Paper Mario Proves That Video Game Franchises Must Evolve or Die

Rigid formulas are the death of innovation in a medium as creative and inventive as video games. When old favorites want to try new things, don’t be mad, be happy.

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-Foxtrot38d ago

"When old favorites want to try new things, don’t be mad, be happy"

Why? Ever since we saw plenty on Sticker Star we've said the same thing over and over

"Make it an RPG like it's supposed to be or model it off 1000 Year Door"

3 times now they've tried to change things up and they've never managed to hit the mark.

wraith999936d ago

1000 year door was one of the greatest games of all time, JUST MAKE A SEQUEL IN THE SAME STYLE PLS

Feriku38d ago

Evolve or die? What proof do you have that Paper Mario would have died if it hadn't changed so dramatically (especially in light of the success of Bug Fables)?

38d ago
phoenixwing37d ago

i disagree to an extent. old gameplay mechanics can stick around if they're good mechanics and have a fresh coat of paint. Take the legend of heroes series or dragon quest series. they're beloved for their old-school jrpg'ness. I and many others did not buy the origami king because it didn't have standard levels you would find in a rpg and made battling have no progression making the whole thing a waste.

Also as foxtrot said above if they modeled it after the thousand year door it would find success making this whole article junk. Everyone wants the thousand year door gameplay with a new story.

Inverno37d ago

I dont get mad, I just dont buy into a series anymore. I like when devs change things up, take a look at GOW. But when you change it to something that doesn't work, either go back to what did work or stop further butchering the game with every release

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