A NBA 2K21 Demo Is Coming Next Week

Get ready an NBA 2K21 game demo is inbound.

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Snookies1247d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Will there be micro-transactions in the demo? I sure hope so!

It's sad to see how this series has fallen lately. I used to play NBA2K12 all the time...

Agent_00_Revan47d ago

I'm curious if they'll just charge for the demo.

Livingthedream46d ago

True! the online servers have been trash forever they really couldn't get any worse.

Relientk7746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

"Will there be micro-transactions in the demo?"

I came here to post this. Beat me to it lol

MagicLebronJordan47d ago

Yet the 2k NBA season is still on going.

Minute Man 72146d ago

Playoffs started today. Let's go HEAT!!!!!!

nowitzki200446d ago


Yeah I know, but 2k season was 20 years ago.. And new game usually comes out in August-October. Always been like that

Eck046d ago

that picture.. his body.. his hands.. head shape.. the ball. .all look great.. first thing i noticed is the straight LINES in his shorts.. and his face.. looks OFF

anast46d ago

Maybe they will include hold'em and baccarat this time around.

Skate-AK45d ago

Wonder if it will be one of those Prelude demos that include trophies.

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