Keeping It Physical In A Digital Age

Publishers explain why physical games matter more than ever.

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Retroman48d ago

Physical copies will always matters.
They have good price value as it ages.

ravinash48d ago

The main problem for NEW Physical games these days, is usually there is a big update to install as soon as you insert the disk.
Games companies seem to be in the mind set of we can ship it today and fix the bugs on the first day the people get it.
That might be find when the games comes out, but what happens in 20 years when someone wants to play the game again and those updates are not available?

dumahim47d ago

At least you'll still be able to play the game with the physical version. Once the service goes down, you might not even be able to play your digital version. If you don't have it installed already, you won't be able to even download the game again. I'll take playing the unpatched game over not being able to.

rainslacker47d ago

Most games have updates, but most dont actually need updates to be playable. It's usually the high profile games from specific publishers that are the worst offender.

Kornholic47d ago

What happens? You install the game and play it without updates.

Edgelordsupreme47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

This is really unlikely to happen, server infrastructure just isn't set up like that anymore. Unless Microsoft or Sony totally implode and just cease to exist, theres no reason for either of them to not have those updates available. I mean you guys don't think there's a possibility an engineer at Sony or MS looked at this problem?

If Valve can keep updates available for my copy of Half life 2 16 years later, than I think I'm willing to give Sony and MS the benefit of the doubt that they have a plan long term.

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stefd7547d ago

I dont know if it just me but it does seem people under 30ish who are more into digital games then some of us older gamers. I will always buy physical unless something is in a sale cheaper then i can buy the disc for.... I know digital only will happen, it did with the new Mobile Suit Gundan Vs game but I will not pay a price Sony make us pay when i can buy a disc version for about £20 cheaper..but in Gundam's case i paid £20 more to get it imported from Japan

EazyC47d ago

Generational thing, but I imagine games will have little resistance compared to music and movies when it comes to going all-digital because games aren't ACTUALLY on the disc, the disc is effectively a key to open what is a digital copy.

For the record, I still buy physical as I like to have physical things, resale value etc...but I can see the change happening.

Christopher47d ago

While games aren't on the disc, ownership is tied to them and can actually be traded or sold. So, you know, not quite like a digital copy.

In europe, if things move all digital, they will eventually have to open themselves up to being able to sell those digital items. It's also a change that will happen, and I don't think console manufacturers want to deal with that and will keep things on disc.

Kornholic47d ago

Wrong, most of the times the game is actually on the disc. You can install them and play them unpatched if you have the disc.

Mr Marvel47d ago

I often won’t buy a game if I can’t get a physical copy.

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The story is too old to be commented.