Scaling Back PS5/XSX Games to Original PS4/XO Hardware is Rather Difficult for Devs

Developers are having a rather hard time scaling back cross-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X titles to the original PS4 and Xbox One hardware.

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olafu34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

But Phil said it was just sliders like on PC.

You’re telling me all the people saying it’s more like developing two separate games were correct all along?


gamer780434d ago

Developing for multiple PCs is also more difficult... more machines time and difficulty increases

olafu34d ago

That’s actually not how PC’s work.

RaidenBlack34d ago

Well the thing for PC is that you can't blame the devs much if you're low-spec PC gamer.
If it runs crap, then upgrade. Or deal with low frames. Plain and simple.
But for consoles, things are a bit different. If the devs are assuring a previous gen (or current-gen, depends how you read) release of a game, they have to make sure its a solid port with proper features, because that release of the game'll be scrutinized separately (be it by Digital Foundry and IGN to all the way by individual gamers)

tontontam034d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Yup, those people who keeps bragging how smooth their experience with pc, never owned a low-mid range range pc.

They keep on saying oh you could match consoles with $500 pc, blablabla when in reality they have no idea how it feels to own a mid range pc and play games full of bugs.

ocelot0733d ago


I can see your point. However, You are talking about bottom of the barrel PC's. Like people with a GT 710. A $500-$600 modern PC. Will be able to game at 1080p 60 these days. You may get the odd buggy mess game where you may have to drop down to 900p to maintain 60fps.

Like a few weeks ago a friend of mine said I want to experience PC gaming on a £500 budget and was willing to go second hand if he needed. I managed to build him a system using all brand new parts which included a RX 580, Ryzen 3100, 8GB DDR4, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, be quiet PSU, for less than £460. Sure it won't do 4K. It can do 1080p on the big games as the highest settings and even 1440p at medium with the minimum of 60FPS. That is a solid budge system for what is probably going to be the price of a PS5.

I even managed to get a refubed Dell pc which had a intel 3470 CPU and 4GB RAM. Slapped in a second hand 1050 ti and a extra 4gb ram. For less than £200 a decent budget gaming PC that can do 900p/1080p 60FPS gaming.

Gamingsince198133d ago


What fps are they getting on the newest games with that pc at 1080p ? Because there is no way they are hitting higher than 40 fps on assassin's creed odyssey on highest settings with that pc, the pc i made for my son has a 1660 ti in it with 16gb of 3600 mhz ddr4 ram and an amd 3300x cpu which can only just hit 60 fps on that game on high settings let alone highest. There are a fair few games he plays at 1080p that can't get 60 or higher fps on the highest settings, unless they are older games like gta v.

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Bathyj34d ago

Microsofts games are going to be on series X, Xbox One and PC. Not to mention whatever difficulties getting it to run on Xcloud will present. PlayStation have a pure vision. Make the best game you can for PS5. MS are spliting their focus and they are less talented to begin with. They are making things harder than they have to be and I think this is actually anti consumer for anyone buying a series X because they will not be getting the quality they deserve.

Tetsdah34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Haha, I thought that exact thing with all the "anti consumer" cries. It is anti consumer to deliver a low quality product for the sake of awider consumer pool. Ideally, a company should strive to deliver the best product worth the value.

I'm glad someone from DF manned up and told the truth. Crossgen is holding devs back and both their points contend against the idea that it doesn't. Battaglia's defense of "lighting" for Halo:I really made me question DF credibility for a little bit. This restored it a little.

Crossgen, especially this generation, is holding development back.

olafu34d ago

It’s no surprise that their cross gen plan got dropped before it even got started.

outsider162434d ago

"Crossgen, especially this generation, is holding development back."

Been saying this. I'm surprised it had to take the devs to say this.

bouzebbal33d ago

As I suggested by got shot down everytime, you can subscribe for GP or xcloud even there is an interesting game you wanna try out.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


Why would anyone think that developers would scale back games instead of adding resolution and framerate options to the PS5/Series X versions of PC/PS4/Xbox One builds?


Phil Spencer has some of you caught up in his BS.

Hakuoro34d ago

When Phil says something it's safer to assume it's untrue than true. Honestly far more things he says are untrue or misleading than true.

Nuclearmoon33d ago

Sliders on pc only apply to graphical fidelity. These next gen consoles have stronger cpus which effect everything to do with game design; level design, ai, character complexity and number of enemys.

Chocoburger33d ago

This is exactly it. The very game worlds devs can create on PS5 and Xbox Series X can not be scaled down to PS4 and Xbox One. Just toning down the graphics won't be enough. So if you're making a PS4 / Xbox One version, then the PS5 / Xbox Series X version is going to be gimped in terms of world design / physics / AI, etc.

Which is exactly why I have been against MS not making games specifically for Xbox Series X hardware as the baseline minimum. Such a shame!

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medman34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

You don't say.....I never would have thunk it.

Phil Spencer keeps talking, but the more he talks, the less sense he makes. He equates the console situation to pc, but the fact is that even for pc, developers give a recommended minimum spec necessary for the game to run effectively. The entire point is if that minimum spec is a weak even in 2013 when it released jaguar cpu, as it is in the xbox one and ps4, you're severely hamstrung right from the beginning of your project, and I wish you luck because you're going to need buckets of it. I wish these talking heads would stop talking and get to work.

Bathyj34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Halo Infinite will be cancelled on Xbox One. Bookmark this page and buy me a coke in 6 months.

Profchaos34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Absolutely but it began life as a current gen game you can tell as they use camera tricks to obscure distances and block views frequently with mountains whi h is a common trick used when working with games that really on mechanical storage like current gen and even PC

It was never meant to be a showtime title for xsx it was lazy Devs that couldn't finalise a product that was meant to be a showcase title of the X1 years ago and now they have to somehow make it a flagship game on next gen because they couldn't ship on time

It's five years in the making and covid has impacted them for 6 months of it which at this point is a convenient excuse.

They should scrap everything start again and come back in three years instead of putting out what will be the last halo for the next ten year plan

Sunny_D34d ago

I’m thinking the same thing. In a few months past launch, when negative PR continues for cross gen games, MS will do a 180 and stop support for the Xbox One. Then all the people who were calling Sony anti consumer will suddenly praise this move by Microsoft.

It will be a repeat of Xbox One DRM and always online fiasco from 2013. I guarantee it.

Bathyj34d ago

Yeah the whole leave no gamer behind is going to be under a harsh spotlight in the early months of Series X. They are effectively punishing their early adopters for being early adopters. It's the complete opposite of what Sony is doing and it's wrong in my opinion.

I'm not buying next gen to play last gen games. I want games that push the hardware and couldn't be done on last gen. Obviously every game is not going to be like that and it may in fact take a while for games to do that, but hamstringing themselves to tie it to the lowest common denominator is ridiculous.

I hope it backfires big time and Xbox gamers revolt because it seems like at the start of every Gen Microsoft tries to push and get away with as much as they can until gamers slap them down a peg or two. I just think it's sad it's mostly Sony gamers providing the backlash because a lot of that could be simply fanboys or haters. It should be coming from Xbox gamers demanding better.

They are never going to get the quality they deserve until they do, but they seem to have been bought off cheaply with an inexpensive Netflix for games. They are so easily satisfied it's no wonder this is what they get.

olafu34d ago

Hmm, I dunno about that, they seem pretty entrenched with Halo. But Phil and Microsoft flip flop on everything so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it happens.

Bathyj34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I'm happy to buy you a coke if it doesn't.

But answer me this and bare in mind I'm not picking a fight or arguing with you just making a discussion, if Halo has a 10 year plan for content going out, do you think that includes Xbox One? Surely they will cut it off at some point? Xbox One is not going to be around in 10 years.

I say cut it off now. It's not part of the Grand plan and it's crippling this game and others in the future.

olafu34d ago

That’s a fair point, but Microsoft only cares about gamepass subs. “They don’t care if you buy their console” heh.

So if they can keep milking those bone subs for 10 years they’ll probably do that.

I expect a lot of next gen talk will be Sony saying we sold millions of PlayStation 5’s and Microsoft saying we have millions of game pass subs and trying to act like it’s the same thing. Like when they try to compare users to actual sales.

medman33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

There is no way Microsoft could do that....they might as well give up the ghost and fold their gaming division. The real problem for them is they started development with the intention of having the game be playable on the og xbox one. The most extreme step I could see them taking is to scrap the xbox one version, break down what they have, and start to develop specifically for the series x.....but I would estimate that will take perhaps a year and a half, two years maybe? Don't know....I really don't see any vast improvements being made in what we saw in July unless they take that step, but it may be too late in the process for that.

I was fully intending to buy a ps5 and series x at launch, but I've changed my plans. I'll be buying a ps5 at launch, and building out a new pc with one of the ampere cards around the time Cyberpunk launches. As someone who skipped the xbox one this gen, I'll still get gamepass to play a lot of the games I missed this past gen, such as Forza Horizon, Gears 5, Ori, etc. etc. but I really have no confidence in Microsoft and their hardware or software development at this point. Too many of their first party games are years away from seeing release, and it's nearly September and still not one game has been shown running on "the most powerful console ever created". No thank you. I'll pass.

Sirk7x33d ago

I've called that one already lol.

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Profchaos34d ago

Ofcourse Devs had a hard time keeping frame rates stable on base consoles on current gen games never mind cross gen.

Look at outer world's as the best example and gears 5 I played them on a high end PC and on a original X1 the difference was dramatic but the version the original X1 had especially in outer world's had stutter and pop in all over the place it was obviously better than switch but it wasn't good

Gamist2dot034d ago

Aw, c'mon, it's not that difficult. Just add 5-10min ride elevators in every game. XD

ssj2734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

They forgot to lock it make the elevator indoor to hides the pop ins lol

5 year's in development 500 millions lol 5 years ago they could had buy 50% of unreal with those 500

34d ago
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