Halo Infinite - The Delay is an Excellent Decision

Norberto Fleites: Halo Infiite being delayed - is the greatest decision Microsoft has made in the most recent years. Here is why the delay was much needed.

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crazyCoconuts39d ago

Yes, brilliant move missing your deadlines by a lot. Your move, competition. Try to match that one.

Sciurus_vulgaris39d ago

Plenty of games have been delayed by 6 months or more. Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us 2, The Witcher 3, etc. All the previously mentioned games probably benefited from there delays,

crazyCoconuts39d ago

I'm convinced that wasn't a decision. They had no choice, it wasn't close to being ready

outsider162439d ago

The difference in all those games you mentioned..
Those aren't console launch games.

Halo was touted to be the Series X console seller. They had no choice but to delay. Its good for xbox fans but bad for the company which was supposed to sell the series X.

jznrpg39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

None of those games looked bad as Halo did when shown and weren’t hyped up to be super powerful next gen awesomeness like Phil and Greenberg were talking . Mic drop moments lol

sprinterboy39d ago

We've had GoT, dreams, tlou, FF this year though, what have you played in 7years on xbox?

NeoGamer23239d ago

Whether a game is part of a console launch or not should be irrelevant to deciding if it is ready to launch.

pinkcrocodile7538d ago

You kids are funny.

"this game is fine to be delayed" but THIS game over here "Is [email protected] and will ruin the generation for microsoft".

You're full of sh!t.

Marquinho38d ago


"It wasn't a decision" ...

Tell that to those who released Batman Arkham Knight or Horizon Zero Down (PC), broken on release. You can always decide.

crazyCoconuts38d ago

@marquino those games were at least finished. I don't know why this is hard for you to understand, it's not a complex topic

brrdatisback38d ago

none of those games have 500 million dollar budgets.

Sciurus_vulgaris38d ago

@ brrdatisback

I have not seen a single one of the major gaming sites report a $500 million budget for Halo:Infinite. The supposed $500 million budget is not verifiable, as it’s likely a fabrication based on hyperbole.

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darthv7239d ago

I dont like that it is delayed but i understand the need to do it. And honestly we dont even really know the full lineup for either side as of now. Halo has been the first to openly state they are being delayed but things could change on both sides and more delays can happen. tomorrow it could be Spider-man is being delayed.... so what. I think what most are really clamoring for is ANY sort of news regarding price and availability more-so than the launch lineup. Delay of games happen, we roll with it. this whole year is like one big delay after another with movies and concerts and now games. Nothing would surprise me at this point with Sony or MS.

sinspirit39d ago

I'll go with what's happening today. Not what if deflections for tomorrow. Today Spider-Man isn't delayed.

darthv7239d ago

@sin... same here. Today we still know nothing about tomorrow so just enjoy the moment. I will be getting another PS4 and XBO to add to my collection and then playing some games on my X and Pro and then doing some netflix and chill.

rdgneoz339d ago

While they did need to delay it based on the quality of the game currently, you do realize the game has been in development for a while now? It's not a new IP and story boarding started back in 2015 and they released an announcement trailer back in 2018. The only reason it's being delayed is because of all the negative feedback from their last trailer that showed graphics that are worse than many current gen games...

To give you an idea, Sucker Punch launched Infamous First Light back in August of 2014, and started work on a completely new IP (after numerous pitches of various settings and themes such as pirates, Scottish outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor and The Three Musketeers) had to do a ton of research and footwork to get things right. Sending teams to Japan for research and getting a historical sword-fighting expert (David Ishimaru) to help create a foundation for the game. They came up with an entirely new IP and did a ton of research, did an announcement trailer at E3 2018 that looked great, released in last month, is selling well (setting records in Japan), and is looking better as a current gen game in the same or less time that Infinite would have had if it was a launch title.

ThinkThink39d ago

It works for Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch. Why can't it work for MS?

Sayai jin39d ago

Now come on. You know how N4G works.

Atticus_finch39d ago

I think Crackdown 3 would be a better example since that's MS 1st party.
Tlou2 and GOT had running demos years before release and never looked bad, so big difference. But hey I get it, whatever makes you feel better.

jznrpg39d ago

Those are Sony games for 1 and both of those games looked beautiful the first time they were shown . Halo looked like crap

darthv7239d ago

CD3 still ended up being a fun game but yeah, their initial cloud demo was a tad ambitious. It didnt help things that the tech behind it was sold from under them. MS was committed to bringing it out anyway and enlisted another team to help. They get no props for finishing what they started in the eyes of the gamer because it didnt live up to the hype.

sinspirit39d ago


They did not lose access to that tech. All contracts prior to new ownership must be fulfilled by the new party. They were simply misleading the capability of the servers during demonstration. If you have a server rack in the same room, which they did, and you have more servers than realistically able to be spent on this game, which they did set aside for the demo, then of course the demonstration would be far higher fidelity and latency free.


Simple: Sony didn’t hinge the launching of an entire console gen on a game they’ve been forced to delay for up to a full year.

Also, SP and NG have never had a cold streak like 343. Halo hasn’t been the M$ flagship franchise since 2013, and they NEEDED to change that when they launched the XsX.

I want them to delay and beef up the XsX until Halo launches, too.

darthv7239d ago

@midget... MS isnt doing that either. Halo Infinite was always slated to be an XBO game but with the announcement of the Series X, the narrative became that it would likely be moved over to that. Rather than move it, it became cross gen. So it really isnt an SX launch game but rather an XBO game that aligns with the SX launch. Or, at least it did but now it will be pushed into the new year (not a full year).

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notachance39d ago

this was supposed to be XB1 game anyway, MS tried to make it next-gen to pad their launch window but failed spectacularly lmao

just stick to the gen it's suppose to release like TLoU 2 and Ghost of Tshushima, MS.
oh sorry I forgot if they do that it's barren wasteland on XBSX

ZeroBlue239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I mean, it was the right decision, but the decisions that led up to it clearly were not. It's their flagship IP, a bit surprising they would let it get to that point.

rainslacker39d ago

To be fair....Sony has delayed most of it's major releases this generation. But, they usually had other software to fall back on in the mean time. This delay is more impactful due to it's place in the XSX marketing, and the way it came about.

darthv7239d ago

Are you suggesting there wont be ANY games for the release of the SX? I seem to recall seeing several launch window games besides HI. Unless we all imagined it. Does it really matter if they are A or AAA? Not in the slightest (to me) but that narrative of 'now with no Halo there is no reason to get an SX' is just old hat.

rainslacker39d ago

Not suggesting that at all. I've mentioned rather matter of factually elsewhere that MS doesn't have any marginally big AAA games for its launch lineup, even if it's one of those ones that gets more attention merely for the fact that it's releasing within the launch window. But that was elsewhere.

Glad you are fine with A or AAA games. I am too. But if you want to discuss anecdotes then state as such, instead of generalizing it across an entire potential customer base which is not going to be rushing to buy a console for something like Grounded or Everwild.

Does it matter in the slightest? Well, you and I both know what people mean when they say a console has no games.

neutralgamer199238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It was their only choice it seems. I think in a perfect world they would have liked it if the game was ready. Ms have huge budget and over 5 years to 343i and this is what they had to show for it

It was their only choice and the right choice because delay it now and have the possibility of having an excellent game instead of releasing it now and making the while IP look bad

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Vits39d ago

Yes, it's a very good decision for the game. If it's not ready and/or is still lacking then the best thing is to delay it.

No, it's a terrible decision for the Series X/S. Because now the launch lineup for the console is fairly weaker than it was before.

Sayai jin39d ago

Short term vs the long term.

Tacoboto39d ago

Short term the PS5 will enjoy an even bigger lead than it would have.

Long term... well, waiting 5 years for Halo only to see it become the laughing stock of the industry is long term enough.

olafu39d ago

The Delay is an Excellent Decision For Sony

crazyCoconuts39d ago

That's the best one i've heard today lol

darthv7239d ago

guess that depends on if their games will be ready as well.

JEECE39d ago

I'm sure you'll be able to tell with some of them that they are launch games, but nothing they've shown so far looked that half-baked. Or at least in everyone's view; I don't totally understand the backlash because Halo's graphics have never been top tier.

sinspirit39d ago

Stop the troll damage controlling. It's not your job to do this just because you have a favorite console doing rough. There is a reason Sony hasn't given release dates for everything yet. They kept realistic expectations. If something is a launch title then we know it's a realistic goal right now. Sony rarely has delays. They had a delay from COVID restricting imports, which threw one game in line to the launch week of another, so they delayed that one because of that.

Stealth trolling and concern has gotten old. It's getting to the point that you're asking to be banned just for being nuisance and stealth disinformation.

sinspirit39d ago


You are indeed correct. I retract my statement of Sony rarely having delays.

TKCMuzzer39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

To be fair you have been positive bout MS for years, you have hung onto the belief they will turn it around for their fans but i feel your finally beginning to see that they just keep messing up as your reasoning is becoming less intensive and more searching for reasons to back them up.
MS had one job half way through this generation and that was to make some games, invest in proper AAA titles, not for next gen but for this gen and they haven’t really done that. Now their blowing the game pass trumpet yet the same problem still exists, they are not delivering on the games.
With a 5 year development schedule this Halo game should have been ready for launch, it should have been so polished you could see your face in the reflections.
The difference with the two consoles next gen is that you know Sony will deliver the games so the PS5 is an investment, now i get the feeling even Xbox fans are not quite sure what their going to get which makes putting down the money a lot harder to do.

Sitdown39d ago


How do you tell someone to stop doing something, and then do something just as similar? And what makes it worst, "Imalwaysright", just fully debunked your rant.

sinspirit38d ago


What are you here for? To stir a pot?

Obviously, we know the guys name. Humans make errors. Especially, when relying on memory. The issue is when some people intentionally ignore being corrected and intentionally spread false narratives and spinning fake concern as a defense mechanism when their object doesn't look so good.

"Fully debunked". The only thing wrong with my statement was saying Sony rarely has delays. Everything else is entirely true. They haven't given specific release dates yet so they still have leniency on their release schedule. Spider-Man is to be released in a couple months and there is still no reason to worry it will be delayed. Hilarious when people think one wrong statement discredits a whole person. If you want to give it a shot and try, then go ahead. Pose an argument. If not, stay out of conversations if you aren't contributing to them.

I see your comment history. One of the many biased users on this site that keep pushing "I like all brands" or"I want healthy competition". While consistently rising to defend one side. Using generalizations and common defence tactics, coming into conversations targetting one fanbase. Comment all you want. It doesn't mean you'll be taken seriously.

Now, do I need to read your own name off to you?

xTonyMontana38d ago

There is a difference here though, Sony have a long and rich history with exclusives which are simply unmissable. Microsoft not so much and nowadays seem almost content releasing a lot of smaller projects to help promote gamepass. This year alone Sony has delivered on 3 quality exclusives, one of which is certainly up for GOTY and numerous other awards.

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Nodoze39d ago

While it needed to be has already been in development for 5 years. From the looks of what was shown it is still has a long way to go.

Elda39d ago

With what was shown highly doubt it was 5 years of development if so they wasted a lot of those 5 years.

Phoenix7639d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda was 5 yrs in development. With only the final 18 months of that actually spent putting the game together.
We all know how that turned out.