'Halo Infinite' delay: Craig the Brute gave PS5 a huge win over Series X

Once touted as the flagship launch title for Microsoft's next-gen console, the long-awaited 'Halo Infinite' has been pushed back into 2021. So what does Series X have left?

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LordoftheCritics47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I would advise MS to delay the launch of Series X. Come back next winter with even more powerful hardware and numerous first party games. Start the generation on your terms.

MS needs to pretend its an entirely new console and new brand and as if it has no user base and enter fresh next year and give us reasons to buy it.

Outside_ofthe_Box47d ago

They can't afford to give Sony a 1 year head start

47d ago

Actually they can considering that console sales aren't a priority for them. Game Pass is more important to them than the Series X at this point.

In their position I'd release the Series S this year and gain some sales from casuals by simply undercutting the PS5. Then release the Series X in Fall 2021 and launch it with multiple Series X exclusives.

Outside_ofthe_Box47d ago

"In their position I'd release the Series S this year and gain some sales from casuals by simply undercutting the PS5"

But then they'll lose the hardcore crowd to the competition and will have to deal with a year's worth of power comparisons from the media which is what they wanted to avoid coming in lol.

I don't see the point in delaying the SX unless they do what LordoftheCritics suggested, but then again you're giving Sony a full year to themselves which isn't ideal.

mandingo46d ago

Ah yes. The clearly better console was rushed. Why change a controller that’s already the best in the business. The ssd is great. As good as ps5 no but that’s the only lacking aspect. Same Dolby Atmos based? That’s cause it’s the best.

FlavorLav0146d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Nintendo has proven you can have a successful generation on your “own terms” if said company were to have a commitment to quality, brand identity, launch when ready, and have great content exclusive to the brand. If MS had commitment to their fans and launched everything when games and the system are at their highest quality point, they could still deliver on a great generation sales-wise. But that does’t really seem to be what they’re brewing these days over there at Xbox at the moment...

46d ago

But they are not competing with Sony. They are going in a different direction.

zeuanimals46d ago

I can't believe the XSX controller doesn't have any kind of gyro. The console is most known for shooters and its gonna be stuck with the inferior method of aiming compared to the other two consoles. That's another shame.

If gyro and flick stick get enough implementation on PS5, PS5 players could rival PC players using K&M making crossplay more evenly matched. Good luck to everyone sticking with sticks.

waverider46d ago

It wont matter if they launch this year in this state...

ssj2746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

They are already behind over a halo halo ain't even a next gen game hahaha and to make it worse it looks like a ps3 game .. i have actually seen better looking ps3 games. They should just quit and go multiplataform abd cut a deal with sony to allow gamepass on ps5 that's it.

They can always throw 1 billion to ciber punk and buy 1 year exclusivity with exclusive content that's the only thing saving them but they are not anti consumers lol. Abd civer punk ain't even a next gen game look and plays outdated but xbox fans seems to love that. But i wouldn't be surprised if it also get delayed one more time

Rhythmattic45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Let be be clear... I prefer Sonys Platform over MS's...

but one thing Ill always reply to , in any thread is blind ignorance....

"Ah yes. The clearly better console was rushed." That is assumption , shall we wait and see?
"Why change a controller that’s already the best in the business" Many also will disagree... Also Why not make the so called "best in the Business" even better?
"The ssd is great. As good as ps5 no but that’s the only lacking aspect." Is it? Not all system capabilities have been revealed...
"Same Dolby Atmos based? That’s cause it’s the best." yes , Dolby atmos is just another licensing compression codec...Spatial surround is nothing new... Roland and lake systems where doing Binaural decades ago.....
BUT... (and im an audio guy) Sure they both do DA..... But what Cerny explained re The Tempest engine is WAY beyond your understanding....
To put it in lames terms , Like Ray Tracing for Graphics, This is A few hundred objects , each not only in its 360 space, not just positional reverb, delays or filters, But each of those objects react individually to density, materials they hit... ect... REAL TIME.

If you where making a statement as opinion, ok... But to state what is not fact is , its seems, beyond your comprehension.

abstractel45d ago

Launching the XBXS a year later would have a negative impact on the PS5 as well because third party titles need both MS's market and PS's market. First party games wouldn't alone carry the PS5 for a year. The economics in video games are a massive thing developers need to wrestle with. That's why it's hard to launch hard evolution games rather than the soft evolution games we've seen.

Thankfully Sony knows the industry needs the hard evolution, so their games do push gaming a lot stronger. They've openly said many of their games don't make a profit, but the ones that do bring in a lot of money (though not GTA/RDR money, I don't know if any developer sells as well as they do so they can afford it). Witcher 3 sold extremely well, but I bet they're taking a financial risk with Cyberpunk 2077. Thankfully, it looks like it's really going to pay off. Not all publishers/developers are ready to take that risk (EA is not, Ubisoft is not). They could, but it would be a risk that seems like they're not ready to make. I could write a lot more about EA and Ubisoft but I doubt many would like to read all of that. I'll just say this, I think Watch Dogs will probably do well enough, but I think Valhalla will suffer from their soft evolution game design.

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RamRod8846d ago

Phil already stated, if Halo Inifinite gets delayed, we are not changing our plans for launch. There are other games launching on the Series X this year, and delaying the console would only cause more harm than good.

46d ago
NeoGamer23246d ago

So what do you tell any devts that were going to deliver exclusively on XSX the first year?

There is no way they can stop launch now.

SullysCigar46d ago

There are no planned XSX exclusive games in the first year though, as Phil himself confirmed.

NeoGamer23246d ago

If I remember right Phil was talking about their first party studios.

Scorn has no reference to XBO...

The Medium also has no reference to XBO:

SirBruce46d ago

Are there devs who will deliver exclusively on XSX the first year? Your sarcasm hurts.

SullysCigar45d ago

But all 3rd party games will also launch the same time on PC, so there's still no XSX exclusive games and it's still not an issue.

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rakentaja46d ago

Delaying the console can damage more than any game can do. As if we had little to play in November / this year, which has received many enhanched titles for the Series X. The PS5 doesn't have much more to offer - Spider Man, which will be ported to the PS5 with some extras and for which they will probably charge a full price (absurd). GT7 and Rachet and Clank are 2021 games, like many Series X games. Both systems are released without any new major first party games.

MoonConquistador45d ago

When the best hope you have for the series X launch is that Ratchet and Clank or Gran Turismo won't be a launch release on PS 5, you know you're f***** lol

zacfoldor46d ago

I wondered if they would do this briefly, but realized it would severely damage their third party relationships, along with disappointing their fanbase and conceding a full holiday season to Sony and Nintendo(yep, I bet Switch sales this Christmas if they are in stock are going to be through the roof too) hardware. I don't see any choice for MS but to launch on schedule.

Tedakin46d ago

Their hardware right now is more powerful than Sony's so no.

LM121346d ago

on paper yes. but we haven't seen anything really running on the system..there might be some trouble with and that's why nothing is shown on it. only on pc's that supposedly similarly spec'd. and for all that power they are boasting we haven't seen anything that looks like they as powerful as they state. power doesn't matter if you don't know how to utilize it.
ps4 is less powerful and it's beating xbox into oblivion, so no...power is not important. it's how you use the power you have. 12 tf and halo looked like that? cmon. also they don't care about hardware. they are moving towards subscription. not gonna lie. I see this as their last hardware year. bet you they won't be a next gen for xbox after this.

r2oB46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Such a powerful console and not a single one of their games have been shown running on one. They seem to be having trouble converting all that power into quality next gen games. But they got you covered if you want to play a thousand past gen games (even though their current gen console can play those same games, so I'm not sure how that's a selling point of a next gen console).

jznrpg46d ago

It doesn’t matter what MS does , their focus is on services and the mobile casual crowd not on the highest quality games they could possibly make . Sony wins because of quality of their games and the quantity of that quality . It’s only going to get better for Sony as they want to make more games , MS wants to sell more subs .

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crazyCoconuts46d ago

But I've been waiting here with my popcorn for the big game! I want to see a fight! :-)

crazyCoconuts46d ago

If price and performance are comparable I wouldn't be surprised if you were right. XSX feels like a PC upgrade vs. a new generation. Sony hasnt shown the UI, or what their Create button does yet, there's some innovation there for sure. I expect Xbox is going to look like a boring knock off in comparison.
Now if MS has a surprise like either wat better performance or way better price either due to their brilliance or Sony's negligence, then it would be better to go head to head now

willo11646d ago

I don’t think it would be that easy to delay the console by a year. They’re probably going to
production already, plus all the money spent on R&D and design, internal games and 3rd party developers working on Xbox Series enhanced games to be released within the first 6 months. It would take a huge effort and would probably not go fine with investors.

They can recover but will probably take them at least a year to do so, so I understand why you are suggesting that but still they can’t allow Sony a head start. They’ll probably have to be very aggressive with GamePass, have the best versions of 3rd party games, buy a couple more studios and come swinging with everything at next years E3 (if there is one). They’ve dug themselves in a hole but t’s not over yet. They still have a shot in my opinion.

xetiro46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

"...delay the launch of Series X. Come back next winter with even more powerful hardware and numerous first party games..."

You have no notion of how this industry works.

On Hardware, both PS5 and XSX hardware are the result of several years (and millions of $$) on R&D with partners like AMD. And let's not even talk about the investment that is needed to translate the final hardware into mass-producing the final console SKU. Both PS5 and XSX are already at mass production in factories.

On Games, triple AAA games are the result of multi-year development from teams on the order of hundreds of people. Ultimately, quality games comes from quality studios, which means studios with long-term talented people built from careers of accumulated knowledge (i.e. from developing other games) and disciplined management.

In other words, your "advise" is completely non-sense and you're being completely delusional if at this point in time of XSX cycle you think in 12 months MS would come up with "even more powerful hardware and numerous first party games".

Also, to be honest, MS problem was never the hardware, they usually create good machines (except with the defected X360 boards). But good machines are different from good consoles. A good console is not defined by its raw hardware, but by the quality and diversity of the ecosystem of games and experiences it creates trough a cycle of several years called "generation". That's where MS systematically fails in comparison with PlayStation and Nintendo. And that's why XSX has not much credit compared with PS5 as a starting point. And unfortunately examples like HALO Infinite don't help to improve their situation on that regard.

Kavorklestein46d ago

You wish in your wildest dreams.

Michiel198945d ago

they cant change the hardware anymore at this point, deals have been made, production pipelines set up, consoles allready produced maybe at this point.

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waverider47d ago

The delay had to happend. The big question isnt that. Is how was that game being made in the last 5 years and every aspect was worse then Kilzone Shadow Fall and still running on a PC. There is zero organization on Microsoft studios... Phil is bad or worse then Mattrick , Nothing he say is true. That simple.

Parasyte46d ago

Because they switched engines and lost their creative director halfway through the game’s development. That’s how.

StoneyYoshi46d ago

If they were being properly managed, there should be someone who can take that position over right away with minimal issues.

Parasyte46d ago


Absolutely! 343 made almost all of the same mistakes with Infinite that Bungie made with Destiny.

kepsehespo45d ago

I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,


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OB1Biker46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Another question is what happened in a few weeks time that made them go from damage control, putting that post from the devs saying they heard the concerns and working hard , it's an old build, saying they love Craig.. etc to....only a few weeks later do a 180, ok, ok, we can't do it?
Why didnt they realise it was in trouble BEFORE showing that thing?

Parasyte45d ago

They probably weren’t expecting that level of backlash.

ApocalypseShadow47d ago

Can't blame this on Mattrick. Exactly when will it be nice guy Phil's fault for signing off on things like this, Crackdown, State of Decay, Sea of Thieves, etc?

mandingo46d ago

What’s wrong with state of decay and sea of thieves?

StoneyYoshi46d ago

State of Decay 2 was pretty buggy at launch and Sea of Thieves was very lacking in content but it was still fun for what it launched with IMO.

crazyCoconuts46d ago

What's state of Decay? Haven't heard of it

Phoenix7646d ago

@mandingo I think you forgot the '/s'

OtterX46d ago

@crazycoconuts - A state of decay is what Xbox is finding themselves in these days.

BlaqMagiq145d ago

Imagine thinking there was nothing wrong with those games lmfao

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moriarty188946d ago

I said it many times Mattrick was way better than Phil. Phil cancelled games and closed studios. All he cares about is subs for gamepass. Mattrick pushed hardware and delivered games and third party content.

medman46d ago

As long as dandy don mattrick is breathing, he shall be blamed.

Never forget.

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crazyCoconuts46d ago

At that level, guy at the top takes the blame, period. If this launch doesn't go well he'll be moving on to Plan B as a motivational speaker

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moriarty188946d ago

Craig is the gift that keeps on giving.

medman46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I nominated Craig for the presidential ballot. He's got my vote.

moriarty188946d ago

I second that nomination.....Craig will lead us all to the promised land.

LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago

Voters who stand behind Craig would prefer to mail in their ballots so unfortunately, Craig doesn't stand a chance. He desperately wants to keep voters safe from the Flood .... and has just announced that he is sadly withdrawing from this presidential election. "Master Chief is the most dangerous threat that this ring has ever faced!"

If only the UNSC weren't working to crush democracy.


DarkZane46d ago

Pretty sure the delay won't make Halo Infinite look better. It will look exactly the same graphicwise as we saw in the recent demo (unless they put it at the end of 2021, but that won't happen).

Even if there is a huge delay, it won't matter. All those delays didn't help Crackdown 3, so it won't help here either.

spicelicka46d ago

Crackdown 3 has absolutely nothing to do with Halo infinite. Do you think MS makes these games themselves instead of actual devs? Why was Gears 5 not delayed and why did it come out looking like one of the most graphically impressive games of this gen?

RememberThe35746d ago

Well in that same vein, 343 isn't Coalition. Gear 5 turned out great because Coalition is a great dev. 343 has yet to live up to their pedigree.

I think the criticism is that MS doesn't really have a standard, how did they not know Crackdown 3 was as bland and regressive as it is? How did they think the Halo presentation was impressive? They just seem out of touch when it comes to actual games. I still have a hard time with how MS put that entire presentation together like it was some corporate backslapping conference.

Hopefully the heads of some of these studios they've acquired will make their way into upper management, because I have zero faith in the current group right now.

crazyCoconuts46d ago

@remember, exactly. Maybe Sony execs spend more time visiting their studios instead of daily interviews. Just a guess

Minute Man 72146d ago

@ DarkZane

If they can create better looking assets for the game it will look better

RememberThe35746d ago

Isn't that the most time consuming part of making a game? Games been in development for years and this was the best they could do.

ssj2746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

They can lunch it as its on the xbone and delay it and remake it with next gen assets for next gen with exclusive dlc if possible only possible on next gen that's wht i would have done . The game could still be played on next gen cnsoles they would have a excuse on why it looks so bad outdated and no rt and have a real way to use a more powerful hardware to native add 4k assets or why not 8k and rt an other next gen features ..

mandingo45d ago

The thing is halo 5 looked great. I believe it’s more to do with the new engine

BlackTar18745d ago


If they just create better gfx the games will look better. If they just create better games the games would be better.

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medman46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

You are correct. It will look marginally better, but delays don't help studios who have no clue what they're doing. I'm still fully expecting a hot mess.