With No First Party Launches, Is There A Good Reason To Buy An Xbox Series X?

The delay of Halo Infinite means that there are no first-party titles launching with the Xbox Series X, so is it worth getting?

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RamRod88104d ago

First of all, the idea of delaying the console is such a bad idea, and something that should never be considered unless something is wrong with the actual console. 1 single game, no matter how important, is never a good reason to delay a console. There is a set amount of games to release at launch along with games planned to release after launch. This would only cause more harm if they delayed the console.
There will be like what, 50 new games launching with the console, and over 40 optimized games? Most adapters of a console at launch, do it because they want the newest shiniest hardware. The Series X will sell out this holiday season, especially with how consoles have been hard to find this year, no doubt the series X will sell millions this holiday season. Most people on here.
Go ahead and tell me I'm dumb and dislike for predicting the Series X, with over 50 new games launching, a great service with gamepass, the most powerful hardware, and likely the same price as the ps5, won't sell out.

littletad104d ago

You sound just a bit too fanboyish. There are a few exclusives launching alongside it, but nothing compared to the juggernaut Halo. Delaying it was the best call though. Playstation fans seem to forget that the ps4 launched with Knack. People bought the ps4 upfront because of the potential down the line. Right now, they both have some great developers prepping things, but even as an Xbox fan I have to admit that MS has been seriously lacking transparency. They advertise their controllers better than showing what Microsoft studios are cooking. They deserve that criticism and only have a few chances left to correct it before it's a redo of PlayStation dominance all over again.

RamRod88104d ago

Criticism is warranted for certain topics, but you can't tell me people aren't blowing this "xbox is doomed at launch" narrative out of proportion. This is not even close to being as bad as the Xbox one debacle.

littletad104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

N4G is a haven for ps fans, so yeah they blow it out of proportion. They nearly want Xbox to fail but succeed just enough to push Sony. But from an Xbox fan viewpoint, I'm frustrated at their marketing and transparency. They stated their last showcase was going to be an hour-long trailer of new games but still spent 15 minutes having their developers TALK. They're in a better position than the last generation I agree, but we're only months away from launch and we only saw what 8 of their 16 studios were doing. The point of launching a new console is to show your cards and show us why we should want to purchase that said console.

TheExecutioner104d ago

You sound just a bit too fanboyish too

RauLeCreuset104d ago

"Playstation fans seem to forget that the ps4 launched with Knack."

You seem to forget that it launched with Knack AND Killzone after TLOU was released that year as a PS3 title and despite the delay of Driveclub, which was also supposed to be a launch title. You are correct that PS could muscle through a launch on reputation alone. They've earned that trust just as Xbox has earned skepticism.

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ThinkThink103d ago

For me, yes. I'm getting a series x to go with our new 4k TV and a Lockhart for the bedroom. Haven't been into halo since the second one. The games im looking forward to playing on series x are Second extinction, exomecha, the medium, scorn and ori 120 fps.

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StormSnooper102d ago

I think halo isn’t even as big a deal as it once was.

DJStotty101d ago

For a Halo fan, it is still as big a deal as it ever was.

For non-halo fans, not so much.

UnHoly_One102d ago

Everyone is different and maybe I'm just weird but it's crazy of me to think that people are going to either buy or not buy a console on launch day because of one or two games that are or aren't available on that particular day.

I bought a PS4 on launch day and there wasn't a single game for it at launch that I really cared about.

I'm buying a Series X at launch because it's going to be better than my One X is now. I play games on my One X every single day, and this is going to improve that. Of course I'm buying it. And when new games that I want come out that I wouldn't have been able to play on my One X, it won't matter because I'll be ready.

If there was no backwards compatibility then I would understand this a little more, but given that it will play everything my console does now, AND improve it, then why do I need a new exclusive game in order to want to get one?

DJStotty101d ago

I agree, i am getting the series X on launch day, regardless of whether Halo is delayed or not.

I will then buy Halo when it launches.

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TheColbertinator103d ago

I came up with a great list of upcoming Xbox Series X exclusives for launch right here starting with

Knightofelemia103d ago

I'll grab one just not on day one

NeoGamer232101d ago

The funny thing is we don't even know for certain the entire launch lineups of both XSX and PS5 yet. Obviously not much to talk about otherwise the hype machines in marketing would've been making a huge deal out of it.

I will wait until the catalogue justifies the price of both new consoles.

DJStotty101d ago

Exactly Neo, that is why articles like this are pure fanboy diarrhea.

The article writer can not claim there is no 1st party launch titles for the series X, when no one at all knows the launch titles for series X.

EmperorDalek103d ago

It's not really a day one buy anymore... I'd rather wait for the inevitable Halo Infinite themed Series X console. I'll probably get a PS5 over Xbox because Bugsnax is a timed exclusive, not even kidding.

StormSnooper102d ago

Hahaha you must be an interesting fella

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