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Richard Shivdarsan of GameGrin reviews Ghost of Tsushima, writing: "Despite ogling at every trailer and screenshot before the release of Ghost of Tsushima, there was still a little part of me that didn’t know if this game would resonate because of Sucker Punch’s past. The Infamous series is the main culprit of my worries because, while those games did great critically, each one failed to capture my attention for long due to their repetitive missions and dull world/characters. Thankfully, Ghost of Tsushima tackles the latter of these issues while the other still lingers, but it’s overshadowed by some incredible decisions made for exploration to make this one of my favourite open-world games this generation."

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Nodoze37d ago

Just started this two nights ago. Have not been able to put it down. VERY VERY well done. Honestly it is my personal top title for the generation. The music. The visuals. The setting. The COMBAT (oh so good).

I hope that Sucker Punch puts together a DLC pack or some additional content. I don't want it to end.

SpinalRemains13837d ago

Same here. I kept losing myself within the world and then the Platinum happened by accident. Thats how good the game is.