Stacking the deck against the new console launches

From "As a wise and very bald man will eventually say, it is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose.

I've written several times this year about how the most remarkable feature of the run-up to this year's next-gen console launches is how adeptly both Sony and Microsoft are handling everything. No balls have been dropped, no feet firmly wedged into mouths, no vainglorious statements made that will come back to haunt everyone involved. Nobody's tried, inexplicably, to turn their console into a glorified viewing device for live TV, or claimed that it's a miracle wonderbox that consumers will gladly get second jobs to afford."

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NeoGamer23233d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I have watched and listened.

PS5 is delivering as their highlight launch game Spider-man. XSX will deliver Gears Tactics now. I am not going to pretend that XSX has the better launch game. Spider-man will be better for sure.

But, neither game is worth spending the probable $499 + accessories + the launch highlight game for the drought that will ensue afterwards. Neither first party has announced any dates between console launch and next holiday for any of the next good games. Both consoles were also highly relying on 3rd party independent games at launch. And the highlights to those games are mostly psychological thriller/horrors. A genre that I am not overly keen on.