Epic Games wins support of Open Markets Institute in its fight against Apple

"Epic’s lawsuit is an important move against Apple’s monopoly in the sale of iPhone apps," the Open Markets Institute says.

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crazyCoconuts103d ago

Suffice it to say that's not exactly a pro-capitalism organization. Articles about treating phone companies like utilities, anti "greed", and public health care. Stones throw from the S word

anubusgold100d ago

And thats why we have crap internet in the US. We have a former head of verizon suppressing us getting faster internet because they dont want to compete. The FCC are suing cities for setting up their own high speed internet when these companies like AT&T and verizon refuse to give them service.

crazyCoconuts100d ago

If you think putting services under control of the government improves their quality I don't know what to say that history wouldn't say better.

anubusgold100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Yes i was alive back then when At&t got broke up when they forced you to use their crappy phones and a long distance call could cost you 100 dollars or more monopolies are bad and thats what we are doing for the ISP companies. At&T deserved to get bitch slapped by the government and these ISP providers like Comcast and verizon deserve it too.

ApocalypseShadow103d ago

Sick of this nonsense. If Epic, Microsoft or any company wants to make 100% profits, they should create their own hardware and platform if they don't like the policy of another they want to piggyback on.

Doesn't matter if it's eBay, Amazon, Google, Apple, Steam, etc. They have policies they created. Don't follow it, move on or get kicked off. It's not anti consumer when it's your own shit or expect payment.

It would be like owning a pizza restaurant. And a guy moves in selling hamburgers from a food cart but is using my place and my equipment and my utilities. But expects all the profits to be theirs. If I let them in and gave up some space, I expect to get a percentage or get out. Create your own marketplace. Make your own hardware. These companies are free to do that but they don't. Would be like Elon Musk entering a General Motors factory and building his cars. Then expect all the profits. No! Or trying to sue to do so. No!

Epic did the same thing with Sony. "Oh. We're going to leave multiplayer on." When Sony's policy was clearly stated on online and their ecosystem. It's their system and users to protect. Not Epic's. Microsoft wants to skirt around Apple's policy. Epic wants to do that around Apple's and Google's.

Build your own platform. What's stopping them? Nothing. If that's the case, then anyone and everyone should be able to sell whatever they want on any company's platform without paying a cent to that holder or follow the policy. Walk into any retail or food shop and sell whatever you want with 100 percent benefit to yourself.

Ridiculous. It's not an open platform. Not unless these companies say so. Fortnite is not a needed application. They should build their own general purpose device.

1nsomniac102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

While I understand and agree with what you’re saying. There’s a push for change going on in the world right now. Epic have publicly stated that they want a free open market, where everyone can use whatever eco system they want without being locked behind some iteration of a paywall. Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc are all being investigated at the moment for their global stranglehold’s.

Going forward these backend systems should be free. People who make the products are the ones who should be getting paid. They should not be giving 30% of their profits to people who do nothing! Just look at the housing industry to see how the current system of capitalism is failing society.

ApocalypseShadow102d ago

They are perfectly within their right to build an open platform themselves. I'd bet, if I was a developer, and I brought all my games to the Epic play store and sold them or streamed them through their PC marketplace, I'd bet that Epic would sue me for a cut for being on their platform when I didn't pay them a dime of the profits

These companies are being ridiculous trying to get away with it. Thing is, if Epic loses, they still have a right to abide by the rules and be put back on the service of Google and Apple without consequence. It's a win win regardless.

They are just testing to see how much more money they can make and get away with. It's BS.

1nsomniac102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

... in an unrelated but happier note. EA shareholders have just voted to make sure certain EA CEO’s don’t get their bonus packages this year. Going from 9 million last year to 19 million this year.

Imagine as a single individual getting a £19 million bonus for doing practically nothing but rehashing the games you released the year before! - and they only overseen it they didn’t actually “do” anything.

Although unprecedented let’s hope it continues through more greedy corporations.

ApocalypseShadow102d ago

Oh that's great. Lol. Anything that hurts EA is a good thing.

With less money, maybe other companies can have a chance to acquire a license to make certain games. But most likely, EA would become more aggressive in buying things up. And would easily get investment to do so.

Sophisticated_Chap102d ago

I wonder if that's a George Soros funded operation...

CobraKai102d ago

Good. I dunno but Apple’s policy feels a lot like organized crime. Apple is in full control over everything. If anyone wants to open a store in Apple City they gotta give the family a cut.