Fast & Furious Crossroads Review - IGN

IGN: "Short, shallow, and surprisingly simple, Fast & Furious Crossroads is a crashing disappointment in almost every department."

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phoenixwing353d ago

but vin deisel was on stage! how can the game be bad? /s

shepherdzeMan353d ago

literally everything vin diesel does beside f&f movies is a flop.

CaptainHenry916353d ago

Chronicles of Riddick game was pretty decent

MajorLazer352d ago

The man has a net worth of over $200mn, doubt he gives a shit.

Ashunderfire86352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Chronicle of Riddick games was the best Vin Diesel did for gaming! Chronicle of Riddick for the original Xbox not had the best graphics, it had ground breaking gameplay with revolutionary features not seen in many first person shooter games. You can see your shadow while in stealth, the HUD Display was nearly invisible, only showing up getting wounded or other situations. Riddick can see his hands and feet all in first person. That was a big deal back then because most first person shooters you only see the hands holding a gun, and you look like you are just floating around lol!!! Riddick hand to hand combat and stealth takedowns was ahead of it's time back in 2004. It was a great 10 hour adventure that never got old. There was always a new area to explore to keep it fresh and the game wasn't repetitive too! Yes Vin Diesel made a masterpiece that literally came out of nowhere! Everyone was taken by surprise! Then he bundled the first game with the sequel for the 360 and PS3! Both games were awesome and I highly highly recommend you try those games!

Nitrowolf2353d ago

I think IGN messed up with the score here TBH
Pretty sure it's suppose to be a 10 out of 4

Bathyj353d ago

4 out of 10? About the same as all the movies then.

King_Noctis353d ago

To be fair, some of the F&F movies are really good, especially the one with the Paul Walker CGI.

shepherdzeMan353d ago

it was only good cuz paul walker died and it became a trend.

shepherdzeMan352d ago

come on guys admit it , they have been milking paul walker since F7 , everytime vin diesal flops he post a pic of walker on social media and its all FAMILY FAMILY .

MajorLazer352d ago

F&F are alright. They're a 'switch your brain off and just watch' type of films.

criticalkare353d ago

why they even bother making this...

TheEnigma313353d ago

having Vin Diesel is an instant L.

Ashunderfire86352d ago

His Chronicle of Riddick games are awesome though

TheEnigma313352d ago

that was in the early 2000's.

ClayRules2012352d ago

Wow, those games take me back...I sucked at the games. But my, did I have fun lol.

Ashunderfire86351d ago


Vin Diesel had a sequel for the game bundled with the first for 360 and PS3 back in 2009. Look up The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

andron352d ago

oh yeah, it was painfully obvious from the trailer this was going to be a wreck...

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The story is too old to be commented.