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From PSU: "Without a doubt the best MMA videogame ever made, EA Sports UFC 4 supplements a welcome array of new offline and online modes with a revamped and endlessly sophisticated combat system that everybody can enjoy. For MMA fans it doesn't get any better than this."

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Alexious47d ago

Hmm, sounds worth a try for sure.

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BenRC0147d ago

Strange as a lot of YouTube beta players hated it. They've had years and just copied and pasted ufc 3 ith a few new haircuts

yeahokwhatever47d ago

its not fight night, so not buying it. do boxing or go home.

nowitzki200447d ago

Go home and wait for Fight Night.

ActualWhiteMan47d ago

Same... although they long ago fired all the developers that made FN great. So it would likely be terrible if it came back.

TheRealTedCruz47d ago

Comes to a UFC related game to whine about it not being a boxing game.


FlavorLav0147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Well, for context EA did put in real boxers Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua in the game, and Isaac Frost and Andre Bishop from fight night champion in the last game. No getting around it, they have been [email protected] teasing boxing fans for years with this sh!t pre-order dlc

yeahokwhatever47d ago

these UFC games are trash, they play terrible. UFC is not really a good choice for a game because of the limited inputs controllers have. But EA got the license on the cheap, so they've been shoveling this crap at us for years while we wait patiently for a fight night that will probably never happen until Mayweather is dead or runs out of money.

zeroskie47d ago

Same. I want another fight night so badly.

yeahokwhatever47d ago

my wishes:
fight night primarily focused on online, like gt sport.
ONLY stick controls. No button mashing. if you try to mash buttons, your characters head explodes and he's permanently deleted from the game.

nowitzki200447d ago

Same here, I love boxing more than MMA but I also want a good MMA game as well.

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shaunh2047d ago

I agree with this review, I tried it only because it's free on EA Access and figured I'd hate it like I did the other games but lo and behold I loved it and plan to buy it now. The game is so much more fun now that they've made it so much less complicated and inaccessible to non-hardcore fighter fans.

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