Epic Games Trolls Apple Over Fortnite iOS Pulling With 1984 Commercial

Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, is now suing Apple over the recent removal of Fortnite iOS version from the App Store.

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Jin_Sakai36d ago

This is nothing more than two greedy companies going after each other.

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CoffeeBlack91035d ago

At the end of the day, that's how I feel. I'm just gonna sit back, get the popcorn ready, and watch these two go after each other. Eat the rich, right?

Vits35d ago

Pretty much.
Though the ramifications can be really interesting. Especially for consoles as they operate very similar to Apple iOS.

rainslacker35d ago

Console compliance can be pulled at any time. It's more strict than mobile stores. For a game like fortnite, all the console makers would have to do is refuse the acceptance of the update that enables what epic is doing here, and epic would be stuck because the rules are already there.

This is exactly what happened with the minecraft update where MS didnt put the big one with new content on ps4. Sony requires all content be approved and distributed through its store. MS and nintendo have this exact same policy. Ms wanted to distribute content outside the store to update minecraft, and that's just not allowed. Similar policies exist for selling content through third party.

The official reasons for this are that the platform holders want to be able to control the content and dont want to be responsible for what 3rd party may a chargeback being taken out on the console makers. The side effect of this is that the console makers also make money on the sale and compliance licensing of this content...which is obviously something they want.

Vits35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


You do realise that it's the same for iOS and Android, right? What Epic did was to intentionally break the rules of both platforms and break the TOS. To incite a response from Google and Apple in order to push their public campaign against them. If they pushed something similar on consoles and the manufactures block the update because of that. That would have the exactly same effect as having the game pulled from the Play Store and iOS.

That didn't happen because either Epic had already made a deal with them. Or because they are trying to create a precedent with Apple and Google that are more easy targets given the antitrust investigations that are currently going on.

And if they win that would open the door to same argument being leverage against console manufacturers. As every single game, application or payment method have to be approved by them in other to be allowed on those systems. Making them the exactly same as iOS.

rainslacker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Compliance mandates are much less stringent on the mobile platforms. However, Apple, and eventually Google, actively pulled the existing product, instead of just refusing the update. Apple and Google's approach removed it from the store, while on the consoles, it would leave the existing on on the store, but not allow for updates.

Ultimately, it would likely lead to the same outcome if Epic really wanted to push for this, but it would likely mean that Epic would pull the game. I brought up Minecraft because it is an instance which is very similar to this, albeit somewhat different, but it did exemplify what I was talking about.

It's a gray area where I feel both companies are both right and wrong. But, when it comes to the platforms themselves, you have to play by their rules. It's OK to try and change the rules, hopefully in the best interest of the overall industry as well as the consumer, but I feel the way Epic is doing it is not right.

Other anti-trust investigations against these companies would be irrelevant to this case because this isn't an anti-trust issue. There is absolutely nothing that states that these companies have to allow other companies to do whatever they want on their platform, or make their own rules where they see fit. Apple and Google are free to charge whatever they want for what they offer, and other companies can either accept it or go another route....something Epic already tried with Google.

Anti-trust would be if Apple and Google had competiting products, and they actively tried to diminish competition against specific products that directly competed with those things, while not holding the same standard to everything else on the platform. There are other ways for things like this to be anti-trust, but that'd take a lot of getting into to discuss, and it's mostly irrelevant to this case.

I have yet to see anyone claiming anti-trust be able to explain why Apple or Google are doing this with Epic, or their policies that dictate what is allowed on their store, or what they charge or assess their own fees. I also haven't seen Epic do so either, nor does this commercial really state how what Apple is doing is in any way like 1984.

If Apple broke some contract they had with Epic, then that's another matter, but it would appear this case is based more on Apple's, and probably soon to be google's, standard policies for publishing on their store fronts.

I said elsewhere that Epic is playing a dangerous game. If this is purely about trying to litigate more favorable terms for the publishers, then they risk setting into precendent just how much control that these platform holders have over their own systems. The courts aren't going to make a judgement that whatever is being charged is too much. That is against the free market system, and the courts only concern themselves with price-gouging, which isn't relevant to non-essentials. But, the courts are also not likely to pass judgement against the platform holders to try and dictate what it is they are allowed and not allowed to do when it comes to the curation of content on their platforms.

Vits35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


You should read both lawsuits. The pulling of Fortnite from the stores is not Epic complain. It was only used to make the public perception be positive on them.

They are going after Apple, because they don't allow other stores and payment methods on the iOS. While they are going after Google because they are stopping deals between Epic and manufacturer to have Fortnite or/and the Epic Launcher pre-installed on phones. Their argument is that both issues are fall under antitrust laws and are backed in monopolistic practices.

If they win against Apple. The precedent might as well as be applied to consoles, because they operate under the same logic.

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Baza35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I would say Epic is being even more greedy in this situation! You distribute your product on the App Store you play by Apples rules. Fortnite also got axed from Google Play so it’s not just an Apple issue. Apparently Epic too good to play ball like everyone else.

spicelicka35d ago

Regardless it's entertaining to see them going after each other instead of after the consumers.

Mr_cheese35d ago

This is a huge and clever risk from epic. If we stand back and look at them all without any filters, you cna see that each conpany does in some way monopolise or control the arena they are in, and for years this has sufficated the comp.

Either way, all we can hope for is thst the consumer comes out on top and unfortunately, that wont happen.

neutralgamer199235d ago

Apple could buy epic couldn't they? Apple is worth trillion plus and epic at around 18 billion

Ryzza533d ago

It takes a big company with deep pockets (Epic) to sue another big company (Apple), to the benefit of all the smaller companies that you might sympathize with.

As for XCloud - where Apple's argument falls apart for me is the fact that these games are already rated by ESRB and the like - so Apple shouldn't have to review anything - it's very clearly the 30% greed game.

As for single console storefronts being the next target - this is (at least for now) not an issue as long as game discs can be purchased at varying prices from a wide variety of online and physical stores including eBay & Amazon sellers. If the masses don't buy discless versions of consoles then things should stay that way until Cloud streaming takes over (hopefully it doesn't - the latency sucks for racing games).

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Father__Merrin35d ago

Brilliant advert I hope Fortnite is back on appstore

Nitrowolf235d ago

I'm surprised how quick they had this up. I'm sure they knew this would happen and came prepared

BillyG0AT35d ago

It seems this was their plan all along.

KwietStorm35d ago

Of course they knew. They're not some small amateur startup who made a mistake. They're challenging the provisions.

Duke1935d ago

Lol - clever ad and well done.

TheRealTedCruz35d ago

"Greedy douche company trolls other greedy douche company for being a greedy douche company"

BlackTar18735d ago

Apple is a horrible company. Epic isn't a saint but epic is ultron and apple is thanos.

Bathyj35d ago

I love Ultron. Such banter

Silly gameAr35d ago

Multi-billion dollar companies are beefing because they ALL want more money? Ohh, the humanity.

yomfweeee35d ago

Epic is actually trying to lower prices for consumers.

Silly gameAr35d ago

I thought Epic just didn't want to give Apple a 30% cut of the profits, and that's why they came up with a way to pay directly inside of the Fortnite app to get around paying Google and Apple, and that's why they were kicked off the stores. It seems like its all about the money from all sides. But, they're businesses, so there's really no surprise there.

yomfweeee35d ago

20% permanent discount. Before it was removed by Apple and Google... if you used their in-app method you would get the 20% discount. If you purchased via the old method, you didn't get the discount (because they had to give the 30% to them).


Silly gameAr35d ago

Ahh, ok. I didn't know about the discount. But, at the end of the day, it's still about money. Though, if I had to give away a good portion of my profit just to be on an app store, I would be pretty bitter too.

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