Resident Evil and the camera revolution

We might take for granted the over-the-shoulder camera, but few remember its origins. Thanks to Resident Evil 4, its changed gaming forever.

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Immagaiden1409d ago

“Although Resident Evil 4 brought over-the-shoulder to the table, it wasn’t given its true place until 2006’s Gears of War.”

How is the over-the-shoulder camera any truer in GoW than it was in RE4?

cooperdnizzle1408d ago

Other games did over the shoulder well before. And how the heck did it not get it’s true place until gears??


Resident Evil 4 Remake Sales Now at Over 7M, SF6 at 3.3M, Dragon's Dogma 2 Climbs to 2.6M

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 4 remake sales are now at over 7 million units, Street Fighter 6 is at 3.3 million and more.


The 10 PSVR 2 Games You Should Own

If you're looking for 'must have' PSVR 2 games then look no further. These are the 10 titles every PSVR 2 owner should have in their library.

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kevco3397d ago

If you're wanting more PSVR 2 support, you should probably buy all of these games.

Speak with your wallet!

Profchaos97d ago

Bit rich to have to buy games you don't want because you want Sony to support the expensive headset they sold us which cost as much as the console it runs on beyond paying third partys to support it.
Seriously in terms of first party we have horizon on day 1 and a gt 7 vr mode.

They seemingly have made little effort to support it beyond paying Capcom to make re games in VR or a second party studio to make firewall which was mismanaged.

I'm a day 1 psvr2 user and the only thing I'm excited for right now is PC support.

I commented recently this bespoke VR game development model we have right now clearly doesn't work

crazyCoconuts97d ago

On the one hand I feel like there's been plenty of smaller non-AAA games to play and occupy me as a supplement to my flat screen gaming.
But I agree that Sony has done nothing to elevate this beyond the niche it's in and into the mainstream where it would be economical to create AAA games for it.

Babadook796d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Most of these games are worth owning for most people; I own all but 2 of them in fact. So I agree with kevco33. I think you're crazy if you downplay this list quite frankly. Sony can't keep funding software if people don't buy any of it, the ball is squarely in OUR court.

Sony has spent a lot on 3rd party stuff this gen like RE.

phoenixwing97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Saving up for the headset is my first hurdle. Let alone buying games I don't want lol

mudakoshaka96d ago

People downvoting you for not having enough finances...what a world we live in, haha

phoenixwing96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

They feel affronted at the very thought that I don't plunk down 500 immediately lol I have a little over 900 games in my backlog I've been buying games instead of hardware ever since I got my PC and ps5. I just don't know if vr is really for me honestly. Every time I have a couple hundred allocated to video games it makes more sense to buy a bunch of flat games instead of vr ones

mudakoshaka97d ago

I have 9 out of these 10 games. I try to buy all the VR games I like to support the advancement of VR!

TheEroica96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

I spoke with my wallet after watching the first headset get weak support. Easy pass until Sony earns my money. Feel bad for those who parted with 500 bucks, falling for the hype that Sony was actually gonna support this thing.

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Neonridr97d ago

I own 7 of these titles off the list, lol.

NotoriousWhiz97d ago

I'm trying to decide if it's worth holding onto my psvr 2. I enjoy what it has currently, but it seems unlikely to get anything else. Might be better off just waiting for something with more support if that ever comes.

Profchaos96d ago

As a fellow psvr2 owner the question seemingly comes down to do you own a PC.

I think I'm all in I have a habit to hold onto my systems anyhow I still have my psvr1 to hell I still have my NES.

But while it's still worth something yeah you could sell it and if Sony turns the ship around you should be able to buy another one for less than you soldmit for I feel like we won't see any fix for the headset for the next 2 years rumours show that Sony has no current first party VR games in active development after they closed London studios

The whole psvr2 situation has left me feeling a little burnt on PlayStation as a whole to be honest. The first psvr felt experimental but it was supported far more than this superior headset


GT7 surprised me, because I hate racing games, but i poured 100 hours into it way too quickly.

I’m looking forward to the Metro VR game this year, and I hope that WW2 dogfighter game releases eventually.

talocaca97d ago

I have most of them 😅

Waiting for a sale on Synapse and Arizona Sunshine 2.....also Metro coming this year looks great.