New Battletoads Video Goes Behind the Scenes on Brawling Gameplay

A new Battletoads video released by Rare earlier today goes into some behind the scenes details on the gameplay for the upcoming brawler.

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FlavorLav0146d ago

Not quite the re-imagining I was hoping for after seeing MS put Rash put into Killer Instinct.

TheRacingX46d ago

I agree, after seeing Battletoads in KI I was hoping for a CGI type re boot , but after watching the video, this may be a sleeper, if the combat mechanics are on point like the devs were claiming, this one could be ALOT of fun.

HyperMoused46d ago

I might have to get this for nostalgia alone, then again the original bike part dodging walls was an insane controller smashing, pants shiting horrible good time.