Microsoft considered launching Halo Infinite in pieces to hit 2020 launch

Speaking on Garry Whitta's Animal Talking Twitch chat show, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that discussions took place between himself, Halo developer 343 Studios boss Bonnie Ross and Xbox Game Studios chief Matt Booty about potentially shipping the game in separate pieces.

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IRetrouk46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Its good that ms realised gamers were not going to put up with what they showed, but this statement rings false to me,

"Let's get out the news out there and deal with it, because people are making their own life decisions on consoles they're going to buy," Spencer said. "I guess somebody else might have waited but when we knew, [we] put the blog together and I said let's put it live."

You seen the same thing we all seen phill, you would have seen this footage way before we did, you said everything was going great, best halo ever, amazing visuals, built for series x first etc etc, then a week after the showing and gamers complaining you completely change what you are saying about the game?, just stop it already...

chrisx46d ago

MS has always been shady. If not for the global uproar they were surely ready to release halo infinite in that state. Reminds me of the "it's always online deal with it" and "we can't just flip a switch", then flips the switch fiasco. Something serious has to change over there.

IRetrouk46d ago

Yeah its turned into a theme at this point, change is needed.

morganfell46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

My predictions were in the board weeks ago that MS would launch a few story chapters and a partial multiplayer in order to make the launch.

People should now be aware of the current disasterous state of the game’s development.

IRetrouk46d ago

props Morgan, you called it man.

CorndogBurglar46d ago


Okay. So you predicted they would launch a few story missions and partial multiplayer to meet launch. But.......they aren't doing that. They delayed the game. So why are you excited about your wrong prediction? Lol

mandingo46d ago

Change is needed in these forums

CorndogBurglar46d ago


What did he call? Did he predict that MS wpuld sit down and discuss releasing Halo in pieces then decide against doing that? Because that would have been impressive. He didn't predict that though. His prediction was wrong.

IRetrouk46d ago

He guessed that that was a path they could go down, obviously they discussed it, so he called it right, I'm not sure where you are getting that he's excited, that never came across in his comment.

NeoGamer23246d ago

And the other companies are any better?

I see people putting trust in companies rather than people. Anything company X says is untrustworthy, but everything company Y says is completely and 100% accurate.

I see through both Sony and Microsoft. Neither company has an offering for this next gen console that is worth spending $500 up front for by the end of 2020. Spider-man will be a great game, but make no mistake; a sequel two years after the original 99% of the time does not yield a ton of innovation. Just a new story and better graphics. And Sony has yet to deep dive the gameplay in the new Spider-man. Why? Because it is the same. THAT IS NOT BAD... SPIDER-MAN WAS AWESOME! But, don't be dumb thinking they will deliver an innovative master piece justifying a $500 spend on a new console. And on the MS side, even with Halo I didn't see the innovation to make me rush my purchase. I think people should just let the fanboys go buy it this year, and then wait for the price to drop next year before buying.

bouzebbal46d ago

Well anyone normal can see that xbox is ran by morons..

SullysCigar46d ago

@NeoGamer, you really just need to relax man.

If companies try to screw the consumers - or even if they just make a mistake - the get called out and rightfully so.

Drop the victim mentality and demand better.

JBlaze22646d ago

Like Sony hasn't been shady

MightyHealthy46d ago

those examples you brought up were from the beginning of last gen, and they have adjusted quite drastically.
And they postponed the games release, so there's no issue

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-Foxtrot46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Don't forget this slice of gold by Phil

"Just being honest, I felt good after seeing their (PS5) show. I think the hardware advantages that we’ve built are gonna show up when we’re gonna talk more about our games and framerates and other things. I thought the games line-up we’re gonna have at launch I’ve felt really good about. And we got more clarity on what they’re doing, obviously at their show. Which has just helped us focus on showing what we have"

"But when I think about the position we’re in with the games we’re gonna show with the hardware advantage that we have I think we’re in a very good position. So, I feel good about July"

So he CLEARLY saw the shape Halo was in but now they are using the COVID excuse despite Halo being in development for like 5 years

BehindTheRows46d ago

Yeah, between that statement and the "mic drops" comment, they have no one but themselves to blame for the sort of backlash they saw. They need a complete change of message for the XSX or things, at least from a PR perspective, are going to continue to look grim.

Baza46d ago

This the kinda sh*t that really rubs me the wrong way.

crazyCoconuts46d ago

It's a damned if he knew and damned if he didn't situation for Spencer. For someone in his position to not know his biggest asset was in shambles is inexcusable. If he did know but still decided to shovel it with a grin and a t-shirt, maybe even worse I don't know. Either way, I can't imagine some heads not rolling after this monumental f up

morganfell46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I think Phil should get a raise and people should ignore all of these blatant mismanagement steps, gaffes, cash bonfires, and outright lies from Spencer. I hope Nadella tells him, keep doing what you are doing...just do it more. This will insure that Microsoft's gaming plans continue to auger into the ground at high velocity. If Xbox supporters will not look at reality then I say you deserve Phil. In fact they should clone him so there is twice the Phil.

Elda46d ago

A big doubt it was in development for 5 years.

ZwVw46d ago

How this weasel hasn't gotten his walking papers yet remains a mystery. Him (Spencer) and Satya Nadella must be childhood buddies or something.

DigitalHope46d ago

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it many times, the biggest problem with XBox as a brand is Phil and company talk too damn much. They literally talk themselves into a corner and out their backs against a wall and it’s all their own doing.

And I hate to bring Sony into this but just look at the stark contrast between the two. It wasn’t all that long ago people were all over Sony for being quiet and not saying a lot, but it actually worked out so well because they didn’t set an expectations and let the games talk for them.

The Xbox games are fine, the consoles are fine. Even in a vacuum that July conference was fine. But iPhil and company talk and boast and set a level of hype they just never seem to be able to live up too.

46d ago
The Wood46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


Sony are just more savvy in the console business. MS people run their mouths way too much and like most times it comes and bites them in their asses. Their fans are in slit wrist mode right now trying their best to muster up some courage to spin swerve and deflect. Its tiring for many of them who have kept suspiciously quiet but there are still some 'fighting the fight' and defending the ill management of the xbox brand. I wish I had Spencers Gaara of the deserts level of defence, dudes untouchable to the xbox fanbase. Nothing is his fault.

DigitalHope46d ago

The Wood

That wasn’t always the case. Just look back to the PS3 launch. The difference is Playstation learned from their mistakes where XBox continues to trip over the same song and dance time and time again.

They would honestly be in a better position if they’d just shut up.

I’m definitely a Playstation guy first but if I’m being honest the most fun I had all gen was with Sea of Thieves playing with friends. There are a lot of XBox games that are so good and so much fun but they need to let these games breath without hyping them beyond what they are.

morganfell46d ago

"How this weasel hasn't gotten his walking papers yet remains a mystery. Him (Spencer) and Satya Nadella must be childhood buddies or something."


sprinterboy46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I know right, at least Don mattrick put everything out there in the wild, Phil on the other hand is just full of shit.
Don had ryse, quantum break and the cartoony game for launch what the fuck does this idiot have bearing in mind they've had nothing for 7 years?
I'd be calling this idiot into the office if I got results like this.

PurpHerbison45d ago

If 120FPS is some sort of standard then that will be massive for the competitive console crowd, which only grows each generation.

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mandingo46d ago

What do you want him to say? Halo looks terrible. Take a look.

46d ago
rpvenom46d ago

Honestly at this point.. I think Microsoft knows that they're clearly losing and unable to produce in the games side of the business.. so all they have to ride on is marketing tactics and xbox fan loyalty.. so thats why they continue to do this and xbox fans eat it up. This is their goal really at this point.. they know they cannot beat sony's lineup of games so they have no choice but to depend on this strategy.. even if smarter gamers know better.. they're targeting less aware and casual gamers who dont know better.

mandingo46d ago

Yea ok. The launch of our new console is here but let’s continue to say nothing about our flagship title. It would have been worse had they showed nothing at all.

mandingo46d ago

Speak for yourself my guy. Halo gears hellblade project Mara fable avowed outer worlds 2 forza Everwild state of decay. Not competing tho I guess

QSPR46d ago

The salt is strong with this one

mandingo46d ago

They have no games. I list 10. I get 9 dislikes. What can you say on this site? Oh I know. Ps5 is so great it’s the best better than everything. If you don’t like PlayStation you suck. Am I right?

SullysCigar46d ago

Wow mandingo, poor you. I'm welling up. I hope things get better for you buddy. Stay strong.

WillyC00946d ago


You’re crying about not getting your likes for your comment? Dude, those games are mostly lame as hell. The only thing that remotely interested me was Fable. Xbox is a mess

mandingo46d ago

I don’t want likes but the dislikes for no reason are ridiculous. You’re a liar to say none of those games interest you. Ur a trolll

GreenDragonCVR46d ago

Well we just took a big steaming pile of halo take a look!

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darthv7246d ago

I, for one, am glad they reconsidered.

neomahi46d ago

That's the problem, Microsoft are demonstrating they have no clue what they're doing. They're the most trial and error business in the world, I swear. That's not how you do business. Strangely enough so many gamers look at Microsoft, still, with so much respect but are ignorant, I guess. It's like cheering for the kid with autism trying out for the cheer team simply because they're making the effort with a disability. (Which is cool in real life) but Microsoft, argh, people are so blind and ignorant it's sad. You've got Sony and Nintendo busting their butts to give you a quality experience and sometimes you get bad games, so they fix it on the next iteration, they learn, but Microsoft consistently does this and people brush it off. Our standards and expectations, then, have fallen horribly and we as consumers are letting this happen, under Don Mattrick consumers said absolutely not! Stood their ground and voted with their wallet, but with Phil Spencer everyone sees him as the great turn around savior, but nothing's changed other than he's a "nicer guy", but this is billion dollar company Microsoft, not little mom and pops store, they know better and consistently demonstrate their innept ability to get the job on their fourth console generation, how much longer are we going to allow this? If we allow Microsoft to do this, then Sony and Nintendo will eventually think they can do it too, no way, unacceptable.

1Victor46d ago

@Iretrouk or bare with me for a moment he didn’t see it he is just a mouth piece that repeat everything corporate tells him to say.
Ether way it’s a shame to all Xbox gamers and a disservice to keep doing what they( Microsoft) are doing

RauLeCreuset46d ago

"Ether way it’s a shame to all Xbox gamers and a disservice to keep doing what they( Microsoft) are doing."

(Looks around.)

Maybe not "all" Xbox gamers.

rainslacker46d ago

Should have just said the game was too big, split it into two parts, gotten something good to show, then called it a day.

Probably would have gotten people more excited that they were going to get such a big game.

olafu46d ago

No parts, isn’t it bad enough they want to milk it for ten years?

WelkinCole46d ago

The more they talk the more they dig their hole deeper. Thing is any gamer with any analytical mind can read between the lines.

It is obvious to anyone what MS have tried and are still trying to do. The truth is their plans/strategy at the start of this gen at its core still intact. Its just the messaging after and the PR that really changed. I can and I am sure many could easily see through Phil.

GaaS and multiplayer always online with nickel and dime services pieces of games.

This is why they have failed so much this gen with games and now with Halo. I can bet you with scalebound they tried to push in services for that game. Sea of Thieves? Crackdown?. This is why Sony have left them in the dust at least on the games front.

Sony had a clear vision. SP focused AAA games that is worth more than their 60 admission price. You buy once and get the full game and own. Basically the same strategy since the PS1 that has worked for them well

MS strategy is a mess of trying to build an ecosystem and layers of paywalls and now pieces of games to get the most out of gamers with little effort. GaaS is prime for episodic games. Its clear to anyone that the Halo infinite with multiple islands and areas is ripe of this. Pay season pass to unlock areas. Shit its in the name infinite lol!

So now I am not surprised to hear about issues behind the scenes for Halo dev. I am not surprise with how much MS studios have struggled this gen apart from Turn 10. However if you think about Turn 10. They produce basically the same game every year or two. Minimal effort with more return so I am sure MS have left them alone.

Yet gamers are still blinded by Phil and co.

olafu46d ago

An accurate assessment.

46d ago
sprinterboy46d ago

Phil is just full of shit, Don was good but made a bad dicision on xbox one but at least he knew the games

45d ago
Christopher45d ago

I think we need to stop blaming someone at a company for "lying" when that's their job. No one at Sony is going to suddenly pop up and say "Our game looks like shit, but here it is anyway. Might delay, we'll see." Phil is marketing his games and his company. That's his job. Tellling people his game looks bad isn't on the lineup for him if he wants to keep his job let alone do a good job of it.

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potatoseal46d ago

You can't trust PHil Spencer or Arron Greenburg. It's as simple as that.

Silly Mammo46d ago

Phil is the king of over-promising and under-delivering.

badz14946d ago


olafu46d ago

Peter Molyneux had vision but Microsoft never gave him time or funding to finish his projects.

Back then just like now same problem rushing out unfinished games.

Sayai jin46d ago

I don't trust any company. They are all there for one main reason. Agreed, they have once again led people astray.

Brimac1946d ago

Or Digital Foundry for trying to make excuses for this mess.

zsquaresoff46d ago

As long as Craig the brute was in it is all I care about.

filchron46d ago

Oh I feel you'll see him a LOT in the campaign. And with an even less enthused expression on his face.

FlavorLav0146d ago

I imagine a lot of games from MS going forward we’re going to take this route. Launch unfinished games like Sea of Thieves, then patch and patch until it’s playable/enjoyable. That is the definition of GAAS to me. Outlook based on these types doesn’t look great IMO

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Brimac1946d ago

Agreed-This is the future of Game Pass.