July 2020 NPD: Ghost of Tsushima is the best-seller for the month

The July 2020 NPD results have been released, with Ghost of Tsushima at the top of the charts. Paper Mario: The Origami King debuted at the #3 spot and — as usual — the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console for the month.

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mrsolidsteel2044d ago

Must sting (for whatever reason) a little bit to the haters that TLOU 2 is still doing well.

potatoseal44d ago

It's cut and dry. They wanted desperately for it to fail (for many different reasons) and it's unsurprisingly, a huge success.

mrsolidsteel2044d ago


It's good game though. I hope they make part 3, I will like to see what the fireflies are up to.

Samus70744d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Sequel to one of the most beloved games of all time with perfect 10s from almost every major website:
6M players so far in 2 months.
New IP with almost zero pre-release hype:
4M players so far in 1 month.
"Huge Success"? You do the math.

neutralgamer199244d ago


We the vocal minority make up for a small percentage of overall gaming community. Most don't visit gaming sites so they don't know neither do they care. It's already one of the best and top 5 in money generating exclusives on PS4(that's even more impressive considering it just released)

LucasRuinedChildhood44d ago

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-Foxtrot44d ago

Does it make a difference when GoT is the better game by most users reviews


JEECE44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Obviously review-bombing produces useful information we should definitely rely on.

Also I love that the premise of your argument is that, because Game A is great, Game B is not. Which makes no sense, of course.

SullysCigar44d ago

Does it matter? Lol what sort of a question is that? Of course it does! It's sold very well, so we can expect the franchise to continue, which I'm looking forward to!

FunAndGun44d ago

Still trying I see...spin those tails boy! lol

JEECE44d ago

Yep. They threw everything they had at it. I'm not convinced that they didn't have some impact, but my guess is they cost tens of thousands of sales, or at the absolute most, one hundred thousand. As neutralgamer1992 points out, the vast majority of people don't visit game sites and probably had no clue about leaks or all the manufactured controversy, so it's not like that was going to cost millions of sales.

I doubt it will reach the sales numbers of the first game without a well-timed remastered version for PS5 though, and some attractive bundles. Both of those things really helped the first game.

leoms43d ago

Where are those supposed mass returns at? Funny thing is they were just repeating what haters on Youtube were saying. Can't even think for themselves lmao.

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crazyCoconuts44d ago

Sony is at the top of their game. Their single player games are best in class and keep getting better.

Elda44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Good to see 2 great PS exclusives sitting in the top 10.

badz14943d ago

Best Selling MS's game is Minecraft...the PS4 edition. IRONIC!

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TheColbertinator44d ago

But those inbred greasy chumps said that single player games don't sell. Is it is possible they don't have a clue in their defective minds?

KwietStorm44d ago

Inbred greasy chumps haha what the hell man

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