Xbox needs ‘Halo Infinite.’ It doesn’t mean it needs a killer launch lineup.

Consoles have sold just fine without a headliner-caliber game, but Xbox needs one of its flagship franchises to flourish.

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Jin_Sakai39d ago

Halo doesn’t have the pulling power it once had. What Microsoft needed was new IP for launch.

chrisx39d ago

Right. Halo infinite is even looking to be another crackdown 3 situation allover. We've been here before. If ms can't even get Halo right, what more about a new IP. It's getting really funny in a sad way now.

GamerRN38d ago

The biggest mistake was letting Bungie leave... Should buy them back again since Activision's deal didn't work out

Jin_Sakai38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

“The biggest mistake was letting Bungie leave... Should buy them back again since Activision's deal didn't work out“

Bungie wanted freedom to try something new is why they left Microsoft. I doubt they’d want to be a Halo factory again.

_SilverHawk_38d ago

Xbox series x is rubbish and a waste of time. Ps5 will outsell the Xbox series x by more than 8:1 this coming generation. Halo infinite is Xbox series x most valuable ip and it looks like rubbish and is delayed to next year. I think by the time halo is released ps5 would have sold more than 10million consoles over the series x or more. Time after time Microsoft proves that Xbox is just not even close to the quality of Playstation.

darthv7238d ago

@jin... and that something new was still a halo-esq type of game. Funny how that worked out.

Also, Infinite was always an XBO game. One that happened to be enhanced for the SX but still at its core is an XBO game. So it being delayed is painful, but knowing it wasnt really an SX 'launch' game is palatable. It's understood that MS was aligning the releases of both to coincide but now it could be April before the game comes out. In the meantime, I will still get the SX and play through whatever is a launch game as well as many of my existing games.

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sprinterboy38d ago

Agree, gamers today have no interest like they used to for gears and halo, that's the most confusing thing MS are doing imo.

RgR38d ago

That is not true. Gamers still have an interest in uncharted and God of war for instance.

The issue with halo and gears is that they haven't changed or evolved the formula in any meaningful way.

When I saw gears 4 trailer I was pumped because I thought they would go more towards survival horror with the look and feel. This was not the case.just another gears. With halo 5 I thiught they would excel with the story since I loved the story for halo 4. But they screwed that up adding some random new characters without proper introduction...something akin to the arbiter.

Halo and gears still holds interest in gamers...but we are still waiting for that epic cross over to current gen let alone next gen.

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yomfweeee38d ago

It is still their top selling exclusive.

NeoGamer23237d ago

I think both consoles lack anything really new at launch. I expected a lot more this generation. MS and Sony had years to get this launch right. I was expecting both to come with a new innovative IP.

Instead you look at the showcases and almost all first party games were sequels or IP spin-offs. We are looking right now at a console launch that is highlighted with sequels, spin-offs, and lower budget new IPs by independent studios. Nobody can say any of the companies are being innovative and taking bold risks.

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Knightofelemia39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I lost interest in Halo once Bungie left I tried Halo 5 I thought it was friggin boring I'd rather see a new franchises being released.

Destiny108039d ago

phil said it was an old build

we didn't expect it to be 20 years old

Bathyj38d ago

You're cold blooded man

Chevalier38d ago

Cold blooded, but, the statement just burns. Some ice in his veins with this fire statement. Its all about balance. Got the cold and hot together.

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ApocalypseShadow39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Damage control. I stopped reading mid way when the nonsense started to increase. Especially when the article writer said the first PlayStations didn't launch with anything substantial. Just ignores the significance of games like Ridge Racer and Tekken looking like their arcade counterparts but having more story depth at home. I didn't need to go to the arcade to play them. Wipeout, Battle Arena Toshinden adding to the fight genre. Air combat starting off the Ace Combat series. Same with PS2 with Tekken Tag, DOA, Ridge Racer again, Midnight Club, Unreal Tournament,etc.

When you have to downplay to cover up Microsoft's failure to produce, that's shilling. Dreamcast launched with great titles. N64, SNES, NES, Genesis, etc. Even Saturn launched with Virtua Fighter. Excluding Sega management, that was a significant launch title among a sea of launch titles for each system.

When a TRILLION dollar company spends 500 million and fails to produce, you call them out on it. Especially when they have a history of under delivering. Not sweep it under the rug and downplay. When that money could have gone to ***5 to 10 Microsoft NEW IPS.*** It's not that gamers want to. But when it keeps happening, or their focus is elsewhere pushing services, why support them when they can't even support themselves?

In order to have great services, you make great content. And they're not delivering. Just paying out more millions like with Capcom and DMC5 when that could have been another new IP game. Or, financed a new game studio. Comes down to bad management. Simple as.

Petebloodyonion38d ago

" Even Saturn launched with Virtua Fighter."
Yep, and it's also one of the reasons Saturn failed in the USA by releasing a terrible port that wasn't ready.

Minute Man 72138d ago

That surprise launch didn't help either

ApocalypseShadow38d ago

Even when it wasn't perfect, Virtua Fighter was the top 3D fighting game at the time. As I said, excluding Sega's management, the Saturn still sold even early. Doesn't matter about the pissing off of third parties. I had friends in the military that would sneak playing my Sega Saturn by telling my gullible barracks roommate that it was okay for them to play. Had to stop that quick. But used to take it to the rec room on the weekends. VF still helped sell the Saturn. Then they corrected it by creating Remix.

Trillion dollar company. 500 million. What do you think Sega could have done with that money? Microsoft sure doesn't know what to do with it.

Petebloodyonion37d ago

@ Apocalypse Shadow
" Virtua Fighter was the top 3D fighting game at the time"
Yep until Sony launched with Psx a perfect port of Tekken a game that was less popular in the arcade to Virtua fighters
Heck by many retrofan, the best port of Virtuafighter is the 32X version (it was developed by Am2).
And trust me I remember how I felt when I bought my saturn day 1 at 800$ Cnd (I still have it and look at my profile banner to see my favorite game on the system)
(and if you want to go check my price charting profile for my Saturn collection)

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