Cyberpunk 2077 Is a Much Deeper Roleplaying Experience Than The Witcher 3, Says Dev

Alessio Palumbo of wccftech writes, "A new video interview with CD Projekt RED's Senior Level Designer Miles Tost appeared on fansite NetRunner 2077. Tost described Cyberpunk 2077 as a 'much deeper' roleplaying experience compared to the studio's acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt."

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NeoGamer23246d ago

Of all the games for this Holiday season this is the one that I am most interested in.

ssj2746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I don't understand every game get nitpick. This game hs vry borng gameplay literally people excuse it with stupid reasons. Idk about most but Gameplay is most important with obviously other things. This game has no memorable character all generic to the point thy are letting you create one. Gameplay look so outdated i mean also to the point that it reminded me to a dream user generated Gameplay game. This game has over 500 employees hge budget and over 6 years of development. How hard is to get Gameplay right? There is no excuse .

Stop excusing games look at rockstar they have had improved but Gameplay wise controls on gta or rdr are so outdated the feeling is so off boring uninspiring. This big open world teams need to level up their game. Sure they are ok good enough.. and do other things right and quantity of content is unmatched but the quality of gameplay mechanics are so bad and outdated they fans shouldn't be ok with just been ok. They devs should try to better and make gameplay more fun.

Now look how stupid fanboys hate on someone asking developers to make a game better.

What the point on having lot of content if gameplay is a huge turn off and uninspiring for most. Sure most are ok with just ok but I am not

MajorLazer46d ago

You seem a little... slow.

Kados46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

More than a little. I'm just wondering if someone dropped him on his head as a child, or was he somehow actually born like that? My dog is more functional.

TheOptimist46d ago

Idk what you are looking at tbh.

Games1st46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Rockstar games play it safe with sequels building off the original and online crap.

Seems like you are missing the point of this game. It's a RPG living in Cyberpunk 2077 via first person and customising your own body with many parts. The decisions you make change the world, and they aren't afraid to censor things like Rockstar.

This is new ip and a completely different game to Witcher 3.

franwex46d ago

Maybe we can judge the game on gameplay once it is out and we play it?

Plus the game is an RPG, not an FPS. If you don’t enjoy RPGs-it’s okay to skip this one.

ssj2746d ago

Lol attack of the needs i don't need to play the game to judge the gameplay when is obviously looking very uninspiring dated bad from first time they showed then i saw th hands on preview and everyone who played said the same. Is a fps rpg is not a rpg. Gameplay is bad stop defending it for f sake... this game could be better if nerds stop defending the undeniable. Is like xbots defending halo infinity lol is stupid. Glad Microsoft had the balls to try to make it better. Event though it will still be bad but at least better

Junkstein46d ago

its scary how much stupid you're

pietro121246d ago

That's a whole lot to say about a game you haven't played and clearly know nothing about it

ssj2746d ago

If actually not alot you don't need o play a game to see if has good or bad control gameplay mechanics. It's as clearly as it gets by seeing it gameplay videos and those who got esrly access that did play the gane confirm wht even a blind can seethe gameplay mechanics are bad. I mean look at the fighting scene chesse oudaed acting and poor animations ridick a original xbox game a gane release 4 gen back has better fp view fighting animation and controls there is no excuse. And shooting mechanics are so bad i hve seen better on dream made by on user in probably few weeks

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Phils_Libra46d ago

Honestly, after reading the headline, I had hoped it meant a deeper story and deeper characters. Still going to get the game on release, but I’m having doubts this will be anywhere as good as The Witcher 3 with regards to story and character depth.

Nacho_Z46d ago

It's the same people working on this who made TW3 as far as I know so it'd be odd if they forgot how to write good characters and stories. Superficially it looks a lot flashier but I'm sure the clever writing and humour will be there.

WelkinCole46d ago

I have faith in Red. I am sure it will be stellar but yeah Witcher 3 is a extremely hard act to follow.

RPGer46d ago

I am gonna buy this game, but the overall atmosphere of this game is indicating this won't be better or tie with TW3 (I hope I am wrong). Shooter, First Person, no flying as the rest of the world is doing around you, you can't even see your customized character. Also, they are using famous actor, which according to the history most games with famous actors end up as a bad or a meh like Quantum Break, Fast Furious, Iron Man and Crackdown 3 etc.

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