Overwatch 2 silence only reaffirms Overwatch’s slow, sad decline

Overwatch 2 has had somewhat of a rocky history since its first unveiling at Blizzcon 2019 almost a year ago. Gameplay trailers and previews painted a heightened focus on PvE alongside the game’s traditional PvP offerings, but everything about what was on offer screamed “expansion” more than “sequel”.

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lio_convoy35d ago

When the game first came out it was amazing. But then the so called "pro's" cried on the internet and Blizzard listened to them and not the masses who bought the game. They ruined it slowly with each update and drove all of the players away. As it stands now it's not fun to play. When it first came out, it was fun. So from a true gamers perspective, not a sell out "pro", why would I want to play a sequel to a game that slowly but surely got ruined by updates? The answer is I don't and won't. I got burned once, not gonna happen twice. Of course I still care about it, I had a great time with the game in the first 6 months of its life. But after that, it became a different story. So yeah, I'll pass on this title.

blackblades35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Still is fun but still also frustrating just dont play it all the time. Some changes were needed but some like with brigette getting another nerf now to lower hp is bull. Overall people still play it and still fun and like all PvP games they'll leave it eventually. I'll play overwatch 2 then cod.

Teflon0234d ago

I still enjoy it the most out of shooters for sure. But I think alot of changes were so dumb. Like how many cried about Mercy when that's the point of her. They still cry saying the want trez out the game when it's tbh not a big deal. Even at the beginning when a whole team was brought back. That's partially your fault. Control the field better and Mercy couldn't do that. If anything just make the rez longer and that's it. I do prefer mercy now since she has a bit more ability but it's annoying af when you play a character and ppl cry just because they're effective