Intel's discrete Xe GPU for gamers is coming in 2021

Intel's Xe GPU for gamers will arrive in 2021. It'll build on all of Intel's graphics experience this year.

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RaidenBlack49d ago

Big takeway for PC gamers: 1 Tile of Xe HPG with hardware ray tracing support and GDDR6 memory.
And built on external foundry process (likely TSMC) which would mean that it will not be tied down by any foundry delays that Intel may face.

49d ago
Vits49d ago

Well, the more competition the better. And Intel did improved their onboard graphics a lot in last couple of year. So maybe we can expect something good. Though it's unlikely that it will be going against the top cards from Nvidia and AMD.

Shaggy230449d ago

Ye I really can't see Intel's line of GPUs being any match with AMD or Nvidia, possibly in the low end market, but that's it.

49d ago
Shaggy230448d ago


You could be right about them being awesome, but I've heard intel boast about their integrated GPUs for many years, and everytime they turn out to be a bit crap.

I hope it dies turn out to be a competitor to Nvidia and AMD, the more graphics card option we have the better as it may lower prices.

DonDon300049d ago (Edited 49d ago )

With as greedy as Nvidia has been in the last few years with gpu pricing (2080ti costs $1200+), I welcome the competition.

KwietStorm49d ago

Literally half the reason I'm getting a Big Navi card.