Capcom sales update: Resident Evil 3 remake at 2.7 million

Capcom has updated its list of “Platinum Titles”—games that have sold over one million units—providing total sales numbers as of June 30, 2020.

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mrsolidsteel2039d ago

It's shame how much the gutted out of this game. It seemed like every scene was rushed, I remember you had to get several items before you got the train moving in the original. It was an extremely stupid decision for Capcom to remove the mutated worm boss fight (huge blow) and the clock tower was such a significant area in the original game.

The gremlin design was cool, but they made them to small. Finally they did a disservice to the Nemesis, which is insane, because they knocked it out of the park with Mr. X. For the guys that didn't play the original, the Nemesis would pop up in areas you wouldn't expect and that was a huge missed opportunity for Capcom to take that out of this game.

I have a feeling that the additional resources went into that P.O.S. online portion of the game that they were hoping to be successful, but that crap was so uneven. it's bizarre that they didn't scrap it. Even the new editions that they added (if you even can call them that) falls flat.

This game was huge disappointment to me, because RE 3: Nemesis was my favorite one out the series. The original is far superior than the remake.

Dear Capcom,


littletad39d ago

Do you think it would be worth getting when it's on sale for 20 bucks or just watch a youtube playthrough? I've gotten every game in the series, but it really seems capcom butchered this version.

mrsolidsteel2039d ago


Never watch a YouTube playthrough my guy, someone else experience will never be your own.

You may enjoy it, if you never play the original, mind you both the original and this remake are short, 5-7 hours max.

I will say wait for a sale, this game is not worth the full price. There’s definitely some fun moments, but if you’re coming off playing the original, you’re just going to be disappointed how much content they took out.

NovusTerminus39d ago

I paid full price for it, and honestly I don't regret it, I beat in is 8 hours on the first play through, but have also beaten it another 4 times after that, it is super replayable and the mechanics and weapons make it fun to play around with. And it's an amazing Speed Run experience.

XenoBoone38239d ago

I paid full price release day & loved every second of it. Short? Yes, but it was a nonstop adrenaline rush from start to finish. Yea there was cut content but those areas would’ve messed with the flow. As a huge fan of the original this was still a 9/10 for me personally.

Gamerking8239d ago

Resi 3 is still in my top 5 games of this year . Even though quite short I still got my money’s worth from it .

Sonyslave339d ago

hell yeah just Platinum game last week, the game getting a bad rep for being short but the gameplay is better then 2.

Shiken39d ago

I found the gameplay in 2 to be better honestly.

Father__Merrin39d ago

It's not bad at all should trickle along