

@bathy i looked it up and you're right it will have a performance mode

crazyCoconuts402d ago

They said it would be an option

medman402d ago

You say you don't care about ray tracing, but it makes an enormous difference in not only image quality, but it also has the potential to change gameplay. I think gamers who haven't experienced ray tracing may not fully understand the difference it can make but it really is an enormous difference. Of course, you'll get much more out of it on pc than you will on console, but I digress.

Zhipp402d ago

You see, when you make comments like that you need to back it up with examples. How has ray tracing affected gameplay in your experience?

medman402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

@zhipp're playing an fps, single or multiplayer, and you're approaching the edge of a building by a cross street. Normal non ray traced gameplay, you peek your head around the corner, exposing yourself to threats because that is your only option. Ray traced game design has a strategically placed car glass or adjacent store shop window across the street s that you catch the glint of sunlight reflecting in, letting you look at the window of the car to see the corridor you are about to enter, without having to duck your head around the corner, thus not exposing yourself to the sniper that's waiting for you on the rooftop. It can change game design by simple implementations.

Zhipp401d ago

Thats... actually really cool. I was about to make a snarky comment about how all that can be achieved though more convencional means, but actually in a dynamic setting raytracing probably is the only(or at least best) way to incorporate that kind of stuff into gameplay organically.

tontontam0401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I'd play it @1080p60 (checkerboard upscale to 4k) with ray tracing on.

Just like on PC, I have a choice to play games like metro exodus, control @native4k60 on my 4kTV.
but maxing the graphics effect with ray tracing on @ 1080p and upscaled using DLSS makes the
games look superior and make it looks somewhat like "next gen" playing at native 4k is not worth it.

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DaniMacYo402d ago

Spider man and the infamous puddles 🤣
Will be impressive on PS5. I hope the first game has a PS5 upgrade.

Bathyj402d ago

I love they've deliberately shown the puddle. Great sense of humour. I think rumour is if you get this you get Spiderman with it so maybe it's unlocked framerate.

Silly gameAr402d ago

This is how companies embrace a meme and it feels natural and genuine, instead of forced like these "brutes" out here.

jznrpg402d ago

Miles Morales comes with remaster of PS4 game when buying MM for PS5

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