Epic Is Suing Apple Over App Store ‘Fortnite’ Removal, States Case In Filing And In Game

Epic's war on Apple has turned legal after Fortnite was removed from the iOS app store this afternoon. The trap has been sprung, But will it work?

Jin_Sakai1146d ago

They’ll be suing Google too as they just removed Fortnite from the Google Play store.

Eonjay1146d ago

But what about Sony and Microsoft? I was under the impression that they also had the same 30% platform fee.

Asuka1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )


The app store and play store probably bring in more money than psn and xbl... I'm assuming. There are vastly more users with phones than home consoles with vastly larger library of not only games, but apps for every service you can imagine... most of which are either paid to access, lock premium features behind paywalls, or include some form of mtx. Again I'm assuming here, but the potential revenue involved here probably dwarfs anything psn/xbl make. Which is why I'm guessing Epic is targeting the app store/ Google play store as those are the largest markets. If they can reach some sorta settlement there, then Sony/Ms will follow.

... But yeah I wouldn't believe too much of what I just said as I'm literally talking outta my ass here because I'm just generally curious myself. Why Apple and Google, and why now?

gamer78041146d ago

good for them, apple and android have monopolies on the smartphone market and its hurting competition.

derek1146d ago

Oh please, it ain't no monopoly.

arkard1146d ago

Users don't have any interest in a 3rd option. Microsoft entered and failed. Very few people would be willing to switch to a different ecosystem at this point in time. Some of us have years and years of purchases and wouldn't even begin to think of switching.

Forbidden_Darkness1146d ago

EXACTLY! Imagine if there was only two grocery stores in all of the USA and that's really the only two places you could get your groceries. No matter where you lived you'd have to go through them to buy food. That kind of market control would bad for everyone. It not only hurts the customers, but the suppliers as well.

voxx1871146d ago

Do me a favor and look up the meaning of MONOpoly

1146d ago
Teflon021146d ago

Epic is the one doing dirt and trying to cut the OS holders out. They shouldn't have the game on the store if they can't follow the rules. They're going to lose

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rainslacker1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Don't think they have much of a case. Apple and Google can allow or not allow whatever they want on their stores, and that is what Epic agreed to when they put their game up on the store. They also actively circumvented a policy, and they did so knowingly.

Apple, and soon to be google, actually have more power behind them than Epic does, because both Apple and Google can block Unreal by simply doing an update that Epic can't circumvent. Apple and Google may face anti-trust investigations in such a case, but it takes years for things like that to get through the court system, and that's a lot of money Epic loses in the mean time. 3rd party loses out, but they are more likely to be angry at Epic than the store fronts, because Epic decided to fire the first shot.

Epic is trying to change the way things are done. In some ways, I agree with what their goals are, but I'm not that keen on the ways they're trying to do it. EGS they did what they had to go to get a sizable market share rather quickly, and while it wasn't ideal, it made more sense from a business perspective than what they're doing now, which seems more like trying to leverage a rather marginal influence on the mobile market to make sweeping changes that would be more beneficial for the software makers and publishers than the store fronts who are taking more than many feel they should be for their services.

derek1146d ago

Epic will lose this one hard. If you don't like their policies create your own platform but you know you can't.

ravinash1145d ago

I find it absolutely funny that Epic is trying to present itself as the victim or the underdog in this situation when I think about how they tried to stiff so many other companies and partners in the past.

JEECE1146d ago

The idea that either Apple or Epic has to lose really makes me happy.

Melankolis1146d ago

That makes it you'll be sad if either Apple or Epic wins.

JEECE1146d ago

I'm already sad that both exist.

Teflon021146d ago

I'd rather epic lose and they will lol

Angelin1145d ago

How is their existence affecting you?

JEECE1145d ago

Short version, Epic, while a positive force at certain times, is doing several things that hurt games and take them in a negative direction or have the potential to do so (Fortnite model, Chinese investment, Epic Game Store nonsense). Apple ruins basically everything they touch, most notably portable music players. I'm afraid they'll ruin VR as well if they get involved there (as rumors have suggested), because they'll put out a mediocre product with great marketing, it will be successful, then everyone will buy into a revisionist history that they created VR, just like everything else they get credit for creating.

Obviously this won't impact any of that in any real way, but it's just nice to think one of these companies won't get away will all of their nonsense.

MadLad1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Poor EPIC :'(
Thoughts and prayers.

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