Control Next-Gen Upgrade Paywall Is Just Wrong and Tarnishes the Franchise

The Control next-gen upgrade being stuck behind a paywall is such a bad move and could potentially destroy the franchise before it takes off.

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mrsolidsteel2038d ago

You would expect EA to do this, but not Remedy.

They deserve every single negative backlash (except death threats) that is about to come their way.

Nitrowolf237d ago

I feel this is 505 doing this as publishers tbh, but you know the studio shares the blame regardless.

Just a clear money grab and a slap to the people who supported the game this far

porkChop37d ago

I'd put the blame on 505 Games. Their the publisher and they're the one's who make these types of decisions.

CrimsonWing6937d ago

This is definitely a publisher move.

RememberThe35737d ago

Sure is sounds like a publisher move but we don't know what kind of agreement 505 has with Remedy. I'm not going to be too quick to excuse them from this. Studio leadership can be just as cut throat as publishers, if not even more so.

Petebloodyonion37d ago

Then if the case Remedy should say it.
Would I still be pissed but I would understand.

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DarkZane37d ago

The only reason I even got this game is because it was free with the RTX 2070 Super I got last year. I would definitely never have bought this if I hadn't gotten it for free. It's not worth it at full price, even with all DLCs.

The game isn't very good either.

Elda37d ago

I agree. The game imo was just ok. The game had some issues..things it could have done better,for starters the map was useless.

Tacoboto37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

If you or anyone with a 2070 Super has a 4K monitor - does this game suddenly stop loading high-res textures after a few minutes, and will only load them when going in-and-out of settings?

It really isn't a pretty looker without RTX and this issue happens only with DX12 mode, DLSS on and everything.

1nsomniac37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I have a 2070 super but my monitor is 1440p @144hz. Don’t suffer from your problem. Maybe ram issue?

Tacoboto36d ago

16GB @ 3200. It's only a problem at 4K resolution and DX12 mode. DX11 doesn't have the issue

moomoo31937d ago

I expect this to be corrected honestly. It is so nonsensical, i cant imagine them keeping the next gen patch behind a $130 paywall for their day one customers. Especially after the backlash.

JEECE37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Moving forward, I think we should start referring a dev botching a next-gen upgrade as "Remedying."

Elda37d ago

I know a lot of folks praise Control but my experience playing the game was just ok,I had some gripes with the game. Folks that have a problem with what 505/Remedy are doing far as next gen should just stick with playing the game on current-gen & PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.