Xbox Series X’s New Non-Halo Selling Points From Microsoft Are Pretty Bleak

Microsoft is in a bit of a pickle, to say the least, now that they have to sell an Xbox Series X (and likely, Series S) this fall without the main thing that was supposed to sell it, Halo Infinite.

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TranceHop 38d ago

Since Halo Infinite is delayed I'm looking forward to playing Gears Tactics, The Medium, CrossfireX, Scorn, and Cyberpunk 2077 on Series X this holiday.

darthv7237d ago

That's the thing... Halo would be nice but knowing there are many other games available to play on day one, Im still getting it. Im really into new hardware and seeing what (if any) improvements it does to my existing games (some I have yet to play). It's going to be the same with the PS5. Im really looking forward to popping in some of my existing games and see what sort of gains there will be.

I used to do that with new CPU and graphics cards back in the day. Start up Quake 3 and run the time demo or 3dmark and see how much of an improvement there was with a Radeon 9800pro vs my old Voodoo5. New hardware has me more stoked than the games... funny.

thesoftware73037d ago (Edited 37d ago )


My plans Exactly, I will be getting both new systems and enjoying what they both offer.

CorndogBurglar37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


Paid by who? He's talking about both systems in a good way. And even talks about doing it with graphics cards on his PC.

Are they all paying him? Or are you just one of those people that can't stand when someone says something good about Microsoft, even though he early just likes video games in general?

thesoftware73037d ago

@ Neutralgamer

Are you serious? Neither system will have superior graphics because of 4k and 60fps? Where in the world did you come up with that ridiculous notion.

So all 3rd party games will be the same on both systems? I would really like to actually bet you money that that will not be the case.

bouzebbal37d ago

"New hardware has me more stoked than the games... funny."

Guess you got used to this for the past few years.. 😂

cooperdnizzle37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

New hardware has you more stoked than games?? Hmmmmm. I get that kinda but it would be useless if there were not any games for it. New hardware gets people excited for the new games they can play. You? Nope just want the new hardware and don’t care about what the new console whole purposes is... playing new games. Good news for you though, you can go back and play gears and halo 5 again.

darthv7237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

@cooper... yup. There is something about new hardware that makes a person feel young again. The games... not so much because its all evolutionary. Like the first time seeing Toy Story (for example) was new and fresh and revolutionary, because it really hadnt been done like that before. Now all the CG movies are all just refined and improved. Nothing that really jumps out as WOW and NEW.

With hardware, the potential to be WOWED is there. New power brings new possibilites, but it takes time. The games at launch started out as concepts on previous hardware. It isnt until a few years in that the ties of the past are fully cut and you are left with only that which could be created on the new hardware. The WOW factor has a chance to be born again, especially if it is a re-imagining of something that is beloved and made new again. God of War 3 on PS4 (which was a port of the PS3) vs God of War 4 on PS4. Same protagonist, same existing series but given new life, new story, new way to play and brought back that WOW factor. That didnt happen from the start... it took a few years to get there.

Over the course of the gen I was getting burned out on the same formula of open and semi open world games. The influx of indie games kept it interesting because some of those little houses have some good talent in them. And because many of the current big hitters are so similar... yeah you get a little turned off. So now we are on the cusp of new generation and with that comes new potential. So sue me for being jazzed over the hardware more than the games. In about 2-3 years time I may get uber excited for the games again.

rainslacker37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I've noticed a trend.

It's subtle, but a pattern is starting to emerge.

MS screws up, Xbox fans lower their standards one more notch.

Here's a serious question.

If what MS had to offer in the launch window was coming from any random third party publisher...say EA, Ubi, Activision, Square, you pick one....would you guys show so much enthusiasm for the games?

See, these publishers make a lot of these kinds of games. But here's what I see when they come around.

I'll use Namco as an example. tales game. Everyone's excited. At the end you see the mobile platform logo's pop up, and suddenly it's, "oh, it's mobile, meh", then move on. Now, are those games bad? No, probably not. But people don't care anymore. They think of them as lesser games, whether they are or not is besides the point. But, from MS own 1st party, what I see is a lot of these levels of games coming for their biggest launch line up in someone recently reminded me they were claiming.

So, if we can go every day and not a single one of these mid-tier or indie level games gets any attention, why is it that MS gets so much attention for theirs? Sony pushes out these kinds of games all the time, and they don't get this much attention. Even Nintendo which has plenty of them relative to their own AAA first party output don't get that much attention for these games....yet, with MS, they become cornerstones for long lists of games that people on this site don't ever show any interest in unless they're attached to some console maker.

Given this, do you really believe the average gaming public cares enough to know what these games are, or are sitting there being impressed by MS showing these games?

MS had Halo for it's first party big entry into the next gen. Yes, the Medium is looking good as a launch title. Yes, Cyberpunk does have those marketing rights. But, are people going to be impressed with that big long list of games from MS 1st party, or the idea that they'll be coming one day some time in the indeterminate future?



Paid by M$ obviously. They are the ones trying to frame the next gen as more about the hardware upgrade than cutting edge first party games.

Sure, they admitted that the PS5 will be a notable hardware upgrade, too... but they would be delusional to claim otherwise.

Everyone is expecting M$ to undercut Sony on price, that way they can focus on how their GPU is stronger, and housed in the cheaper console (ie the stronger and cheaper hardware upgrade).

This is exactly what Darth’s comment is trying to frame the purchase decision as.

If Darth really wanted to compare the PS5 to the XsX, and do an accurate value comparison, they wouldn’t neglect to compare how the XsX isn’t going to have a SINGLE game take full advantage of the XsX for TWO FULL YEARS. And, we all know that simply isn’t the case for the PS5.

I want Xbox to succeed, but they’ve been nosediving every since Fable started to suck.

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Babadook737d ago

You will be able to play Cyberpunk 2077 on Series X and PS5 at launch but the true next gen version likely comes next year.

37d ago
phoenixwing37d ago

i'm curious if the pc will get an upgraded version of cyberpunk or if it will be next gen out the gate for it since it doesn't need to land on upgraded consoles

Babadook736d ago (Edited 36d ago )


I wonder about that too. Could be that PC gets the full next gen version at the games launch or maybe it gets an update later together with next gen consoles.

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thesoftware73037d ago


and the 3rd party games could end up being the superior versions due to the Series X power.

but hey..this is just another doom and gloom MS article on N4G so i'm not surprised lol.

Minute Man 72137d ago

The coming gen XsX for exclusives and multiplats, PS5 for exclusives

neutralgamer199237d ago


Please stop both consoles will be native 4k at 60FPS capable so neither will get any game which will look superior. And this isn't doom and gloom these are facts and even investors are saying ps5 will outsell XSX 2-1 and that was with Ms launching halo

Blame Ms and it's marketing who over promised and especially Phil who has been doing a lot of empty talking with much substance

Sayai jin37d ago

Minuteman, it is rumored that Sony is continuing to buy third party exclusive content, timed exclusives, etc. Both MS and Sony do this practice, but Sony has ramped it up to further their marketing of the the best place to play.

jwillj2k437d ago

There’s a reason why you’ve not seen one game running on the XsX hardware, and it ain’t because of the limited availability of parts or Covid.

L7CHAPEL37d ago


but it does give Paul tassi another opportunity to shill his crappy novels.

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I’m looking forward to playing them on my One X.

neutralgamer199237d ago


Cyberpunk will be playable on ps5 too and rest of those games against one spiderman game is enough for Sony to dominate

What's really frustrating is the fact Ms took this whole generation off to prepare for next generation and now they are just as unprepared as before. But anyone who bring up any of these concerns is labeled a hater. Fact of the matter is for us as gamers it would be better if Ms and Sony were neck and neck and had to compete for our money and attention but it seems Sony is competing with itself. How can you give 343 5 years and hundreds of millions and this is what they had to show for it

This is Ms 4th console and they are still behind Sony and Nintendo

They are always trying to over think but when it comes to gaming only thing that matters above all are games and a lot of them. They can have the best services and best hardware but without must have games those other features aren't enough to sell hardware

As someone who bought the OG Xbox Ms are still stuck in identity crises

NeoGamer23237d ago

People are really trying to sell that the XB is in a very bad state. But, I think MS made a really bold (and the right) decision no matter how it came to be.

The reality is that the most anticipated game (CyberPunk) will not even ship with a nextgen version for the new console launch on Day One.

Fanboys will buy a nextgen console no matter what. Gamers look at the game lineup and assess it for what it really is. I ask myself, "Would I pay the probable $500 price tag for either nextgen console for the games lineup they have?", and the answer is currently probably not.

I am looking forward to nextgen consoles. But, I decided after the two showcases that neither company deserved my day one money.

crazyCoconuts37d ago

a) XB is in a very bad state, especially when juxtaposed against a very strong Sony
b) i totally agree with your assessment that day 1 is looking a little anemic for both. I believe as others do that Sony has some more to share w/ us regarding that though, we'll see

CorndogBurglar37d ago

For sure. It definiteky hurts that they delayed Halo. I just find it funny though. Most of the time delays are considered good decisions because it means the product will be released in a better, more finished/polished state.

But when MS does it, suddenly its a horrible thing thag means MS is crumbling.

olafu37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

How is correcting an obviously poor decision to announce a release date of a game they hadn’t even shown to the public aside from a trailer a bold decision?

We mismanaged our biggest project *high fives* everyone! We’re so bold!

NeoGamer23237d ago

How is XB in a bad state? The only people complaining about XB are PS only fanboys it seems to me.

They delayed Halo, they did not cancel it. This year they have delivered Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Bleeding Edge, Minecraft Dungeons, and Gears Tactics for PC. They are still going to deliver Battletoads, Wasteland 3, and Gears Tactics for console and Flight Simulator for PC.

How is Microsoft's position any worse then Sony's? Both XSX and PS5 are similar hardware. Microsoft in their first party showcase had Forza Motorsports, Halo Infinite, Ever Wild, State of Decay 3, Avowed, Psychonauts 2, and Fable as major first party games. And they already announced Hellblade 2 as well. PS announced Spider-man Miles Morales, GT7, R&C, Returnal, Sackboy Adventure, Destruction All-Stars, Astro's Playroom, Demon Souls, and Horizon Forbidden West in their first party showcase. There is a difference of ONE game in those lists. And frankly, MS nor Sony had a great showcase. Both were filled with games with no ship dates. Hype high, actual deliver next to zero for both companies.

The only reason that Sony is in a better state is they have a large completely devoted fanbase. There is no fact other then past performance driving the excitement around PS5. If Sony were to delay Spider-man do you think that would change whether or not the PS5 sells? Nope.

Hakuoro36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"The only reason that Sony is in a better state is they have a large completely devoted fanbase."

Yes, it couldn't be clear and unchanging messaging about their games and products and the fact they release GOTY quality games instead of online focused games that are little more than micro-transaction marketplaces.

You pretend to present your opinions as unbiased, but it's clear you're just running defense for Microsoft and downplaying Sony.

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danny81837d ago

Im really excited for CrossFireX

crazyCoconuts37d ago

Gears Tactics the mobile game?

DiRtY37d ago

Wasteland 3 needs to be mentioned.

I am quite hyped for Medium actually.

neomahi37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

And that's why Xbox will never again succeed. Oh, and you can play Gears Tactics um..... Now.

TheEroica37d ago

Argh! Down vote, down vote!! How dare you suggest that there is fun to be had on Xbox! *tearing up*

Sayai jin37d ago

Although, the delay wad the right move, not having Halo as a launch title hurts the launch. There are other games...yes this is true. It's simple though, those game would have still been available if Halo would have launched in time.

darthv7237d ago

yes... and those games now have a better chance of standing out without the weight of Halo overshadowing them.

Games are a lot like movies. Release too many in the same time frame and you risk failing to gain any market. At least with things spread out, you have breathing room.

rainslacker37d ago

"and those games now have a better chance of standing out without the weight of Halo overshadowing them."

Is that why so many 3rd party games did so well on Xbox this gen? Oh...wait. Sony released big games, and those third party still sold without being overshadowed.

Really...for a supposed PC fan, you're starting to show your Xbox fan boy side again.

niiopi37d ago

The only place to play is PS5, the PS4 has already proved that and the PS5 will just carry the torch. Also it seems like a lot people are looking at this scenario the same way the PS3/Xbox 360 scenario played out. Multiplayer games looked better on the 360 because they were usually made for the system but then ported over to the PS3 even though the PS3 was more powerful. Its sounding like a lot of multiplayer games are being made for the PS5 and will probably get ported to XBX and will end up having an inferior product because it wont utilize the "power" of it. So PS5 will end up winning in all aspects again.

L7CHAPEL36d ago

"usually made for (this) system and then ported to the other one" where the hell do you get this shit from ?!

THC CELL37d ago

None of them games compare to the hype of halo none

Blade9237d ago

A new console just to play a bunch of third party games at slightly higher resolution then current gen? Cmon dude...well then again to each his own.

porkChop37d ago

There are certainly good games coming to the Series X this holiday. But not having a first party launch title is still a big problem. Spiderman: MM may be a standalone expansion rather than a full sequel, but that's still a first party launch title. This delay is great for Halo, but bad for Xbox.

JoSneak37d ago

be careful with the sony-ponys downvoting everything

Atticus_finch37d ago

"I have no argument"

Dragonscale37d ago

Typical downplaying lol. This news is a disaster for xbone no matter how you xbots try to spin it.

Bathyj37d ago

Are any of those games besides cyberpunk confirmed for launch?

Ausbo36d ago

A lot of people here don’t like you playing games on your Xbox

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no_more_heroes38d ago

I get it to be my multiplat game hub and media center, plus the odd Xbox IP. Playstation (and Nintendo) for me are more specifically for their exclusives and any exclusive JRPG that intrigues me.

For example, I only just got introduced to the Trails series and Ys series this gen (Let's Plays) and am anxiously waiting for Cold Steel 4 and Ys 9.

gamer780437d ago

That’s precisely how I’ve been doing it since the series x, want to play them where they’ll look the best on the big screen on my couch.

ssj2737d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Xbox x has one or two games that look Slightly better and you gotnto zoom in to see the difference RDR2. Ps4 pro has more the most games looking better or running smoother like COD so your points don't equal facts or reality. Everything else roon surprisingly equally good.

gamer780437d ago

@ssj27. What you said is just not factually true at all... I won’t even start with the grammar.

Om4ever37d ago

@ssj27 you must have a very bad screen for not seeing a Clear improvement on the X compared to the pro.... It's like Day and night

jznrpg37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I’ve been playing Ys since Book 1&2 but there was a Nintendo one I played later before it . I’m super hyped for Ys 9 . I also love the Trails series and hope they remaster some older ones soon for the west . I used to buy all consoles but don’t feel like I’m missing out with Xbox since mid 360 days but that’s just me .

Sirk7x37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Have you played Trails in the Sky?? If you like the Cold Steel series, this is very, very important. Trails in the Sky 1-3 (first games in the series; they are all connected) are literally the best games I have ever played in my life. They are all on Steam/Vita.
Like, no joke, if you can't afford the first one, I will buy it for you on Steam so more people can experience the amazing story. To anyone reading this, if you like jrpgs, go buy it now.

Magic_Spatula36d ago

I do something similar. Buy Playstation and Nintendo for their exclusives. Games that I want to play on Xbox are already on PC and I have a capable gaming PC already.

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waverider37d ago

It will be even worst when sony reveal another huge exlclusive for the launch of the console, but Sony didnt even need to do nothing, because Microsoft is crashing by herself... Noboby with half a brain would launch a console without a flagship title, after a gen where they didnt deliver and got the catchphrase Microsoft got NO games. So they will start another gen without a single new exclusive with the console. Amazing Job Phil Spence. You really must «Feel» very good.

Minute Man 72137d ago

Huge exclusive?? If it aint GoW or a secret Uncharted game, No.

waverider37d ago

You really dont understand what spiderman means.... but you will....

SullysCigar37d ago

So nothing outside of those two games could be considered huge, in your opinion? Noted...

Minute Man 72137d ago


I know what "$pidey" is about, and it aint that system seller you think it is.

S2Killinit37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

So other than those 2 nothing is huge to you. Got it.

isa_scout37d ago

If Spiderman isn't a system seller then why has it outsold every other console exclusive this generation? I love Uncharted but it didn't do half as well as Spiderman.

Games1st37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

"Not the system seller" Spider-man is the number one selling first party game Sold Over 13 Million* Units Worldwide. Xbox doesn't have anything on the same level at launch.


RememberThe35737d ago (Edited 37d ago )

This guy thinks 100 million people bought God of War and Uncharted 😂

TheTony31637d ago

Sure, the game that sold over 20 million copies by now is not a system seller...

Minute Man 72136d ago

@ Remember

Come on bro, you are better than them

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mandingo37d ago

You must feel good about yourself huh?