KOTOR 3: Why It Should Happen Now

KOTOR fans are used to heartbreak... but they're still here. Now's the time for Knights of the Old Republic 3.

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aquamala48d ago

the Jedi Knight class story in Star Wars the Old Republic is basically that

RavenWolfx48d ago

There are several good stories in the Old Republic, they could have just released several single player games and it would have been great. I loved the Sith Sorcerer story line.

TheColbertinator48d ago

Sith Sorcerer was very fun. The stories it had could easily translate to two or three games

Bismarn48d ago

No, it should have happened 9 years ago, instead we got The Old Republic.

BlackIceJoe48d ago

I'd like it to happen as much as the next person, but Bioware of today is NOT the same company as it was in the past.

So unless KOTOR III is made by a different company like Larian Studios I don't want KOTOR III.

RavenWolfx47d ago

Maybe give it to Obsidian again, like KoTOR II. Just give them the time to complete it.

BlackIceJoe46d ago

I personally would have said Obsidian, but seeing as they are now bought by Microsoft, I said Larian instead.