PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller New Pictures Shared Online; Battery Capacity and More Revealed

Francesco De Meo of wccftech writes, "New pictures and details emerged online today for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, thanks to a Twitter user who works for a company that designs accessories for console manufacturers."

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SegaGamer36d ago

"They noted that it averaged around 3 to 4 hours more than the dualshock 4"

So anything between 10-12 hours then if you are lucky. Is it really asking much for Sony to release their controller with a longer running battery? People will say "just plug it in if the battery is running low" but that defeats the whole purpose of having a wireless controller. I also wouldn't want to be charging the thing every day or every other day, it's annoying. My controllers for pc last MUCH longer than this, and they aren't made by multi billion dollar companies.

Anything under 30 hours isn't good enough, they could easily achieve it, they are just being cheap.

sprinterboy36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Yep I get about 6 or 7 out of the dualshock so I'd say about 10/12 sounds about right which is a welcome improvement for sure. No complaints here.
Not sure why you want a controller to last 30hrs, most people goto bed and leave the controller on charge.
You some sort of 30hr game fest fanatic?

SegaGamer36d ago

That is s***, sorry, but it is. Why are Playstation fans on here happy with a mediocre battery life? Switch, Xbox, even cheap ass 3rd party controllers offer better battery life than this. This is why I would never even consider using a Playstation controller on pc. Why bother when I can get a controller for half the price with a battery that lasts 3 times as long?

Drew34536d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Um...your PC controller only has rumble in it. I'd like to see your PC controller last 30 hrs with all the features the DualSense has in it, which is a whoppin' EIGHT, and you still claim the same performance in its battery life.

caddytrek36d ago

Are you using a launch controller? I have the Dark Blue (CUH-ZCT2U) one that was maybe the second or third revision and it easily lasts 8-10 hours.

Axel-Foley36d ago

Having a short battery life means more charging. More charging means the overall life of the battery won't be good. Which in turn means you will have to buy another controller sooner, rather than later.

They have more than enough room to add a bigger battery. If cost is the the issue, they should just sell different controllers, one with a large battery and one with this small battery.

SullysCigar36d ago

^ yeah alright Axel, tell that to the launch PS4 controller I still game on almost every night, chucking it on the charger as I walk away and only unplugging as I sit back down to play the next night! 👍

crazyCoconuts36d ago

My DS4 that doubles up as a VR controller tracked by the light and using motion controls, has a trackpad that can also be used as multiple buttons, has a speaker for extra immersion (my BB sounds adorable coming through my controller - Xboxers won't get that reference), i never have to fumble with my batteries and never had a controller go out or drift. So we're complaining about having to put our controllers on a charger after we're done playing? This is silly. The DS4 is already marvelous and high quality. The next version is adding EVEN MORE goodies to this feature packed product. I'm looking forward to it

FinalFantasyFanatic36d ago

I agree, don't get why so many complain about battery life, one fully charged controller easily lasts me an entire gaming session on the weekend (and that can last 5 or more hours for me). Very rarely has the battery died before I finished a session (and that's more because I forgot to put it on charge). It's more of an issue if you want to keep 3 or more controllers fully charged for couch multiplayer.

UnholyLight36d ago


That is literally a non issue. One of the DS4's I have is from like 6 months post PS4 launch and holds a charge just fine.

MaximusTKG36d ago

Soooo... I want to know what DualShock you are using, and just what you are doing with it. I’ve gone through more than 20 DS4’s (well, me plus two kids and I can’t stand the feel of squishy joysticks) and I consistently get 20+ hours between charges. Are you charging them with a potato?

Teflon0236d ago


I use a DS4 through bluetooth on pc. Since on PC the lightbar has no purpose I completely turn it off through steam. Guess what. I can waste days away playing without charging. I'd actually say if you're talking PC. You definitely have no argument because I can tell you I 100% the FT game in 61 hours and recharged the controller once in that time, but to be fair the charge was while playing and after 2 hours I plugged it out.

Get a dock and you never have to worry since it's where the control goes after use.

Also I get 10 hours or so on PS4 with the DS4 maybe more as it can last a whole day without dying on me. But that's on dim though.
So I expect 12-14 maybe more in my case. If you're playing that many hours, you probably should take a break and let it charge anyways

lalalala36d ago

Anyone who is playing for 30 hours straight needs to get a life. 10-12 hours is more than enough, even 6-8 hours is enough. You shouldn't be playing marathon sessions for that long anyway, it's not good for you

fr0sty36d ago

Your PC controller doesn't have haptic feedback, and likely lacks a speaker, touchpad, mic/headphone jack as well as a light bar for VR tracking. There's a lot going on in PlayStation's controllers, especially DS5, so I'm actually quite impressed to see that despite putting more features into it, they actually got more battery life out of it.

jznrpg36d ago

@BevertHillsCop aka Axel-Foley , I still have my launch controller and it works great so what you said sounds good in theory but in practice it’s not an issue . These will have longer lasting batteries so yeah , they will last longer than PS4s .

36d ago
rainslacker36d ago

"Why are Playstation fans on here happy with a mediocre battery life"

Can't speak for everyone, but the battery life has rarely ever made my game time inconvienant. At most, I just plug it in to a charging cable I keep on my end table, and in about 30 minutes, its fully charged again. That's during long gaming sessions I get from time to time. I just plug it in when I'm done playing and it sits next to my chair ready to use again. Then of course I have another two controllers on my charging cradle under the TV, which I rarely have to ever get up and use, but there if need be.

So, to answer the question, because it's not an issue for me.

More time is better, but it's certainly not necessary.

badz14936d ago


why buy a new controller when you can just buy the battery for it for a fraction of the price online?? why do people act as if replacing the battery in the DS4 is like rocket science??

Unspoken36d ago

Dualshock controllers have the worst battery life, cut off mid game without warning, and you can't even replace the battery. Fail design.

bouzebbal36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

How can you claim such thing?? You don't know how much the new rumble system requires.. For info DS3 was only 570mA and lasted forever

Rhythmattic35d ago


You have got to be trolling............ Surley......
Haven't looked up your history.... This will be fun before I do.

*Dualshock controllers have the worst battery life, cut off mid game without warning
You do get a warning... The4 light bar will start flashing... Oh.. theres also a little pop up to remind you...

* you can't even replace the battery. Fail design.
lololollololool... BUT YOU CAN

I award you no points.

(Now off to see if you missed the /s)

Rhythmattic35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Update........ History Check.
I award you no points.
(Though recognition for the FUD.)

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yomfweeee36d ago

So they increased the battery life by say 50+ percent.... sounds like they did release a controller with longer running battery life.

I have a charging dock. I play my games, when I'm done... I put the controller on the dock. It isn't the end of the world.

sprinterboy36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Plus it only takes 1hr to fully charge the controller, if its the wkd I recharge at lunch time while having something to eat and it's ready to go until I either put a film on or goto bed.
I've never understood the battery life argument, as long as I can get a decent 6 hours or so in then I'm happy while I do a few chores around the house while waiting for the charge.
Doesn't the duelsense also have USB C so its only gonna be about 30mins for a full charge anyhow?

FinalFantasyFanatic36d ago

I got the energizer dock with attachable external battery packs, it's been pretty great and I can just drop the controller onto the dock when I finish playing, next time I pick it up, it's fully charged.

Hamzilla7736d ago

Exactly the same here! Cheers to you!

UltraNova36d ago

Yeah, not gonna lie... if this is true and the Dualsense has less than 20hrs battery life I'll be disappointed. That said I'd gladly take any improvement over the Dualshock 4 all day long.

FunAndGun36d ago

Serious question, why is a 20 hour battery life needed? Are you regularly playing games for over 15 hours daily? I really don't get it. Charge it when done playing, it's ready for your next session.

UltraNova36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Because after years of constant use the battery degrades. I have two dualshock controllers and none of them last more than 4-6 hours of play these days. If dualsense has 15-20 when it's fresh it will last a lot longer after years of use. It's that simple. And like I said, I don't mind any improvement in that respect, I just wish it could be more than 10-12 hrs.

TheEnigma31336d ago

Batteries can be changed out in less than 15 minutes. And are pretty cheap

RazzerRedux36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It needs to be improved, but I see no reason why 30 would be the minimum.

neutralgamer199236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Anything over 10+ hours is good

thesoftware73036d ago

Yes! Like my Switch Pro controller, that thing holds a charge forever.

SegaGamer36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Only on N4G would people disagree with wanting longer battery life. You literally can't criticise anything to do with Sony on here without receiving mass downvotes.

FunAndGun36d ago

I didn't disagree with you suggesting a longer battery life. I disagreed because of your overreaction to having a 10-12 hour battery life.

leoms36d ago

Yet you still come on N4G to criticise Sony lmfao.

boing136d ago

They are downvoting your unrealistic expectations. Have you seen how much new tech is in DS?

RaiderNation36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

We got longer battery life. The Dualsense HAS 3-4 more hours of battery life than the Dualshock 4. What's the problem? I don't know how much free time you have but for 99% of gamers out there, 10-12 hours is more than enough. Would more be nice? Well sure. But I'm not going to riot in the streets over what we are getting. Most of us have lives outside of gaming and we don't have the time to go on 10-12 hour game-a-thons anyway. You're just trying to stir up outcry where there really is none to be had.

SegaGamer36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Because 10-12 hour battery life in a wireless controller in this day and age is s***. If the controllers were sold for £15, then fine, I would expect them to cheap out in some areas, but for £50-£60? No chance, they deserve criticism for it. Every other company that sells their controllers for this much money has a 2, 3 and in some cases 4 times the battery life, and like I said above, even my pc controller lasts longer (40 hours at £20) So there really is no excuse for it, it's just Sony cheaping out.

SegaGamer36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Unrealistic expectations? Seriously? Were you saying that about the Dualshock 4 controller that is only 4-8 hours long? All they needed to do was get a stronger battery, it's really not something hard for Sony to do.

36d ago
SullysCigar36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I'm pretty sure everyone would agree we needed a better battery life than the DS4 had - and they've increased it by circa FIFTY PERCENT!

This, despite all the new tech running in the controller (that the third-party ones you're comparing to don't have, incidentally), is frankly awesome news and I'm chuffed to bits!

I don't think I've ever spent more that 12 hours gaming lol - but if I did, I'd run a cable on that one solitary occasion!

First world problems like this aren't worth your meltdown. This is massive progress and should be applauded!

sprinterboy36d ago

You can criticise all you want on Sony on here, the problem is your debates are unfounded BS 99% of the time.
Come on 10 plus hrs for battery life is fine.
I literally don't know any gamers who have moaned at the battery life on consoles, just gaming sites moan so that's about 5% of gamers

1Victor36d ago

Only on N4G would people disagree with wanting longer battery life. You literally can't criticise anything to do with Sony on here without receiving mass downvotes

No You are getting downvoted because of your obvious TROLL COMMENTS the controller is said to have improved 3-4 hours over the previous version but you are asking for a 30hours battery life because PC controllers and other systems got a little longer battery life.
PlayStation players are happy with FREE rechargeable battery unlike your consoles of choice that ether YOU PAY EXTRA FOR BATTERIES or be attached to it by a cable.

SegaGamer36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


"PlayStation players are happy with FREE rechargeable battery unlike your consoles of choice that ether YOU PAY EXTRA FOR BATTERIES or be attached to it by a cable"

Uh, Nintendo, Microsoft and a bunch of 3rd party companies sell controllers with the battery included. Maybe you would know this if you left your little bubble now and again. There is also nothing free about the battery that comes with the controller. As for being attached to a cable, this is far more likely to happen with a Playstation controller than any other because of how short the battery life is.

Also, just because I don't like something, it doesn't make me a troll.

FinalFantasyFanatic36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I've always been happy with the PS4 controller's battery life, I easily get through a session on one charge, but I can only play for long periods on weekends, I normally get tired of playing before I run out of battery. It feels like a single charge lasts forever on a PS4 controller (or maybe it's because I dim the light bar, it's rare to run out for charge for me, even with all my friends over using a controller).

I'd hate to see how some of you guys tolerate modern day smart phone battery life if you use them as much as a console controller.

Teflon0236d ago

Listen. When MS controller has less features than a PS3 controller but sold at the same price as Sony's current ones, you gotta buy a rechargeable battery pack etc.
The controller can last all day fine. If you need a charge. Make it charge while you use the bathroom and you're good. It's like a phone. Are you going to use a 2002 phone because they lasted a week? Or a 2020 phone that can last the whole day with better features?

Chaos_Order36d ago

There's nothing bad about better battery life. More battery life is always a good thing. But saying stuff like "Anything under 30 hours isn't good enough" is just bizarre. I couldn't imagine ever needing that much. If people are routinely doing 12 hour sessions while refusing to take breaks, there's something wrong.

1Victor35d ago

@sega not liking some thing don’t make you a troll asking for excessive demands while brushing off the competition does. You keep complaining about PlayStation and don’t even say anything about how Microsoft controller have NEVER HAVE ANY FEATURES and only AA batteries (sold separately) for the last 3 generations oh and don’t come with the argument about “pro controller” that’s not a feature and it’s not used uniformly available to all gamers on Xbox.

Perhaps you need to get off your little bubble and see the good and bad on every console not just one, that’s what makes you a 13th rate troll

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phoenixwing36d ago

I use a ps4 controller on my pc. I have it plugged in to the usb port. How far away are you sitting from your computer that you can't have it plugged in? Sounds to me like you just want to complain.

SegaGamer36d ago

I sometimes sit at my desk or my sofa. How far you are away from a usb port is irrelevant, I don't want to have it plugged in constantly and have a wire in the way all of the time. Like I said, that defeats the purpose of a wireless controller (I don't know why I have to keep repeating that fact on here)

SullysCigar36d ago

^ sorry, how is every 10-12 hours of wireless charge plus "constantly" plugged in?

Lmao someone is looking to criticise for the sake of it...

SegaGamer36d ago


I never said that I will need to have it constantly plugged in. It was a reply to somebody who says they have their controller plugged in at all times and I am saying I wouldn't want to do that.

SullysCigar36d ago

^ hmm, are you sure, because it really sounds like that's what you said, @SegaGamer:

"...I don't want to have it plugged in constantly and have a wire in the way all of the time"

Well, the good news is, you won't have to for the first ~10-12 hours of that particular play session lol.

Seriously, give it up. You make out people don't accept your view when in reality you don't accept that 99% simply don't agree with you. It's nothing personal.

You don't need to change our minds. We're happy. You can still live in your angry little bubble, nobody's making you leave it.

Teflon0236d ago

I can show my PC setup for reference. I got a 4K TV, 2 PC monitors 1 is a ultrawide gaming monitor and the other is a 1440p 144hz monitor. I game on all 3 depending on the game. If playing on TV I generally use bluetooth and it's all good. If I need to charge the control I put it to charge, grab a snack, use the bathroom or something and by the time I'm back it'll last the rest of the day. NOW that's if I don't charge it. But why not have a controller Dock? It'll charge it when you're done playing and Ohh. Go in streams controller setting for the specific controller and turn off the LED. Then your so called PC problems done. It'll last you atleast a good 20 hours

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one2thr36d ago

1st world problems...

I'm using a magnetic usb cable on my current DS4 it allows fast and uninterrupted game play via this charging method.

I was fine with the DS3, adapted to the DS4, and will be fine with 10-12 straight hours of consecutive game play, which is way more than enough time to play a game in one sitting.

leoms36d ago

Sounds like you're all set up on pc. You don't have to concern yourself for us PS gamers.

tombfan36d ago

It's enough for 1 full day of playing games... And when you go to rest just connect the controller :) easy.

thornh36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I highly suggest if you need a longer game console wireless controller battery life of more than 12 hours you pursue one of life's other enjoyable, if not essential, pass times. Employment.

F0XH0UND92236d ago

Sony fans don't care about this because it doesn't affect them. Why would they even care? I'd be hard-pressed to believe that even 5% of gamers don't have more than one controller. If you don't want to "just plug in your controller" then just fucking swap it with a charged one. I'd rather them use the controller space for things that actually matter.

SegaGamer36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"Sony fans don't care about this because it doesn't affect them"

No true at all. A quick Google search will show you tons of Playstation fans complaining about the battery life.

bouzebbal36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Buy an xbox, uses lithium batteries..
3 to 4 hours more than DS4? Sounds like an expensive controller

gamer780436d ago

Agreed my 2 complaints with this controller is no removable battery and or support for AA batteries. And the rubber feel of the analog sticks. I have to get rubber caps that I can replace on my ds4. Can’t wait to try the haptic feedback though.

Harkins172136d ago

If this bothers u so much, get a 2nd controller. I've had my same black controller from my launch PS4.

1Victor36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

@sega gamer
just buy a play and charge your AA batteries and let the PlayStation players play their way.
30 hours 🤣 can you play them straight, after 15 your concentration starts to drop after 19 your eyes can’t take it anymore and you’ll start to have micro sleep or fall a sleep altogether unless you're been drinking coffee like a addict.
Most players have friends ,family and 2+ controllers to play with them.
Only trolls and A__ holes that no one like have no friends or family only have 1 controller

No offense or attacking you personal choices just been real

SegaGamer36d ago

Nowhere did I say I would use a controllers battery in one sitting.

itsfunkky36d ago

i prefer the plugged method... i feel like it gives me a faster response on competitive play on cod or nba 2k and removes alot of input lag.

wwinterj36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

12 hours is fine. I'd still rather have a longer battery as this means it would need charging less frequently. I'm not understanding why some folk think charging things more is a good thing.

WhiteHawk36d ago

If you need 30 hours continuous use then either you have a problem or you are doing something for charity.

Babadook736d ago

"People will say "just plug it in if the battery is running low" but that defeats the whole purpose of having a wireless controller."

What I do is switch to my second controller. Then you are still using wireless at all times. I always have two controllers.

mechlord36d ago

so... by that logic our mobiles aren't really useful as having limited life batteries defeats the purpose of them being wireless?