GTA Writer, Producer, and DJ Leaves Rockstar After Nearly 20 Years

Lazlow Jones worked at Rockstar for nearly 20 years, writing and voicing many of the Grand Theft Auto series' most famous radio shows.

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FlyingFoxy34d ago

So this guy is in most of the GTA games that are supposed to be set in different universes or whatever, Rockstar used that as an excuse for not having certain characters show up in other GTA titles didn't they? Despite the fact that certain characters DID show up in other GTA games anyway.

Seems like a lame excuse that they somehow cannot get the same voice actors for main characters a second time, as if it's some kind of rule or something, makes no sense to me.

-Foxtrot34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

So Terry Donovan, Dan Houser and now Lazlow

Seems to me the core people at Rockstar and their early days are leaving one by one

I feel it's Rockstars online focus now and lack of actual new instalments, I hope the others leave and they make a new studio together.

LightofDarkness34d ago

Leslie Benzies too in 2016, who produced everything from GTA3 - GTA5 (including all other series in between). It might be time to stop paying attention to Rockstar.

CBaoth34d ago

But he didn't leave on his accord right? He was fired by the Houser brothers for greed and petty jealousy. It was his team responsible for the online portion of GTA if I'm not mistaken. He was getting too much credit and they wanted to screw him out of the royalties for 5's massive online success.

GTA6 is going to turn into Half-Life 3 for the remaining Houser brother and his staff. They might want to release a new Bully or Midnight Club after porting GTA5 and give themselves some time to get their shit together

Bobertt33d ago

I don't expect GTA 6 online to be as good as GTA 5 online was in the beginning cause as we saw with RDR2 online they went straight to microtransactions instead of building up the online like they did wen GTA online launched. Partially i think that was cause they didn't expect to make so much after microtransactions but now that they know, it will mar any online they make. The story could still be good but we will see if so many of the employees are leaving and they never made a story dlc for 5.

b163o134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Give it a year, Dan, Terry, Leslie, and Lazlow will combine again to create Voltron!😅

Feeding off of Foxtrots post. The core is gone, R* has changed so much over these last 2 gens, and it's sad to say they are no longer in my favorite dev's category. They've become lazy and greedy, and there lack of products this gen further proves this. They've become just as bad as Bethesda IMO....

SickSinceSix34d ago

A new studio with R* veterans could be promising, R* have become a shadow of their former self now that they seem to e mainly focused on GTA: Online and selling sharkcards.

Only one new game this gen and a re-remaster of GTA V next gen, I liked it back when they offered more variety, especially during the PS2/Xbox era

sprinterboy34d ago

Tbh it must be boring working on the same game for 10 years plus, I'd be moving to companies who work on new ips if I knew what I was doing?

RGB34d ago

Don't forget Leslie Benzies too. Rockstar is finished. RDR2 wasn't anything special either, MTX company, nothing more now.

Rodney2534d ago

homie, people leave. He's worked there for 20 years.

Magic_Spatula33d ago

I'd put a lot of the blame on Take-Two. Look at what they've done to every company they own. Pushing to release games faster. Chocking them full of micro-transactions. 2k games are a prime example of what Take-Two wants in the industry. Sub par, rehashed yearly releases full of micro-transactions left and right. Also raising the prices of games. No integrity at all. They're a business and they're there to make money. I get it, but geesh, there's got to be some threat of morality and decency in that company somewhere.

Christopher32d ago

Or. and now hear me out, it could just be people doing 20+ years of work at a company wanting to move on and try something new in their life after succeeding so much at this one?

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franwex34d ago

Wow. This is huge. He was instrumental in setting the satirical tone and humor of the series.

sourOG34d ago

That’s not good for a company that size. When your creative genius leaves and you are left with thousands of worker bees then your time is limited. I’ll wait to see how they fair with new minds but I’m not optimistic. It’s not rockstar anymore. It’s like calling the developers of andromeda “BioWare”. It’s “rockstar” now.

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