ONM: Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party Review

ONM writes: "What has Ubisoft done to Rayman? In the space of three years he's gone from being a platform hero to a grumpy old man. Of course he has good reason to be annoyed. The fact that he's got no limbs and a rubbish haircut must be a constant niggle but it's the rise to fame of the Rabbids that must be a real kick in the teeth.

Honestly, they might as well drop Rayman from the title of the game for everyone now knows that the Rabbids are the stars of the show here.
They deserve to be stars, too. With their brilliant "Bwaaaah" catchphrase and amusing spoofs of film and TV shows, they are some of the funniest videogame characters around and are truly deserving of their own game. We'd much rather spend time with these little chaps than Rayman and his mates even if, essentially, it means playing a load of mini-games."

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