MICRON confirms that the NVIDIA ‘Ampere RTX 3090’ card will get 21Gbps GDDR6X memory

Metal Messiah from DSOGaming writes: "The GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card is being listed on the Micron website with 12GB GDDR6X memory, so we can expect the bandwidth to be between 912 to 1008 GB/s."

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mrsolidsteel2035d ago

this thing is going to cost 2k easily, maybe even more.

Vits35d ago

Very likely going for the current price of the RTX 2080 Ti and the Titan RTX. Though very few people should actually have a use case for such a monstrosity.

The RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 is where things will get more interesting. As supposedly those are the targets for AMD's Big Navi.

Fishy Fingers35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I think Big Navi is targeting them not the other way around to be honest. AMD are the ones playing catch-up for the performance crown.

I expect AMD to win out on bang for buck as usual but Nvidia to retain their performance lead (albeit by a smaller margin).

Vits35d ago

@Fishy Fingers

If the more recent news are true is really the opposite. With Nvidia even preparing higher memory versions of the cards to launch close to AMD offering in order to be competitive as the normal variants wouldn't suffice.

Fishy Fingers34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Sure I've read the "news" (the speculation thats been all over the place all year). But I'd say Nvidia have a pretty proven track record. AMD hasnt been able to challenge the high end for around 7 years. You think the threats of Big Navi, a potential contender, has had Nvidia rest on their laurels?

Personally I dont care, I'll buy the one that suits my needs/price point better. Just history favours the Green Team.

tombfan34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Fishy Fingers... lately it's been the other way around hahaha nVidia is trying to catch up with AMD.

Vits34d ago

@Fishy Fingers

I would say that there is a chance, after all the same could be said about the CPU market and look where are right now. Plus the reports on Nvidia hardware are not exactly good.

But we will see.

RazzerRedux34d ago


How is nVidia having to catch up with AMD? In consumer GPU, AMD has nothing that can beat RTX 2070. That has been the case for a while.

medman34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I have a use case for the monstrosity...originally, I was going to buy both ps5 and series x, but instead I'm going to buy a ps5 at launch and build out a new pc with a 3080ti/3090 card and get game pass for xbox games. Cyberpunk is looking so damn good I can't help myself. I want to push the graphical fidelity, ray tracing, and framerate as much as possible with Cyberpunk, knowing that I will get the most out of it on pc, with mods. With dlss the ability to use a low resolution image that is a much lower percentage of native 4k, but get that image to look as good or better than native 4k while using a fraction of the processing power should mean incredible things for framerates with these cards. So being able to keep all the graphical fidelity, with vastly improved ray tracing AND higher frame rates is really shaping up to be a large step forward.

The first games I ever played were on a pc, but I've been a console only gamer since those early days. In 2020 I return to pc gaming full force. I still need my Sony exclusives though, so PS5 is a must. Call me crazy, but I like what I like. Hopefully they are competitive on pricing with the ampere cards. We shall see.

ABizzel134d ago

I don't think the 3070 and possibly 3080 will be able to match big Navi. Look no further than the Series X, and we know at least one of AMD's Navi GPUs will be a 56 CU (the 4 CU reenabled) with a 2.0GHz clock speed or higher.

That's a 14.336 TF GPU and should put that card above the 2080 Ti in performance, which is where the 3080 is rumored to be as well.

Big Navi is allegedly 64 - 80 CUs, which is more in line with the 3080ti or the rumored 3090. A 64 CU Big Navi is on par with the rumored 50% more powerful 3080 ti, and the 80 CU version sounds more like a dual GPU rather than a single die, which would be nice to see if performance of Dual GPUs has gotten better in games. The Dual GPU also makes sense, as Sony has been rumored to be working with AMD on a Dual GPU as well, and beings a dual 40 CU GPU, it could easily be a 72CU GPU which is perfect for a PS6 or PS5 Pro, as it doubles the CUs just like the PS4 - PS4 Pro.

This is going to be a lot closer than people think if these rumors are true, in like for like performance outside of Ray Tracing and DLSS which will still give NVIDIA an advantage.

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contra15735d ago

Dang . Bet that’s gonna have big price tag on it .

subzero199235d ago

I thought PS5 would be ahead of PC for a few years?

Hamzilla7734d ago

for price vs performance the cost of PS5 and what it will deliver vs the cost of this and what it delivers is yet to be seen but I bet the PS5 will be the wiser choice for costs vs graphics/performance

34d ago
RazzerRedux34d ago

Seen nothing to indicate next gen consoles are ahead of PC now, much less a few years.

jukins34d ago

Lol man when you have to spend over 4x the amount to get marginally better performance im gonna call that light years ahead.

Imagine if sony or Microsoft made a console without care for cost. . .if they can squeeze 4k60 out of $300 boxes imagine if they did t care about costs. I mean we get yes pc is capable of being more powerful but the amount it takes shows its really not ahead of consoles

RazzerRedux34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"4x the amount to get marginally better performance"

Why do console fans have this silly idea that PC gamers have to start from scratch every time a new console is launched? I could probably spend LESS money than a new console will cost by upgrading to a new GPU this fall and have a better performing system than any console released. Hell, if I had just put aside the amount console gamers spent paying for online gaming then I'd probably have half of that GPU paid for already. 4x the amount? That's just silly.

Console gamers think they automatically win the price/performance argument, but that's just not the case.

fr0sty34d ago

PS5's HDD is still unrivaled on PC, so there's that.

anubusgold34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@jukins We dont throw away our whole pc when we upgrade man. Most people change out the cpu or gpu when upgrading plus you can always sell your old parts for 200 dollars or more depending what you got. And pc will have 3 times the fps still because consoles still use 30fps .

anubusgold34d ago

@fr0sty There are already ssds on PC faster than the PS5 at 11Gbs to 15Gbs its just that Intel motherboards dont support that only AMD motherboards do. Epic games was talking out of their ass because their whole studio is on intel.

Anomander34d ago

@frosty until the games start rolling out and we see some specs and real world proof. It's all vaporware at this point. Demos and videos don't prove anything. Games do the talking. As it is though, you are locked in with your PS5 hardware until they decide to upgrade it again and who knows if they do a midgen upgrade again (my bet is that they will).
RazzerRedux is right though. Any Current PC that doesn't need to anything than upgrade the GPU to stay ahead of the consoles once again. I upgraded to a RTX 2070 Super for my PC last year and it was a great upgrade for a system I built in 2013 for an i5 4790k. Now this year I am totally rebuilding from the ground up and passing my old system down to my daughter. I am waiting for the new Zen 3 CPU and for all the Nividia GPUs to be released before I decide on anything though. Planning on this build lasting awhile though. For once money is not going to be a factor.

MajorLazer34d ago

PS+ costs $30 and sometimes even less for a years worth, and you get atleast 24 games a year. Hardly breaking the bank.

MajorLazer34d ago

In terms of games, consoles are light years ahead. Nintendo & Sony exclusives are the best in the business. If I had thousands to burn though, I would build the most amazing PC in a heartbeat and play a lot of multiplats there.

RazzerRedux34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"PS+ costs $30 and sometimes even less for a years worth"

Nope. Base price is $60 a year. Yeah, you can find better deals. Either way, I'm not paying for online at all with PC. Even at $30, you've invested over $200 into consoles just for online over the course of this past generation alone so my point still stands.

"you get atleast 24 games a year"

I get more than that from Epic Game Store and I keep the games forever. I also get random free games on PC like I did just a few days ago:

That's free to own forever, not free for three days only. You can't beat PC free games, dude, because they are *truly* free.

"In terms of games, consoles are light years ahead. Nintendo & Sony exclusives are the best in the business. "

I agree. That's why I buy PlayStation consoles. I don't care about Nintendo games, personally. I have PS4 for exclusives and PC for everything else. If it were up to me, every PS game would be on PC though.

" If I had thousands to burn though, I would build the most amazing PC in a heartbeat and play a lot of multiplats there.'

You don't need "thousands" though for a solid gaming PC that still performs better than current consoles.

Get Windows 10 on ebay for cheap and you've got a damn good mid-tier gaming PC right there at under $1000. Now compare that to the cost of gaming on PS or Xbox this past gen. I paid $400 for PS4 at launch. I paid $400 for PS4 Pro. If I had paid for onling gaming then I would have paid $200 at a minimum. So $1000. Now take into account the ridiculous number of sales on games with PC. See? This cost factor isn't as cut and dried as some would have you believe.

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masterfox34d ago

it will and even more, see for example the Horizon sequel how it looks, at this moment and who knows when PC gaming won't be able to achieve a game similar to Horizon sequel looks, and it doesn't matter if the PC has a video card that has heck alot of ram and this is because one simple reason and a reason why PC gaming can't keep up with exclusive console games, and that reason is optimization. ;)

RazzerRedux34d ago

Those are baseless statements that can never be proven as long as the game is exclusive. If you want to analyze hardware then there has to be a common denominator which, in this case, would be games that run on both systems being compared. Optimization is up to the developer. It isn't inherent in the system.

LordoftheCritics34d ago

3rd party games and xbox games with that level of PC will provide a much bigger next gen upgrade in a larger quantity of titles.

Sophisticated_Chap34d ago

Complete and total gibberish...

Father__Merrin34d ago

Just watch once the games start releasing

Blade9234d ago

Thought the same for Series X....

Sophisticated_Chap34d ago

The PS5 is barely more powerful than an RX 5700 XT. My RTX 2080 Super will squash the PS5 flat out.

34d ago
anubusgold34d ago

@CatchThemAll Not even more exclusives its just pc doesnt shake its ass like its special we have MORDHAU and Divinity and far more fantasy games we have on PC that i have enjoyed more and played more hours than Ghost of Tsushima. PC has alot of exclusive games that dont get much attention. I have 500 steam games most i have never played because they were onsale for 10 dollars.

34d ago
RazzerRedux34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


Pure speculation. You have no data to support your conclusions at all.

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34d ago
MagicLebronJordan34d ago

The PS5 is behind the current 2000 series. Consoles are never ahead of PC when it comes to specs.

ssj2734d ago

Idk why pc nerds are hating on Playstation thanks to Playstation developers maximize lower end software making whatever you spend on pc better thanks to optimization. Look at what 1 tf is doing with games like lof2 got and etc. New generation standards are set once a sony says a new generation starts or if developers wanna develop for Nintendo standards that's them. Fo example now developers are going set a new standards on memory speeds pc and consoles are hugely outdated and slow. I get stressed on how slow pc are.. is unbelievable. My phone put pcs on shame thanks God 99.99% i don't need a pc to do anything now days hopefully thanks to sony and the ps5 pc speeds are things of the pass and they are instantly loading anything we do on them.. then maybe i will be back on using a pc again. They are retarded slow.

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Parasyte35d ago

And, knowing Nvidia, will probably cost $1500+

OpenGL34d ago

Still only 12GB of RAM? Come the fuck on, the 1080Ti launched more than 3 years ago with 11GB. Yeah improvements to compression make that RAM go further but it's not that expensive and people buying a new $1000+ card should get more.

LordoftheCritics34d ago

Might be time to go AMD and tell Nvidia to get its act together.

Sophisticated_Chap34d ago

AMD would need to come out with a better product for that to happen, and their Radeon division is still a few years behind Nvidia, particularly when it comes to features such as DLSS and Ray Tracing. They also need to work on the stability of their GPUs, since people have been having massive problems with black and blue screens, artifacting and excessive thermals with their 5000 series cards.

MagicLebronJordan34d ago

You would regret it. AMD Drivers are rubbish. So many issues

CaptainFaisal34d ago

ummm its 12 GB of GDDR6X Ram compared to 11 GB of GDDR5X. Id say quite a big differance

OpenGL34d ago

It's still only 1GB of additional RAM.

DOMination-34d ago

That's like comparing a 3.6Ghz 8-core Ryzen 7 with a 3.5Ghz single core Athlon from 10 years ago and saying it's only 100MHz faster

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