WB Games Montreal's Batman: Gotham Knights Will Be Revealed At DC FanDome

From PSU: "It has now been officially confirmed that WB Games Montreal will reveal their long-in-development Batman game, Batman: Gotham Knights at DC FanDome on August 22.

The full schedule for the event has been released and at 18:30 BST on August 22 WB Games Montreal will have a special announcement of a new game and a Q&A with developers."

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LegoIsAwesome37d ago

My God I swear if they didn't show it this event I would lose all hope. We've gotten so many teaser over the years that says they will reveal it at this event then boom. No show....

zsquaresoff37d ago

About time, been waiting forever for this, hope this is a single players game

deadfrag37d ago

Another Gaas game this time from WB with DC characters, just check out!

Nodoze37d ago

If this is the case it will be a complete S Show. I would have been ALL IN for a stand alone offline title.

RaidenBlack37d ago

I heard the RockSteady's one is the GaaS
This one's a traditional game.
Might get proved wrong though. WBMontreal did rebooted the project midway. Who knows what changed.

TheProfessional37d ago

This is the same crew that did Origins though so set your expectations low.

Gamerking8237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Why ? origins was great . With the best boss battles in the whole series.

TheKingKratos37d ago

Origins brought the comic book batman like no other game and enemies were all amazing

So i have a very high expectations now

Gamerking8237d ago

Yeah I agree I expect on the level if not better boss fights now from them too. But hell im just happy a new batman game is actually coming .

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