Hannah Telle: 'I Never Want Anyone Else To Play Max In Life Is Strange!' | Life After Strange Ep 1

Hannah Telle, who is the voice actor for Life Is Strange’s Max Caulfield and Courtney Wagner, appears on the first-ever episode of Life After Strange.

'Life After Strange' is a brand-new online series exclusive to Player 1 vs The World. Our series brings back members from the Life Is Strange franchise to share their experiences on the project and talk about what they’ve been doing post-LIS.

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JKSimmons433d ago

Woahhhh. That part where she starts crying really hit me hard. I really enjoying watching this interview, it was great!

joshmille99433d ago

Great interview. Hannah comes off really relatable and likeable.

curtain_swoosh432d ago

rightfully so, she did an amazing job with Max, and she seems to be such a nice person.