The Walking Dead Onslaught launches on PS VR September 29

New trailer and gameplay details revealed for tie-in to the hit AMC series.

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ApocalypseShadow102d ago

PSVR just keeps rocking along with another big game from Survios. And then there's Vader Immortal, Squadrons, Hitman, etc.

I remember the days when naysayers said the headset had no games or only had tech demos. Just a gimmick.

Four years later, and just like all the other things this gen, Sony's clap back was games games games. Like over 500 games and experiences. For an add-on, that's console level of support.

Stuff like TWD is just the cherry on top.

LiViNgLeGaCY102d ago

Are these the same people who made S&S?

Marcello102d ago

No Skydance Interactive made S&S. This game is from Survios.

Noz102d ago

dead open inside sep 29

Abnor_Mal102d ago

Was not aware of this Walking Dead game, may have to add to the growing pile of vr games I own.

DaveZero102d ago

I do like the look of it, shame I dont have a playstation.

ApocalypseShadow102d ago

That can always be remedied. Lol. Even with PS5 as PSVR is compatible with the future system.

And with patches, current games can look much better on PS5 and push the the headset to its max resolution and frame rate that some current games can't. Not that graphics matter that much. But I'll take it if it's there.