Crytek shares new Crysis Remastered 8K screenshot, showcasing the remastered nanosuit

Crytek has just released a new in-engine 8K screenshot for Crysis Remastered, showcasing the remastered nanosuit.

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Jin_Sakai42d ago

It’s too bad resolution don’t make great games.

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darthv7243d ago

Id love for these guys to make a Ryse sequel after they are done with this.

TheRealTedCruz43d ago

Ryse was underrated. I wouldn't mind a sequel with less focus on QTEs.

Duke1943d ago

This may be the only thing I agree with Ted Cruz on

Sophisticated_Chap42d ago

@ Duke19

Rubbish, Ted makes many great points, whether it be increased funding to Law Enforcement and the Military, building the wall, lower taxes, smaller government, and taking away protections from big tech companies, who are actively banning Conservatives. I also agree that Ryse was underrated.

LightofDarkness42d ago

^ Found the c**t of the day, where's my prize?

Gamerking8242d ago

I actually never minded the QTE,s was a great game none the less . I mean guess I’m used to them from been a teen and playing the Shenmue games on the Dreamcast . Hell or even Power Rangers on Mega CD when I was a kid . That game was basically a episode of the show with QTE’s for gameplay . But by god I loved it. Wish I never sold it as it’s rare and a small fortune now ha .

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ColdSin42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I would really enjoy if they explored mashing the RTS genre with the third person view genre. Something like COD BLOPS 2 where you can select a soldier to control.

I always thought of how much Ryse has the potential to nail that mash up.

RememberThe35742d ago

I've always wanted a game that had the same sort of feel as Warcraft 3 with how the heros worked. I loved that game so much!

Atticus_finch42d ago

And they should bring it to PS5 so that it sells well.

Profchaos42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I really want the delay to be worth it the game has such a giant legacy that I don't think it will live up to everyone's expectations as it's pretty clear they are just modding the original textures with new lighting effects not really doing all that much.

getting it running in 8k is cool and all but adoption of 4k hadn't even reached saturation and modern GPUs still struggle on powerhouse games like rdr2 at 4k which is a big indicator this game isn't pushing graphics to a new level as we hoped.

Still I can't get my original version on steam to work properly with dx10 without jumping through massive hoops thanks to GameSpy comrade and the anti piracy tech that won't activate properly anymore I can get dx9 running via navigation to the game files and running the exe but not really what I'm after.
Part of me just wishes they made a patch for the original to run on modern os and an update so it can better leverage multi threading but I think that's impossible in cryengine 2

SickSinceSix42d ago

Can't remember the DX 10 or 9 stuff but my GOG copy runs fine, maybe it will work better for you than the Steam version

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The story is too old to be commented.