There's no good guy in the Epic Games vs. Apple lawsuit

Epic Games wants to portray itself as the victim in Fortnite's ban from the Apple App Store. However, it's obvious now this was planned and the company wanted to provoke Apple and weaponize the game's fanbase on social media.

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Tghood85102d ago

I mean no crap it was planned. They have complained for years and knew what would happen.

poleerollee102d ago

evil its good and good is dumb

Duke19102d ago

I mean, the good guy is the consumer. Regardless of who wins between Apple vs. Epic, the consumer will lose

Petebloodyonion102d ago

It's an interesting battle because for a long time Apple's philosophy on pricing was: " the perfect price is when they complain but still stay.
Now Epic is one of the major key players in the gaming industry and they already made Sony flinch regarding crossplay so will they be able to make Apple bend the knee. It's gonna be interesting.

morganfell102d ago

Bend the knee? I would rather see Epic stabbed on the steps in front of the Iron Throne

Petebloodyonion101d ago

And why?
Not that I really care about the struggle since in the end it's a money issue and you and I won't receive an extra dime in the end but just curious why the hate towards Epic here?

morganfell101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

I particularly like neither Google nor Apple though my disdain for Google is off the scale because they are an insidious corporation bent on influencing politics and the social structure by more than just making a campaign donation. They are attempting to control that with which people have to make a decision and in effect influence thought. Laughable but George Carlin was correct. Regardless of that, they built their own companies and here we have a third party coming in and telling them that the control of their own company should not be their own buy rather a vehicle for said third party to make money and this is a third party that in many ways is a competitor.

People are blind. They do not see the danger that Tencent represents. They are attempting to swallow whole the entire game industry. We have already witnessed the damage they have wreaked on games in China. Every dollar that Epic makes sends some of those pennies to the Tencent coffers and thus the piggy bank of the People's Republic (oh the irony) of China. As I quoted here from a Youtube post it was the height of gall for Epic to troll Apple with a 1984 commercial when the Chinese government is precisely the sort of totalitarian regime about which Orwell commented. This will be easy for Tencent as people are like rats in that they see some cheese (free games) from Epic and they run for the trap and their doom. Idiots.

Oh, and Fortnite is cancer.

Petebloodyonion101d ago

Interesting read,
can't say that I agree completely with you since Sweeney is still the majority shareholder but your argument is sound and valid.
As for the control thing well that's the nature of business and it's one of the management spheres that you learn in management course (I don't really know the term in English) but it's called external pressure influence.
For example in distribution Best buy bought their game at a cheaper price directly from Sony compared to your local game store who had to procure them from a middle man at a more expensive price.

Epic is just using the same strategy here to put pressure.
But I will agree with you that using players to put pressure on Apple for something that won't really benefit them in the end is not cool.