Siliconera Review: Ghost of Tsushima Is Just Another Open World Experience

Ghost of Tsushima aims to set itself apart from other first party AAA open world titles, but does it stand out above the rest?

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Sonic-and-Crash48d ago

"Is Just Another Open World Experience" yes but it is one of the best made open world games... it sits easily around 8,5 - 9/10 ...and probably one of the best farewells to a generation of consoles ....left me more memories than 5-6 games together

47d ago
Samus70747d ago

Establishment journos trying so hard to tank this game so it doesn't do better than TLOU2... LOL

Tiqila47d ago

Man, you should take off your ideology shades sometime.

Samus70747d ago

If you're not already aware of the way corporate media is trying to shape your mind and society as a whole through content curation and gate keeping, I'm not going to be able to help you.

FlavorLav0147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Just got my platinum. Kept me roped in with those painting-esque graphics and fantastic combat mechanics til the very end. Most fun I’ve had since Bloodborne and God of War this generation!

NecrumOddBoy48d ago

Puts the Japanese American on the review to explain how this western studio is culturally appropriating. Gives it a 7... Another one of these reviews.

RpgSama48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

In the meantime actual Japanese reviewers in Japan are giving it perfect scores. Sounds about right from our SJW culture.

ZeroBlue247d ago

Cultural appropriation is such a bizarre idea, that it almost seems like parody. Or someone pretending to be "woke" to make the real woke people look bad.

morganfell47d ago


I know. Just like that it makes sense doesn’t it.

boing147d ago

lol, and this review is just another subjective opinion.

wwinterj47d ago

Isn't that what reviews are?

boing147d ago

Yes, but reviewers often think their reviews are objective.

phoenixwing47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

my example to counter this would be saying you have a pile of stones but one of them is polished and shiny, that's ghost of tsushima. while you may have other stones like it the other ones aren't as polished and as far as stones go it's what you'd want out of a stone.

at least that's my take on it.

edit: basically the game is good at what it does and you're underrating it just because. If you eat ice cream all day and say oh this is a slightly better flavor but i've been eating ice cream all day so this gets a 7 when it's obviously at least 9 out of 10 ice cream you're not being objective

Christopher47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

***Ghost of Tsushimafeels like a tech demo–a showcase of the PlayStation 4’s graphical capabilities, especially through its hefty photo mode and the sheer amount of things you can have on the screen at the same time. However, it lacks the mechanical refinement of most modern AAA titles***

Insanity. I highly question this reviewer's objectivity in this review. It's just laden with poisonous words for the gameplay and anything non-Japanese. I've played a ton of games like this, it's no more "by the numbers" as other games nor does it lack storytelling elements ,but the author infers that there is lacking of it because outside of the story you repetitively fight enemies... like every game of its type out there.

Edit: And to the author, the enemy types are dog, bear, boar, hawk, mongol swordsman, japanese swordsman (very different these two), spearman, shieldman, archer, bomber, brute, captain, bosses/dueling opponents. A bit more than you said in your review. This doesn't include that as you advance in the game the difficulty of these opponents grows with more combos and combat options available to them all.

Edit 2: I don't care about the author's score, it's his words that feel wrought with bitterness of some sort. Like he went in with the intent to impugn everything but the japanese voice acting and the graphics of the game. He represents his opinion lazily and incorrectly throughout.

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