EA: We'll Be Top Third-Party For Wii and the DS

Talking in the conference call following the Electronic Arts financial results announced earlier today, company execs revealed EA's plans going forward, with Larry Probst, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer commenting, "Our priorities are clear regarding next-gen leadership, including the Nintendo platforms."

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PS360WII4913d ago

Ubisoft wants that title too. Kind of cool that 2 of the bigger 3rd parties out there want to be Nintendo's number 1 producers!

gogators4913d ago

Maybe they will be the leader in fee-based downloadable content on the Wii, too. That's what EA seems to be really good at these days.

FFVIIFan4912d ago

Now only if Nintendo could get this kind of support for the Wii.

quantae064910d ago

Yeah Ive heard the news and it's amazing. EA already have 15 games in development for the Wii!!