ONM: Prince Of Persia: The Fallen King DS Preview

ONM writes: "In recent years, the Prince Of Persia series has become the definition of addictive adventure gaming. It's partly due to the games' fantastic control system. There's nothing quite like helping the prince leap from platform to platform, run along vertical walls and engage in thrilling sword combat. What's more, their detailed and realistic environments give the games a look and feel that really immerses players in the Persian setting.

Simply put, the graphics and controls combine to make an awesome set of games. So when Ubisoft announced that it was bringing a new Prince Of Persia to the DS with cel-shaded graphics and stylus controls, we were dubious. It turns out we needn't have worried, because having played through the game's first three worlds we're happy to report that it looks as good and plays as well as we could have hoped."

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