Capcom hasn't decided on next-generation pricing for Xbox Series X and PS5 games yet

One of the big questions moving into the next generation of gaming has to do with the prices of new Xbox Series X and PS5 games. According to a recent investor Q&A, Capcom remains undecided.

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ApocalypseShadow48d ago

Doesn't matter. I've already decided on what I'm willing to spend.

bouzebbal48d ago

Just for info, MSRP this gen is 10dollars less than last gen.
On ps3 3rd pay games costed 70bucks. 1St party games 60,at least in the beginning of the gen.
I don't think software price has anything to do with the gen and dev costs, it's just about greed.. Just see Nintendo

ApocalypseShadow48d ago

No matter what price any of these companies come up with, doesn't mean I have to buy it at that price. $70-$80-$90? Doesn't matter. My wallet won't open until it reaches **MY** price.

I'm not waiting on them. They'll be waiting on me. And when gamers don't buy, they'll have to drop the price anyway.

bouzebbal48d ago

I never said that to justify the price.. 70 bucks is overpriced,especially if the game ends up being a disappointment.. I never buy my games full price,whereI live there is always offer the first week games come out

1nsomniac48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I will never pay more than £50 for a game. Never will. Doesn’t matter how much hype there is I’ll wait for it to drop.

I’ve been doing it since they tried hiking prices halfway through this generation. If they go up higher I’ll just pirate. If they’re going to try and screw me, I’ll screw them.

ApocalypseShadow48d ago

I know bal. I'm just letting those that disagreed with my first comment know that these companies don't dictate when and if I'll buy a game.

They are perfectly within their right to price these games in a free market however they like. But I'm within my right as a consumer to look at their prices and say, "Nope."

This gen, I've only bought 4 games at $60. No Man's Sky that sat on my hard drive for years after that fiasco. I barely if ever play it after the updates. In VR it's a blurry mess. Spider-Man on its own. And a deal of buy 2, get one free at Target. Horizon: ZD and Ghost Recon that my cousin wanted to play with me in. The other free was a second copy of Ghost Recon I gave away so that my girlfriend's son and I and my cousin and his son could play together. But I eventually got bored with Ghost and traded It in towards Sairento PSVR. Excellent decision there. And Sairento was $15. Only paid the tax difference. Also gave up paying for online since Ghost was the only game I played online.

But most of the time, I'll only pay what I think a game is worth to me. And after NMS, Sean Murray and his team will never get any more money from me. Unless heavily discounted and a complete game. Like Joe Danger was.

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JackBNimble48d ago

Gaming is the only industry on the planet that inflation has had any effect in the market for 2 decades. This is exactly why MT'S are such a big problem today .

Agent7548d ago

Pre orders in the UK are starting at £59.99, usually £49.99 for PS4 and XB1 games, so it’s already started. This has been the case for months, although games already released have gone up in price. Ringfit on the Switch is now £80. Retailers are pushing their luck. Consoles from years ago had games priced at £60+, namely Nintendo 64. Games £50+ have been out there for years, even dating back to the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo days.

Fishy Fingers48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Ringfit (£70) does come with the ring and an arm/leg strap which in turn brings extra manufacturing, extra packaging, extra transport costs etc so you're obsorbing that.

Not defending it but it's expected.

KyRo48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

PS3 and 360 days, gamea were £40 with sports games usually being exceptions. This generationit's now £50-£60.

I will never pay £60 for a game and to think they are willing to make people in the UK pay £70 for a game next generation is madness. This is the reason I will happily pay more for the disk version of the PS5 and have a choice in pricing from physical media than feel ripped off by the PSN prices which are always more expensive without fail.

sprinterboy48d ago

Tbh they said this gen the prices went up yet I'm still paying anywhere from £42/£50 for a game same as ps3 prices so no doubt sales will be competitive between retail, online stores and online websites?

anast48d ago

Imagine paying 70 + for a game like RE3.

sprinterboy48d ago

Doesn't sound great when you put it like that.

Tacoboto48d ago

Imagine buying *any* third-party multiplatform game the day it comes out. Do any stay at MSRP after even just two weeks out, aside from RDR2 and COD?

48d ago
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